List of the kindest breeds of cats with characteristics and description

Unlike dogs, cats are not represented by fighting or service breeds. Therefore, choosing a purring pet, a person is most often driven by a desire to have a friend, always ready for the manifestation of love and tender affection. List of the most good breeds of cats with characteristics and descriptions will help make a choice.


  • 1 10 most affectionate breeds
    • 1.1 Siberian cat
    • 1.2 Maine Coon
    • 1.3 Persian cat
    • 1.4 Burmese cat
    • 1.5 Ragdoll
    • 1.6 Abyssinian breed
    • 1.7 Exotic Shorthair
    • 1.8 Scottish Fold
    • 1.9 Russian blue
    • 1.10 British cat

10 most affectionate breeds

Making a decision is not easy: almost all of these different representatives of a large feline community unites the tenderness inherent in their nature by nature itself. Besides, breeders competently performing breeding work are excluded from breeding programs for individuals exhibiting aggressive behavior, as this is considered a serious defect.

Siberian cat

Siberian cat

Siberian cat was identified as a separate breed only in 90s of the XX century

In these magnificent animals conquers everything:

  • strong, harmonious addition;
  • noble to become;
  • smart, expressive look;
  • fluffy long coat and luxurious tail.

However, behind the brilliant, regal, and sometimes somewhat harsh appearance hiding extraordinary kindness, sociability and contact. Representatives of the breed are completely unusual arrogance, revenge, resentment.

Owners of Siberians believe that due to subtle intuition and special quick wits, they are always extremely sensitive perceive the emotional mood of a person. Self-esteem the dignity inherent in these animals never prevents them from expressing sincere and lasting affection for the owner.

Due to its balanced and patient nature, Siberian cats get along well with children and never Do not take offense at too actively “hugging” their child. On the contrary they will never harm kids and willingly take part in joint games and fun, showing amazing activity, agility and mobility.

Keeping in a house with dogs and other cats for Siberians hassle-free: innate fearlessness and leadership qualities allow they lead the hierarchy, while not showing aggression and desire enter into conflict. Despite the developed hunting instinct, Siberians are able to quite loyally regard small animals – hamsters, guinea pigs, decorative rats, birds – and even consider them members of their own society, if in due time the process The socialization of the kitten was carried out correctly. Siberian cats, smart, courageous and extremely good at the same time, can become not only a true friend of the whole family, but also the true soul of the house in which they live.

Maine coon


Maine Coons are almost the same as dogs

“Affectionate giants” – so briefly describe these spectacular animals. Their whole appearance is ideal body proportions, impressive size (an adult male can reach a weight of 10-12 kg, and the female – 8 kg), luxurious thick and dense wool – produces the impression of natural beauty and unwavering power. Compared with other cats, maine coons develop quite slowly, reaching stipulated by the standard conditions only by 3-4 years.

For several years, animals behave like kittens, showing an immediate, lively disposition. Young Maine Coons tenderness and sociability are combined with inexhaustible energy and a genuine passion for any games, so they find it so easy common language with children.

Coons never allow themselves to show whims or aggression, quarrel with other pets – it’s below them dignity. Adult animals, aware of their own splendor, always keep calm with pride and confidence. Together with so they need attention and constant contact with by man. However, in the close affection of Maine Coon to the owner is not no servility is felt. Relationship between pet and owner rather, it can be called an equal partnership, built on mutual love and understanding.

More information about the breed can be found here: https: //

Persian cat

Persian cat

Persian cats have a variety of colors

Representatives of this breed are created as if to the man, being near them, forgot about vanity and haste Everyday life. Persian cat – a delightful embodiment tenderness and peace. This is evidenced by the smooth lines of her silhouette, formed by long, silky, softly falling hair, serene look, graceful movements and quiet cooing vote.

The meek and complaisant disposition of the Persians required a long breeding work, when the selection criteria were not only excellent exterior data, but also calm, balanced the nature of the producers.

Representatives of this breed do not just love the society of people: becoming attached to the owner, they depend entirely on him and on life outside houses are completely unsuitable. Persians completely debunk the myth about the vindictiveness of cats: they can be offended only if if they are not given enough attention in response to a request for affectionate stroking.

This is an ideal breed for keeping in a family where there are babies. Persians playful enough in childhood and adolescence, with Pleasure accept the invitation to entertainment. Matured animals may not rejoice in too noisy society or annoying attention, but in this case do not show aggression, preferring to retire to a secluded place.

They not only get along wonderfully with other cats and dogs, but also do not pose any danger to birds, fish and rodents due to the non-conflict nature and almost absent hunting instinct.

Burmese cat

Burmese cat

In addition to great looks, Burma also has wonderful character

It’s hard to say what is more fascinating in cats Burmese breed: bottomless sapphire look and color coat Ivory with elegant points or a cute, flexible disposition. Many people who do not even consider themselves to be felophiles note the ability of Burmese women to arouse admiration and irresistible desire take the cat in your arms. Perhaps due to harmonious The breed has a combination of magical beauty and soft nature. one name is Holy Burma. Iconically, animals with such qualities – the perfect pet choice for a family with young children:

Burma is smart, affectionate and very attached to a person. To the best of playful and never show malice and revenge.

The company and attention of another pet Burmese will only glad, perceiving it with natural friendliness and responding reciprocity.



Ragdolls are sometimes called puppy cats because they love follow your masters from room to room

Another feline with impressive size, blue eyes and calm disposition. Breed name, which translates as “rag doll” means ability cats relax their muscles, drooping with their whole body when they take it in the arms and doesn’t mean the animal’s lack of mind, character, ability to learn. Distinctive qualities ragdolls:

  • exceptional calm, poise;
  • ability to the most tender love and devotion to the person;
  • fine mental organization.

The extreme affection of the ragdoll for the owner is manifested in persistent desire to constantly be around. There are cases when a long separation from the owner becomes for the animal the cause of deep depression, refusal of food and exhaustion. Rudeness or human indifference for a ragdoll – the source is not resentment, but a real emotional shock.

Representatives of the breed are not just able to become a true friend: pet psychologists highly recommend them as pets for those families where there are small children. Ragdolls, or, as their gentle called by many owners, “dolls” are able to seem to endure anything on the part of the child, without showing the slightest irritation or aggression. Maximum manifestation displeasure on the part of the cat – an attempt to hide or run away, but do not fight back. Rather, a child who is overly upset can harm the cat with careless movements. Benevolent sociable pupae and with other animals.

They are quite tolerant to the inhabitants of aquariums and cells, get along well with dogs, get along well with relatives and create strong couples.

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Abyssinian breed

Abyssinian cat

Despite its size, it is very similar to a wild animal large cat family

This is a spectacular, perfectly folded animal with a royal posture. often called room cougar. But unlike his wild fellow, abyssinian is trustful, affectionate and sensitive: already with childhood, she demonstrates devotion to the owner. Good The cat’s balanced psyche makes her equally comfortable feel in a noisy, large family, and in a cozy counterpart with the only person.

Curiosity and mobility of the animal, love for active amusements make it an excellent companion for children, in relation to which never shows aggression, even if the kids are tiring. Abiks love to be in the spotlight, so loneliness is tolerated very poorly, and the long-awaited return the homeowner is perceived with an emotional upsurge bordering on delight. It seems that these cats experience only two inexhaustible feelings: the joy of endless play and pleasure from the weasel of the owner.

Exotic Shorthair

Exotic Shorthair Cat

Exot was bred for about 60 years

Unsuccessful, as breeders first believed, the result crosses of Persian and Burmese cats actually gave to the world of such wonderful, charmingly touching “little things,” similar to animated toys – exotic shorthair cats.

To match the appearance of animals and their disposition: calm, even somewhat lazy, but at the same time friendly and very direct. Fat lasses instantly turn into quite frisky and funny participants in all kinds of fun, if manages to interest them in the game. Such constant readiness for contact, human orientation is preserved among exotics on throughout life. Loyal, very affectionate, gentle, these cats ready to follow the master everywhere. Loneliness for them is so it is unbearable that exotics even refuse food when a loved one the person is not at home.

If there are children in the family, pets are not only happy to accept the games he offers, but they themselves take the initiative, involving kids in the entertainment circle. If a child inadvertently scares or hurt an animal, it will not respond with aggression, but try to avoid further communication. Scandals and quarrels with other tetrapods are excluded: exotics are created only for joyful and peaceful coexistence.

Scottish fold


According to some historical references, Scottish fold cat appeared in China (in 1796)

The cute and innocent nature of the Scottish fold cat is clear guessed in the expression of her muzzle: always surprised round eyes and a kind of half-smile due to anatomical the structure of the jaw. Balanced disposition, tenderness, ability to get along literally with everyone and unlimited love for the owner – these are qualities that make Scottish people an honorable place in ten of the kindest breeds of cats.

However, the spiteless and ingenuousness inherent in the Scottish fold, do not mean that they are amorphous and stupid. On the contrary, Scottish very smart, and always perfectly understand what is from them want to. Despite the manifestation of a pet’s feelings of love for a person, which cannot be called stormy and ardent, you can be sure that such a show of affection is one of the most enduring only feline representatives are capable. Scottish fold is kindness multiplied by exceptional devotion.

Russian blue

Russian blue cat

The kindest, peaceful and always obedient to the owner

They are rightly called shining emeralds in a silver crown. Unusually aristocratic, graceful and graceful, Russian blue as if not aware of their perfect beauty, always keep modestly and a little shy. Restraint and even some detachment is for strangers.

In the native family, the cat is equally sensitive and gentle to everyone, both adults and children: she can be attentive and subtle to feel the mood of people, distract from sorrows and share joy. Such an unusual ability to empathize and even to human understanding is an amazing and organic personality trait of this animal. Delicate, affectionate, constantly in need of communication with owner, Russian blue cat – representative of one of the most intelligent and friendly breeds.

If you are interested in this breed, you can find more details in the next article: https: //

British cat

British cat

British Shorthair – one of the oldest breeds of cats, the origins of which date back to the 1st century AD

The first and most important impression of British cats is equanimity, close to composure, and a sense of dignity, which have become a distinctive hallmark of these amazing creatures. Nevertheless, they cannot be called selfish, concentrated. only on yourself. The British are the epitome of a middle ground in behavior and feelings:

  • they retain contact, but do not show importunity;
  • do not languish from loneliness, but are always happy to chat with everyone family member;
  • the patience shown by cats in sharing fun with children, endlessly, but at the same time does not mean the spinelessness of animals;
  • the British allow themselves to be playful, but observe the measure in manifestations of activity;
  • they don’t like familiarity, but often and willingly show their love for man, friendliness for other animals.

Despite the fact that the ratings of the most affectionate cats are practically invariably include the British, their kindness is rather a combination seasoned temperament, intelligent manners and ability to compromises. These same qualities create the British a reputation for being coveted, perfect in every way companions.

Of course, there are still many breeds, representatives of which show fidelity, affection, friendliness to people. The main thing about things to remember – the nature of the animal is determined not so much pedigree, how much upbringing and attitude that the owner can and should provide for his pet. Inseparable trust and love. Therefore, the kindest cats are those love.

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