Lezginka performed by parrots: video, where birds perform mountain dances

Parrots are very smart birds that amaze with their talents both in singing and in dancing. Recently appeared a sufficient number of videos featuring these wonderful birds. Two videos deserve special attention, in which the main the characters are the parrots dancing the lezginka.


  • 1 “Wavy Caucasian” dancing lezginka
    • 1.1 Video: budgerigar performs mountain dance
  • 2 Lezginka performed by a lovebird
    • 2.1 Video: lovebird parrot performs lezginka

“Wavy Caucasian” dancing lezginka

The feathered star performing lezginka won the hearts of many spectators and gathered a lot of enthusiastic exclamations. But there were also severe critics who questioned the abilities of the bird and considered that the effect of “parrot dancing lezginka” turned out in the result of rewinding the video.

In this video, a parrot, like a true Caucasian, hearing lezginka, immediately starts to dance. With brief steps, it smoothly moves backward, while falling to the beat of the music. During the dance he performs circular movements, sometimes distracted by the fact that clean feathers.

The main character of the video is an ordinary budgie.


The budgerigar deftly danced a lezgin in the video

Video: budgerigar performs mountain dance

For five years, Kesha the budgerigar has been living with us – the bird is very noisy but funny. Our pet knew the names of all members family, said: “Kesha is good,” always wished good morning and good night. He deftly performed acrobatic stunts on his swing and crossbar, as well as cute nodding his head under any to the music.

Lezginka performed by a lovebird

On the open spaces of the network there is another funny video with a parrot, dancing lezginka. This time the role of the main character went to feathered breed lovebirds. In the video, he jumps vigorously throughout the sound of music. The pet owner helps a parrot beating the rhythm with his hand.

Lovebird Parrots

Lovebird very cool gets into the rhythm of lezginka on video

Video: lovebird parrot performs lezginka

Parrots are very cute and funny animals that will help brighten up the gray everyday life of single people. In gratitude to love and these birds will give care to the sea of positive and positive emotions.

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