Let Galya hear: the video that made fun the Internet

Many cats can say the word “mother”, especially when they ask for a tasty meal from the hostess. But there are individuals whose speech skills are even more developed. For example, a video appeared on the Internet, where the cat is calling a certain Galya.

The hero of the video is a very angry Scottish fold cat breed. He does not carry anger in himself, he openly expresses it. Wherein Calling some Galya not to deal with her, not to so that she reassured him (it’s good that it was not Sasha and not Petya, but then the owner would have definitely suspected his wife of not good). He’s trying something else to add, but so far it’s not good at it. But u This pet is definitely ahead.

Scottish fold cat

Video Hero – Gray Scottish Fold Cat

By the way, Scottish fold is one of the most talkative breeds among cats. They often display roulades, in a combination of sounds which you can recognize some completely human words.

Having appeared on the YouTube channel 2 years ago, the video already 4.5 million views, and this is not the limit.

It seems to me, in addition to the ability to speak, the cat from the video has fair exposure. I had a lot of cats, but not one of them I was angry for 2.5 minutes (it takes so long to record). Usually business ended in a matter of seconds or a victorious throw to the source discontent, or shameful flight.

Video: cat calls Galya

Pets do not cease to amaze us with their abilities. With them, life will never be boring.

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