Kitten weight by months from birth to year

Month and week weight chart of kitten is important a tool that can help evaluate proper development pet. With and without a cat mom, kittens must constantly grow and develop at a certain speed, should go through certain physiological changes. The main an indicator that the kitten is growing correctly is an increase its mass in accordance with the table of weights.

Kitten Weight by Month Maine Coon cat weight Maine Coon cat weight British cat weight British cat weight Scottish Cat Weight Scottish cat weight
Weight of a newborn kitten 120-140 120-160 60-140 70-140 60-140 70-140
Kitten weight 1 week 180-230 200-260 110-250 240-260 110-250 240-260
Kitten Weight 2 weeks 280-340 300-360 150-360 340-400 140-360 340-400
Kitten weight 3 weeks 420-550 440-600 210-420 400-630 200-420 390-630
Kitten weight 4 weeks (1 month) 560-680 630-750 250-600 550-740 240-600 540-740
Kitten weight at 2 months 1.1-1.4 1.2-1.5 450-900 1.0-1.7 400-900 1.0-1.7
Kitten weight at 3 months 1.7-2.3 1.8-2.3 1.0-1.5 1.5-2.5 1.0-1.5 1.5-2.5
Kitten weight at 4 months 2.7-3.6 3.0-3.8 1.7-2.4 2.1-3.9 1.7-2.4 2.1-3.9
Kitten weight at 5 months 2.9-3.9 3.2-5.5 2.2-2.9 2.6-4.3 2.2-2.9 2.6-4.3
Kitten weight at 6 months 3.2-4.0 3.9-6.0 2.3-3.6 3.0-5.4 2.3-3.6 3.0-5.4
Kitten weight at 7 months 3.5-4.1 4.2-6.5 2.4-3.9 3.3-5.6 2.4-3.9 3.3-5.6
Kitten weight at 8 months 3.8-4.3 4,5-6,9 2.5-4.1 3,5-6,0 2.5-4.1 3,5-6,0
Kitten weight at 9 months 4.1-5.0 5.0-7.0 2.5-4.3 3.8-6.4 2.5-4.3 3.8-6.4
Kitten weight at 10 months 4.2-5.5 5.2-7.7 2.5-4.4 4.1-6.7 2.5-4.4 4.1-6.7
Kitten weight at 11 months 4.3-6.0 5.7-8.0 2.5-4.5 4.3-6.8 2.5-4.5 4.3-6.8
Kitten weight at 12 months / 1 year 4,5-6,3 5.7-9.0 2.5-4.6 4,5-7,0 2.5-4.6 4,5-7,0
Weight of adult cat and cat 4,5-7,5 5.7-10.0 2.5-5.5 4,5-8,0 2.5-5.5 4,5-8,0
Weight of castrated and sterilized cats and cats 4,5-10 5.7-12.0 2.5-6.0 4,5-9,5 2.5-5.8 4,5-9,0

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The weight of adult cats of various breeds for comparison:

Kitten weight by months from birth to year

Kittens experience explosive growth during their first 12 weeks. This growth should be obvious, which is important for lactating women. cats and also for us, their owners. The cat provides its kittens have an excellent feeding regimen, cherishes and cherishes them, helps grow and learn. And if the kitten does not have a nursing cat, then this people have to do.

However, sometimes problems arise in both scenarios. And it is important identify these problems as early as possible grow and develop is vital to the helpless a kitten.

Why do we need kittens weight table?

Determining the weight of a kitten is a great way to evaluate it. development. If a kitten is not able to grow and develop, this can be an indicator of serious health problems.

In order to monitor the weight of a kitten, the easiest way use ordinary items in your kitchen. Once a week kittens should be weighed and kept a diary of their weight.

What is a weight diary for?

Weight in cats in general is often the number one indicator. health problems, but for kittens this is especially true. Kittens grow very fast because in the wild they have to leave mother aged 12-16 weeks (3-4 months). If the kitten is not growing, then, as a rule, he is either sick or cannot get enough food.

If kittens are still cared for by a nursing cat, then, quite perhaps she may have health problems. If you feed the kittens yourself, then you should do it enough often, according to a cat’s milk replacer recipe. In any if the kitten does not gain from 50 to 100 grams every week, then it should be shown to the veterinarian.


Sustainable and continuous growth is a key component in proper development of the kitten. In the early days of life is still helpless kittens on average should gain about half an ounce weight (15 grams) every day. If they grow with such results, then we can assume that they are completely healthy. However not panic if the kitten stops gaining weight for a day or two. Quite often, kittens exhibit short-term stabilization weight, after which accelerated weight gain resumes again.

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