Kitiket food for cats

Kitiket Cat Food Overview

The name of this feed has long been a household name, many people they call “Kitikat” any dry food (though mainly those who considers the purchase of animal feed extraordinary wastefulness). For many years from the TV screen to we are watched by a peppy handsome Boris, as if to say: “Kitiket – the best feed all over the world! “. But is it really so? what other feed is not so many negative reviews. Kitekat dry and wet cat food is produced by Mars, and this product is manufactured in Moscow, Ulyanovsk and Novosibirsk regions. Dry feed Kitiket for cats can be purchased in packages of 350 g, 400 g, 800 g, 1 kg, 1.9 kg, 2.2 kg, 15 kg. Wet feed “Kitiket” for cats sold in spider bags of 100 g and 85 g, as well as in iron banks of 410 g. Feed of this brand can be bought almost everywhere, the price of Kitekat products is low (about 16 rubles for 100 g of wet food and 50 rubles for 350 g of dry food).

Types of dry food “Kitekat” for cats:

  • “Meat feast”;
  • “Assorted Chicken and Turkey”;
  • “The appetizing chicken”;
  • “Fisherman’s catch”;
  • “Appetizing veal.”

Types of wet food “Kitekat” for cats:

  • “With beef and carrots in jelly”;
  • “With fish in sauce”;
  • “With beef in sauce”;
  • “With beef in jelly”;
  • “With chicken in sauce”;
  • “With chicken in jelly”;
  • “With liver in sauce”;
  • “With a rabbit in sauce”;
  • “Simple and tasty – with chicken in sauce”;
  • “Simple and tasty – with beef in sauce”;
  • “Homemade lunch with a rabbit”;
  • “Homemade lunch with fish”;
  • “Homemade beef lunch”;
  • “Homemade lunch with liver”;
  • “Homemade Chicken Lunch.”

Kitekat cat food price

Dry and wet food Kitiket for cats can be bought at such prices *:

  • Kitiket dry food for cats 350 g – 47 rubles;
  • Dry food Kitiket for cats 1.9 kg – 226 rubles;
  • Dry food Kitiket for cats 15 kg – 1514 rubles;
  • Wet food Kitiket for cats 100 g – 16 rubles.

* – current status as of June 2016

Composition of cat food “Kitiket”

Consider the composition of dry and wet feed Kitiket for cats. For example, in the dry “Kitekat” “Meat feast” such components: cereals, meat and offal, protein vegetable extracts, fish, animal fats, vegetable oils (source of Omega-6), vegetables, vitamins and minerals. Ingredients for Wet Food with Rabbit and Sauce: Meat and Offal (rabbit minimum 4%), cereals, vegetable oil, taurine, vitamins, minerals.

Cons of cat food “Kitekat”

The worst quality of such food is its low quality, because the composition contains only about 4% of meat, and it’s not clear what kind of meat was used. Even if the content meat is 4%, what does the remaining 96%? All sorts herbal additives, cereals (moreover, the manufacturer does not indicate what kind of cereals). No wonder that conversations about the dangers of feed “Kitekat”, so many cat owners who bought these feeds refused to purchase feed. Reason for refusal Serious diseases in cats served: urolithiasis, digestion, intestines, allergic reactions. Cats that have eaten Kitiket, unfortunately, are at risk gain health problems, not those promised by the manufacturer health, good appearance. And all this negative talk about The stern is being conducted due to its unattractive composition. By the way numerous studies have shown the presence of the composition of salt feed, chemical preservatives, dyes, all this is not does honor to the manufacturer (who kept silent about such components in composition of the feed). If we consider the pellets of feed, then they are unlikely look like real meat pieces (if we talk about wet food), and dry “Kitekat” has a smell that is not at all like meat. But to many cats like these foods, what’s the matter? Perhaps out of habit. BUT maybe the reason lies in hidden preservatives and flavor enhancers.

Advantages of Kitiket Cat Food

Probably many cat lovers are attracted by the low price of this product. Sometimes a person has several cats, and opportunities purchase expensive feed no. In such cases, the choice is often done in favor of “Kitekat”. On store shelves this is one of the most cheap feed. Feed of this brand does not need to be ordered in There is no need for online stores, because to buy Kitiket almost everywhere: in the store, in the market, it’s not scarce product. Perhaps the plus of this feed is a large selection of packaging weights. (from 350 g to 15 kg dry). Wet foods are produced in jelly and in sauce, often cats choose one of the options. Because the feed has long been in demand and popular among economy class feed, many cat owners buy it at old-fashioned, motivating his choice by the fact that “Kitiket” did not grow one generation of furry Murziks.

Reviews about cat food “Kitekat”

Cat owner Margarita writes negative feed review for Kitiket cats: “I bought Kitiket cat out of ignorance about its harm. The cat ate both dry food and canned food for 5 years. Everything it was kind of normal. But over time I began to notice that the cat often became lethargic, sad. Often sick. She attributed everything to worms, gave medicines, vitamins. It all ended very badly, on at the vet’s reception I heard the terrible truth about the poison, which fed the cat. The doctor said Kitiket causes a lot diseases (even cancer)! My pet had a disease a stomach that cannot be completely cured. The good news is that he stayed alive. According to the doctor, such harmful food as Kitiket is more and impossible to imagine … “. But there are positive Kiticket feed reviews for cats, for example, like this one: “Not I understand why so much negativity pours out on food? My cat is eating its already 7 years old, feels great. Why do not like it people its composition? There are grains, a little meat, but also there, no flavors or colorants. I also like the price of “Kitekat”, It’s stupid to buy cats food for a lot of money! And this feed is the most cheap, and nothing harmful in it. I think all these rumors about him producers of expensive feed create harm so that their “natural” feed bought. Already in 7 years it would become clear that the food is bad, but the cat is in perfect order! It seems to me that human food on today is of far worse quality … ”

Should I buy Kitiket food for cats?

Such a terrifying amount of negative feedback from cat owners just alarming. In addition, the manufacturer guarantees a healthy life to cats that use these foods, but the composition is not it is clear what exactly this health will bring. Neither appearance nor the smell, nor the ingredients on the package inspire confidence in manufacturing company. If the owner does not have the opportunity to purchase high-quality animal feed, it’s better to feed your pet own cooked food. Maybe such food is not always the most useful, but will not lead to death. Other In short, Kitekat is a cheap, popular and harmful cat food. Often the owners turn a blind eye to its quality precisely because of the price, due to the fact that the cat eats it for many years, and all is well. But severe and terrible diseases are not visible immediately, unarmed eye, and a visit to a veterinary clinic may not save animal. Unfortunately!

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