Killer Dog: Pet Sentenced to life imprisonment

In 1924, the headlines of the Pennsylvania newspapers were ripped apart by a scandalous heading. The black labrador killed the governor’s cat. Henceforth the offender faces life imprisonment term.

Newspaper sensation

A young dog named Pep became a state star instantly. Press rustled about a terrible crime – a dog tore a beloved cat the governor’s wife. The attack happened right on the porch of the house.

the dog who was sentenced to life imprisonment

Governor Pinchot sentenced immediately

Labrador sentenced to life in one of local prisons. By the way, the criminal himself reacted to the punishment more than restrained.

What was really

The story would end there, but soon the world knew the truth. Pep turned out to be innocent! The only thing the dog sinned was “killing” a sofa cushion committed in the yard.

Nevertheless, the fiction with the arrest of the Labrador excited the defenders animals. Governor’s son recalls how their mailbox crashed from letters demanding the release of an innocent animal.

the dog who was sentenced to life imprisonment

A photo of the dog with the prisoner’s number added fuel to the fire breast

In fact, the story turned out to be much more prosaic. Pep was Pinchot family pet. After an unpleasant incident with the governor decided to re-educate the pet with a pillow. For this he sent Pep to a penitentiary institution for passage training.

Once visiting the prison, Pinchot saw how dogs are used in as therapy for prisoners. And then I decided to join the ranks prisoners have their own negligent dog.

Soon Pep was behind bars. But not as a prisoner, but in as a prisoner and pet. Labrador became one of the dogs, used for the rehabilitation of prisoners.

Prisoners with a dog

The fictitiously convicted animal turned out to be the darling of the inhabitants cameras

Soon, a new prison was built in Greaterford, where together with prisoners were transported and Pep. He continued to carry his “punishment” bathing in the love of new friends.

Pep’s story proves how a newspaper headline can fundamentally turn the truth, burning a real scandal.

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