Javanese (Javanese cat)


Javanese (Javanese cat) Javanese

Breed characteristics

  • Adaptability: 8
  • Family Affection: 10
  • Game activity: 10
  • Intelligence: 10
  • Total health: 7
  • Hair loss: 6
  • Child Friendly: 7
  • Dog Friendly: 8
  • Love for meow: 10


The Javanese cat breed is named after the island of Java, and logically things, it should turn out that cats come from these places. But this not at all – no relation to Java in its own way Cats have no origin. This breed was bred artificially, and Balinese cats played a big role in this. Besides of them, colorpoint and Siamese participated in the breeding program.

At one time, it was believed that javanese cats are separate breed, however, in 2008 the Cat Lovers Association changed her mind, announcing that from now on it is a subspecies of the Balinese breed. So it is believed up to the present day, although not all Associations, professionals and breeders agree. With another on the other hand, cats carry many traits of the Siamese breed.

The logic of the name is that Java is not far from Bali, and the breed of cats appeared, in turn, also located very close to the Balinese breed. Perhaps it will seem strange and no direct relationship, however, it is.


Javanese cat is smaller than average and has an unusual appearance appearance, including due to the structure of the coat. Big ears, head wedge-shaped, body slightly elongated, slender legs, medium lengths. The cat as a whole gives the impression of a rather elegant pet small size, with a fluffy tail, and the number the hair at the tip of the tail is much larger than at the beginning. The image is completed by deep, blue almond-shaped eyes.

The kindness and sharp mind of these cats, combined with patience and affection, make them a great choice for literally anyone who loves the owner – starting from single people, and ending with large by families.


We can say that this breed just loves people, which is why cats are friendly to literally everyone, if a person doesn’t shows a negative attitude or aggression. They are good to children and are able to literally enjoy human society, and games with the child.

On the one hand, this is good, however, there is a reverse side – these cats should not be left alone for long, as excess affection and lack of loved ones nearby will result animal to mental suffering. Javanese cat has a high intelligence, which, however, is never used for spite. Even the playfulness and playfulness of these pets always has a certain the border over which they do not cross.

But, the cat Javanese always understands when they talk about her, feels the situation, quickly realizes what they want from her, opens doors and simple latches, but does not create unnecessary problems. This is one of the best breeds for families with children. Another feature of the Javanese is talkativeness. These are very sociable cats that can convey your desires and mood through various voice intonations.

Common diseases

Javanese cat has health problems, and this is a fact. In their including:

  • bronchial asthma;
  • amyloidosis;
  • megaesophagus – gastrointestinal upset;
  • аортальный стеноз и другие пороки сердца;/li>
  • progressive retinal atrophy (in this case, you can conduct a DNA test that will help identify a predisposition to данному заболеванию);/li>
  • косоглазие;/li>
  • лимфома – тип ракового заболевания./li>

Some neurotic problems may also occur, and exactly:

  • hyperesthesia syndrome;
  • nystagmus.

Many of the above problems can be avoided by providing the cat has good nutrition, proper care, proper living conditions and loving family.


The cat’s coat is medium-length and needs to be combed once a a week. You also need to bathe your pet every three months or at if necessary, cut the claws about once a week and not forget to brush your teeth – at least 3 times a week. Hygiene is also important. ears – you need to regularly remove dirt and deposits.

Breed Information

Country of origin USA
Life span 10-12 years old
The size medium
Weight Males: 3-5 kg, Cats: 2.5-4 kg
Type of wool longhair
Color colorpoint with all kinds of Siamese breed color
Lifestyle outdoor / indoor
Group longhair, for children, hypoallergenic
Price 900 – 1500 $

Breed photo

Javanese (Javanese cat) Javanese janez photo the kitten appeared javanese cat the breed of cats is Javanese breed photo

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