Is it possible to feed a cat with cat food

How to feed the dogs? Of course, purchased quality canine food or dishes prepared by a caring owner, tailored all the needs of his four-legged friend. However enough Dogs often eat ready-made cat foods. Why it happens? There are several options:

  • Both the dog and the cat live in the house. Therefore if doggie feed suddenly ends, the owner borrows cat food;
  • The dog loves cat food more, because simply steals it from bowls;
  • The owner buys the product that is in the store cheaper. It doesn’t matter whether it is for dogs or for cats.

It would seem that the problem of eating feed for pussies is not worth a damn the eggs. However, not everything is so simple: products created for cats, can seriously harm dogs. Our article will talk about why you should not give cat food to dogs.

Why cat food is so loved by dogs

Many owners who keep dogs and cats in the house notice that dogs love to eat food purr. Reasons for this addiction some:

  1. The dog is trying to prove to everyone around that it is more important than a cat. Say, I’m more important than this hated mustachioed purring a loafer;
  2. The dog does not eat up its portion, and therefore encroaches on cat food;
  3. Cat food seems to be delicious to a dog due to the added the composition of flavor enhancers and flavorings (for cheap economy feed);
  4. A dog eats both its food and cat’s food out of greed, if full pet bowls are constantly in the apartment.

Differences in feed for cats and dogs

To begin with, we’ll agree that we will only consider feline feed of high and highest class. In Cheap Economy Food For cats have a maximum of 4-5% meat, while the remaining 96-95% cereals, bone meal, vegetable pulp accounted for. Not only miserable 4% meat are offal, or rather waste of dubious quality (bones, skins, tendons, etc.). In addition, in inexpensive feed there are harmful additives that cause in home Murziks addictive. Is it necessary to say that economy feed is harmful not only for собак, но и для самих кошек.FeedТеперьit’s time to talk about the difference between a quality feline wet and dry dog food:

  1. There is a lot of protein in feline “right” feed (on 15-20% more than in canine) – this is dangerous, first of all, for digestion of a dog. Also, an excess of protein is fraught with obesity, problems with the kidneys, heart, and vascular system;
  2. Dry cat food is rich in fiber (in canine contents below) – dogs also need this component for good digestive system, normalize sugar levels in the blood, maintaining a normal weight. However, an excess of fiber can lead to a deficiency of minerals and fat-soluble vitamins, bowel problems, nausea and vomiting;
  3. Vitamin E and PP levels in purchased cat foods �above – an excess of these substances is harmful to dogs. So if Vitamin E is above normal, the dog may have digestive problems, dizziness, apathy, peeling of the skin. With an excess of vitamin PP �doggies will also have stool disorders, nausea, itchy skin, arrhythmia;
  4. Cat food is poor in vitamins A, C, D3, K – if the dog lacks vitamin A, then she will have vision problems, skin and coat condition. With vitamin C deficiency in dogs, bleeding gums, weakness develops. And with a lack of D3 suffers propulsion system. Dog needs Vitamin K for good blood coagulability;
  5. Dry and wet cat food is enriched with taurine – this an important amino acid is produced in the dog’s body, but cats forced to receive it by eating food. For dogs, food with taurine can be dangerous with kidney and heart problems, digestion, childbearing. Sometimes taurine causes allergies in dogs, worsening condition of the coat;
  6. There are a lot of iodine and phosphorus in cat food – if If the dog receives an excess of iodine, then it may have problems with thyroid gland, kidneys, heart, skin, respiration. A large amount of phosphorus is dangerous for dogs with urolithiasis, disturbances in the work of the intestines, liver, brittle bones;
  7. There is not enough sodium and potassium in cat food – if the dog doesn’t receive sodium, then it develops heart disorders, kidney, digestive tract. Potassium-poor food causes problems with blood pressure, heart, muscle, intestines.

So, now it’s clear why dogs should not be given cat food. Can Pussy Eat Dog Food? Of course not. For them food created especially for doggies is also very harmful.

How to wean a dog from eating cat food

How to wean your pet (dog) from eating habits cat food (dry or canned)? Note that if the dog ate cat food once, then it’s okay will happen. However, systematic food nutrition, designed for cats, very dangerous. To wean a dog is cat food, you have to:

  1. Determine if the dog eats up his portion of food. For this it’s important to analyze what the animal’s body weight, age is, physical activity. If an adult moving dog after eating in a hurry to clean food from your bowl and cat, it is worth increasing his daily food intake is 10-15%;
  2. If both kitties and doggies live in the house, do not leave them bowls filled constantly. It is believed that in order to 15 minutes are enough for animals to get enough, after which the bowls are clean up to the next meal;
  3. So that the dog does not have the temptation to eat cat food, it is more reasonable to feed animals separately from each other. Let’s say first you can close the door to the room, allowing the cat to eat. And then, removing a cat bowl, invite the same dog there for lunch;
  4. Sometimes dogs choose cat food because they don’t like your own food. It might be worth the animal on food of another brand;
  5. Owners sometimes give dogs cat food as exceptions. Let’s say a cat bought a big package of “drying” because Do not regret treating the dog. This should not be done because if you like cat food, the dog will be true try to get at least a few cherished granules. Or even will drive the cat away from his bowl to eat as soon as possible longing for yummy.

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