How to feed the miniature schnauzer

The miniature schnauzer is the most compact representative of schnauzers and, although refers to the type of service breeds, more often acts as a companion and family favorite. The owners claim to be more active, it’s hard to find a curious and moving pet, so this doggie is not suitable for people who do not like sports and active species recreation. Naturally, such a dynamic and restless dog needs special nutrition. What to feed miniature schnauzer to meet the needs of his four-legged friend?


  • 1. Features of puppy feeding
  • 2. How to feed an adult miniature schnauzer
  • 3. Caring for an elderly pet
  • 4. Feeding the zwerg with natural products
  • 5. Industrial diets for miniature schnauzers

Puppy Feeding Features

Puppies grow so intensively that in a short time they gain a decent mass, and by the year they turn into an adult dog. IN during the year, the formation of the body of the animal, bone and articular structures, musculoskeletal system, and it is extremely important so that these processes take place without disruption. How to feed the miniature schnauzer read the article

The diet of puppies changes almost every month, which is associated with ongoing changes. As for the zerg, here also There are a number of general provisions and pedigree features:

  1. 1 month. Up to 4 weeks, but more often longer, baby gets bitch milk – from mom, or artificial. Naturally, it is preferable that the bitch feed the puppy, because thanks to this the offspring receives immunity, and the body is populated with beneficial bacteria. By 4 weeks, crumbs develop sensitivity to aromas, which is a natural stimulation of appetite. Usually breeders begin to gradually feed their babies, giving boiled, well-ground minced meat, milk, calcined curd, yogurt.
  2. 2 months. Puppies become more active and inquisitive, they explore everything around, including the contents maternal bowls. If the baby in this period gets into a new home, owners are not recommended to drastically change their usual diet during 1.5-2 weeks. If the breeder fed offspring natural food, while it is desirable to dwell on this option, and if finished feed, then do not change the brand.
  3. 3 months. Most puppies are 3 months old age able to eat many foods, but in the case of miniature schnauzers should not be rushed, as there are risks the development of food allergies. New food is introduced gradually, baby give 5-10 g of food, and then observe his well-being for 1-2 days. If lacrimation intensified, itching appeared (more often in the ear shells), rash, receding hairline, which means the product was an allergen, and it is removed from the pet’s menu.

There is one caveat – at different stages of life a dog can develop allergies to various foods and usually this list expands. In some cases, the diet becomes so meager that the dog’s menu is made up of several foods that fraught with a deficiency of beneficial components and vitamins. So that to avoid, experts recommend moving your pet to ready hypoallergenic food, but do it wisely, gradually introducing unusual for the dog food.

How to feed an adult miniature schnauzer

The adult miniature is a small dog, but its activity and he retains curiosity throughout his life. He needs regular physical activity, and the owner should think about sports career of his four-legged friend. Tsvergs are successful in many disciplines, but especially good at being given agility.

The diet of the dog is selected based on increased energy consumption. Dog should not gain weight, it is important that he maintain good physical form and received the right amount of vitamin and mineral substances.

Experts recommend adjusting the pet’s menu, in depending on the season – in the offseason the dog should receive more vitamins and fiber, consume less calories in winter, and in the summer, you should focus on the received loads.

Caring for an elderly pet

The old age of the tsverg starts from 7 years old, and although the pet remains cheerful and mobile, his diet changes – from him remove slow carbohydrates, replacing them with light and protein Components. The dog, as before, needs vitamins, but veterinarians advise replacing the usual menu with food suitable for age dogs. Dog food

And with natural feeding, courses are prescribed chondroprotective drugs that support bone health and joints. It is worth considering that, like other elderly dogs, zerg Aged are prone to obesity.

Zwerg feeding natural products

Speaking of natural feeding, it’s not about the dog eating with a common pan or eat leftovers from the family table. Dog cook separately, observing the proportions and choosing only acceptable products. Usually cereals are prepared by cereals, adding meat components and vitamin and mineral supplements. Goodies are raw food that is suitable for feeding a dog.

The diet should consist of the following products:

  1. Cereals (30-35%) – rice, buckwheat, wheat and barley groats. But oatmeal, pearl barley and corn are not suitable for miniatures to give.
  2. Vegetables and fruits – (no more than 30% of the daily norms) – give cabbage only boiled or stewed. Beets bell pepper, carrots, zucchini, pumpkin – in any form. Pieces apples, pears, berries, melon are a tasty and healthy addition to diet.
  3. Meat and offal – best for Feeding miniature schnauzers suitable veal and beef, chicken give if the pet does not have allergies. Offal before serve must be boiled, except for the scar – it offer pet raw. It is undesirable to give pork, unless sometimes well frozen or boiled.
  4. Fish – it includes 2-3 times a week, replacing her meat portion of the menu. It is advisable to choose lean types oceanic and marine fish, they are boiled and cleaned of bones.
  5. Dairy products – an adult dog should not give milk, but kefir, yogurt, cottage cheese, yogurt – low-fat and without artificial additives, include, but do not give each day. Zwerg may have lactose intolerance, then similar food is not suitable.
  6. Eggs – boiled, cut into pieces give 1-2 once a week – 2-3 quail or 1 chicken, again, if not allergies.

You can add 1 tsp of vegetable oil to ready meals – sunflower, linseed, olive, and also fish oil, a little bone meal or other vitamin and mineral supplements. To group Illegal foods include the following foods:

  • bones;
  • confectionery and pastries, including bread;
  • chocolate;
  • grapes;
  • sausages and smoked meats;
  • marinades, spices, salinity;
  • pasta;
  • River fish;
  • legumes.

Making a balanced diet yourself is pretty difficult, so you can consult with veterinarian.

Industrial rations for miniature schnauzers

Owners choosing a tsverg as a pet should consider that feed such a dog cheap industrial no feed. “Saving” can cause your pet to will get urolithiasis, vitamin deficiency, dystrophy and others diseases. All rations are divided into classes:

  1. Economy – the basis is cereals and legumes, also includes meat processing waste and artificial taste enhancers that make animals with pleasure eat up such junk food.
  2. Premium and super premium – quality rations, the main component of which is meat, are suitable for dogs without health problems.
  3. Holistic – feed of the highest class, made from products suitable for human consumption. Considered the best choices for kids and ages dogs.

In addition, manufacturers offer several types of feed, which vary in consistency:

  1. Dry – produced in the form of granules, they are convenient Store and easily calculate serving size.
  2. Semi-moist – consist of pieces located in sauce or gravy, packaged in cans or single spiders.
  3. Pate – a similar product is bought in order to diversify the pet’s diet or completely translate into him – if we are talking about a puppy or adult dog having problems with with teeth.

When feeding a zwerg puppy with dry feed pellets are recommended soak a few minutes before serving in warm water. Similar no measure is required when the pet has a complete change premolars. How to feed the miniature schnauzer

If the dog suffers from food allergies that occurs in the background dry food, it’s worth looking at hypoallergenic rations. But before that, you should consult with a veterinarian and to examine the pet, because some symptoms may not be associated with allergies. For example, deterioration in coat quality and itching may be caused by parasites or metabolic processes.

More often than others, owners and breeders prefer the following hypoallergenic industrial products:

  • 1st Choice – does not contain cereals, the main the ingredient is ducklings; disadvantage – rarely found on shelves of pet stores;
  • Bosch (Bosch) – economical hypoallergenic a diet that can feed a pet of any age;
  • Biofood and Yarrah – An Even Rarer Product on shelves of domestic stores, relatively inexpensive;
  • Proplan (EdaltSensitive) – available several diets that are selected based on body weight animal. Similar menus of this class are the brand Brit and Purina.

Miniature Schnauzer – a bunch of energy, funny and positive, he almost immediately finds a common language with all family members and becomes part of it. And so that the dog is as long as possible nearby, it’s worth taking good care of him and making sure that he receives good nutrition.

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