How to feed chow chow

Chow Chow – a beautiful representative of exotic breeds, in need not only in physical exertion and care procedures, but also in high-quality, balanced nutrition. It depends on it the health of the dog, its activity, mood and longevity. How and with what feed chow chow so that the pet grows healthy and active? According to breeders and veterinarians, a combination of their production rations and natural products.


  • 1. Natural type of feeding
  • 2. The choice of finished feed
  • 3. Amount of animal feed
  • 4. What is forbidden to give Chow Chow
  • 5. What you need to know about feeding

Natural type of feeding

From the age of 2 months, puppies enjoy drinking milk and eat minced meat. If the dog is purchased from a breeder, you should also adhere to the previous diet for a while: sharp the change will be very stressful for the animal. With natural nutrition it is better for the dog to give:

  • fresh meat (best of all – beef and pork);
  • high-quality offal – heart, stomach, liver;
  • dairy products – kefir, yogurt, yogurt. From cottage cheese give preference for its calcined varieties;
  • boiled eggs;
  • cereal products – barley, buckwheat, wheat. Barley is given to active and fast-growing dogs. Corn grits It does neither harm nor good;
  • seaweed is useful – it is added to the diet several times in a week;
  • useful vegetables from tomatoes, cabbage, zucchini. Give cabbage stewed or boiled;
  • from time to time dogs are given some nuts and berries.

The dog’s ration consists of 2 thirds of meat and 1 thirds of plant foods. Natural food should be mashed (mushy) and slightly warm. How to feed chow chow read the article

The daily amount of natural feed should be fully correspond to the regime of physical activity, age, weight dogs. If you follow the basic rules of feeding, you can completely eliminate the risk of obesity, dystrophy and pathologies gastrointestinal tract.

The choice of finished food

The best solution for Chow Chow is a dry food. All feed have classes, of which the least quality is considered economy category, and the most suitable are holistic. Breed usually not prone to developing food allergies, so the choice stops on dry feed. If the animal is not obese, then The best solution would be premium food.

Before you buy ready-made food, you should carefully study its composition. In the first place in the list of components should be meat. The abundance of offal (most often it is waste) – characteristic feature of cheap feed class “economy”. Famous feed manufacturers of high-quality feed, contains all the components necessary for health.

The presence of animal fats in feed is highly undesirable, mixtures, preservatives, colorants, flavorings. Feed must have neutral smell and uniform structure. Too sharp the specific smell emanating from the granules suggests that it made with the addition of a large number of flavors, artificial dyes and low-quality raw materials.

Before feeding the puppy, dry food is poured with water and soaked on A couple of minutes. This procedure is carried out in order to save. tooth integrity.

When feeding a finished diet, the animal should have constant access to clean drinking water. Moreover, water should change as often as possible. If it becomes noticeable that the dog is erasing teeth, then it is recommended to transfer to natural feeding or change feed. The reasons for erasing the enamel lie in the fact that the pet give low quality food.

It is noteworthy that Chow Chows can often suffer from the fact that they are fed alternately either natural or ready-made feed.

Amount of animal feed

It is difficult for dogs of small stature and weight to choose the right one. the amount of feed so that they do not starve and do not overfeed. AND both are categorically undesirable for a miniature animal.

Determining the optimal amount of feed is quite simple. If within 20 minutes all food has not been eaten, which means that a serving for the dog was large and should be reduced. And if there was food eaten quickly, and the pet expects an extra serving of food, then you need to satisfy the desire. In such a simple way you can determine the optimal amount of food for one complementary foods. Chow

Adult dogs are recommended to be fed twice a day. But usually feeding regimen depends on the pace of life of the owner and his pet. The daily dose of food must be divided into 2 small doses. Food should be stored in the refrigerator, and before feeding slightly warm up. Puppies are given food more often – up to 5 times a day. FROM increase in portions of food decreases the number and frequency feedings.

What is forbidden to give Chow Chow

These dogs are strictly forbidden to give the following:

  • tubular bones (especially chicken), broths cooked on bones;
  • pork meat in any variety;
  • bean products;
  • all varieties of pasta;
  • potatoes – as an exception, you can give your pet quite a bit raw tuber, but such feeding should not be too frequent;
  • any kind of sweet – dogs don’t tolerate sugar, from which they develop damage to the liver and pancreas, diabetes;
  • spoiled foods – mistakenly the opinion that dogs can be given that a person is not fed up – this makes them develop difficult digestive tract diseases and poisoning;
  • all fatty and smoked – such dishes negatively affect liver function;
  • sausages, including sausages.

It is forbidden to give excessively cold or hot food.

What you need to know about feeding

Veterinarians recommend adhering to certain rules for feeding chow chow:

  1. Cooked food for the dog does not need to be kept in the refrigerator for longer, than 3 days, although ready-to-cook foods are sometimes frozen in freezer for future use. Cold food can seriously harm the health of the pet by causing a sore throat.
  2. Meat should be given only beef or lamb. It should not be the remains of bones and veins. They don’t give raw meat, but a little boil or scald with boiling water. This product is the main a source of protein, and therefore it must be in the diet constantly. You can add a little vegetable oil to the puppy.
  3. Excessive feeding of meat is undesirable, especially for adults. They can be given a little offal. Give the liver only boiled and in small quantities. Best to it was home since imported products are enriched hormonal supplements and antibiotics.
  4. Valuable food is fish – a source of essential amino acids and phosphorus. In the menu it is introduced from 4 months. They give fish without heads and fins, necessarily boiled. It is strictly forbidden to feed chow chow river fish, sea bass and pollock.
  5. Dairy products are an important source of calcium. The first place belongs to the curd. Puppies are given homemade cottage cheese, made from milk, kefir. Together with cottage cheese give a little serum (excessive overfeeding with it causes gastrointestinal upset). You can add kefir to the curd, acidophilus milk, fermented baked milk.
  6. Porridge is boiled in water or milk. They add a little vegetable oil. It is strictly forbidden to sweeten cereals. For puppies and adult dogs are useful brown bread – a source of vitamins Group B. Overfeeding a pet with bread is undesirable.
  7. After lunch, the dog should rest a bit. At this time she is not it is worth taking a walk and arranging for her mobile games.

Chow Chow is an active, agile doggie, so it should make sure that he gets everything from the main feed nutrients necessary for the full development, vitamins and minerals.

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