How to feed a husky

The northern Husky breed is different from other dogs. Primarily, these are working pets who are used to overcoming large distance, sleep in the snow and appreciate the will. Naturally, their features affect the diet. What can feed these faithful friends of a man who will never fail, even in the most severe conditions?


  • 1. How to feed a husky
  • 2. How to feed a husky puppy
  • 3. How to feed adult husky
  • 4. What can not be fed husky
  • 5. How many times a day to feed the husky

How to feed a husky

There are 3 types of feeding:

  • Natural – food prepared by the owner from home products. This meal definitely has advantages: the owner always aware that his four-legged friend is eating up, sure quality of food, and that it does not contain harmful impurities. Besides In addition, dogs always benefit from the use of natural ingredients, especially proteins and fiber. But the disadvantages are also Present: the owner will spend a lot of time cooking, hardly whether you can perfectly balance the diet. The pet will need in additional sources of vitamins and minerals.
  • Production feed: dry and canned rations. If the owner prefers this option, then feeding the pet will take less time, and the dog will get everything he necessary. However, this applies only to high quality feed containing a sufficient amount of animal protein, because Husky is a real meat eater. By cons include the high cost good rations, manufacturers often “dissemble” and do not agree about the exact composition of your product. Also when feeding “drying” talk about the diversity of nutrition is not necessary. Of course, physiologically, dogs do not need frequent meals, but they may not like the monotony.
  • Combined nutrition. In this regard, there are still stormy disputes – is it possible to feed a dog with dry food, and natural food? For adult husky dogs, it is acceptable, but for puppies food is not recommended.
  • food for large dogs;
  • how to transfer a dog to dry food.

How to feed a husky puppy

When buying a puppy of any breed, owners should know how feed a newly made family member. If there is no experience, it is better consult with a breeder or veterinarian. But there are also general recommendations. For example, when feeding with dry feed should pay attention to the following aspects:

  • Better to purchase premium feed, super premium or holistic class.
  • In good feed, meat should be in first place – meat flour or meat.
  • What should not be in food: artificial dyes, preservatives, flavors, soy and corn.
  • Puppies should be given only puppy food (up to 8-10 months, and it’s important to timely transfer your pet to a diet for adult dogs, otherwise there is a risk of developing joint dysplasia).
  • It would be nice at first to give food of the same brand as he ate at the breeder.

With natural feeding, the baby should be fed milk porridge, cottage cheese, diluted in milk, boiled cereal with meat, thick cereal and vegetable soups. In food, you can add crushed boiled egg, finely chopped greens, a little vegetable oil. Vegetables must be present in the diet – they can be boiled and added in dishes or give raw. husky puppy

The grown-up crumbs can be given a fish, but only sea, cooked and stoned. Whatever type of feeding the host is chose, he must take care that the baby always has access to fresh drinking water.

How to feed adult husky

You can’t name the representatives of this breed vegetarian: 70% The diet of an adult dog is meat and offal. Besides, in unlike most dogs, husky dogs can eat any meat, even fatty varieties, while there will be no load on the liver. Generally, all northern breeds need food that contains more fat.

The menu can include sea fish – raw or boiled, vegetables – better raw, cereals and offal. They give porridge to dogs, but in small quantities, best suited rice, buckwheat, millet. And better cereal Do not boil, but pour boiling water and give in steamed form. Sour-milk products can also be included in the diet.

What can not be fed husky

To keep your pet healthy and in good shape, it’s worth make sure that he does not eat the following foods:

  • sweets;
  • salty and seasoned food;
  • raw pork;
  • bones;
  • smoked meats and marinades;
  • grapes.

Dishes with various artificial additives.

It will be useful:

  • how to care for a dog.
  • what to do if a dog has a bone jam.

How many times a day to feed a husky

Like other canine babies, husky puppies up to 2 months old age fed 6 times a day. Then you need to cancel one feeding and look at the reaction of the puppy – if his changes do not bother, then 5 times the pet is fed up to 4 months.

From 4 months to six months, the dog eats 4 times, and after – up to 8-10 months – 3 times. By 10 months, a grown baby is ready to eat only 2 times a day – in the morning and evening. From a year and a half a pet can only be fed once, but most owners still stop at a 2-time option. three huskies

It is important to adhere to the feeding schedule, do not give the pet food from his desk, otherwise later he will “treat himself” on his own or sit with begging eyes.

Husky – “snow” dogs, beautiful, proud and freedom-loving. To they kept their activity, their outer gloss and luxurious fur coat, you need to monitor what pets eat. Worth sticking to selected type of feeding and try to give only what goes a four-legged friend to benefit. Proper nutrition is a guarantee happy and long life dogs.

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