I remember a wonderful moment: a parrot is reading poems

“I remember a wonderful moment, you appeared before me.” Who could to think that the verses of a famous Russian classic will recited even by parrots. So, on the Internet video featuring a feathered one that reads lines from many famous and beloved poem by A. S. Pushkin.

Video with a hanging parrot Keshey has collected more than a million views. In this video, the feathered one reads poetry. A parrot tries to pronounce each word very clearly, although he doesn’t have it always turns out. But this fact does not detract from talent and feathered pet abilities.


The wavy parrot on the video reads poems by Pushkin and sings children’s songs

Kesha reads the lines from “I remember a wonderful moment”, “Antoshka, Antoshka, let’s go dig potatoes, “” Captain, captain, smile … ” and repeats the dialogue between the bird and the postman from the famous cartoon “Vacations in Prostokvashino.” In between by reading poetry and songs Kesha praises himself: “Kesha is beautiful, good “,” Kesha – budgerigar “,” Bird talker “.

Budgerigars are highly talkative and highly noise. They quickly and easily memorize words and phrases, regularly used by households in everyday life. Chatting most often incessantly without coherent logic.

Video: a parrot recites poems by Pushkin and sings children’s songs

Besides the fact that budgies are very noisy and talkative, they still very messy and shy. I have for 10 years in two birds lived at different times. Their cell and the nearest territory around it were always strewn with grain, feather, fluff and scraps paper. If you let the pet fly, then he will tear the wallpaper on wall, gnaw all kinds of wires and indoor plants, will try to peck the household by the ears, nose or pull off glasses. therefore Before you get a parrot, you should think a few times. After all, we are responsible for those who tamed.

Budgies are smart and talented birds that are in demand among breeders. They serve not only beautiful in addition to the interior, but with the right education can become faithful friends who can brighten up the gray everyday life of the lonely people.

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