Hypoallergenic dog food

If your dog has a food problem allergies, then the only right solution may be the transition on hypoallergenic food. A joyful moment with such problems is, that they leave immediately after the exclusion of the product, causing allergies.

Choosing a Hypoallergenic Dog Food

The common problem that allergies are to the fact that a number of dog food manufacturers have launched special hypoallergenic feeds from which all are excluded substances that can provoke allergic reactions. Similar feeds are available on various Internet resources, in veterinary clinics, pet stores.

The best hypoallergenic dog food

Addiction pet food

Addiction Pet FoodThe feed of this brand is made according to a special formula. This food is an integral nutritional complex, completely free of substances that can cause allergies. IN This food has no harmful additives or preservatives. Such food fully complies with all requirements for dog food.

Hills prescription diet

Hills Prescription DietThe food of this brand is a real treat for dogs. It is specially designed to avoid manifestations of allergies.

Holistic blend

Holistic blendThis company produces a variety of hypoallergenic organic animal feeds and treats. Also Holistic blend produces a range of healthy foods additives aimed at maintaining the health of the pet.

Purina veterinary diets

Purina Veterinary DietsPurina Veterinary Diets Presents dry dog food, which includes exclusively patented, modified protein that prevents the occurrence of allergic reactions.

Nutro ultra holistic

Nutro Ultra HolisticThese feeds are the best choice for those whose dogs suffer from allergies. The composition of such feed includes exclusively natural products, including chicken, salmon and lamb.

The honest kitchen

The Honest KitchenThe Honest Kitchen is manufacturing dry organic animal feed. The company launches a line pet food, which includes organic cereals and meat that are completely free of harmful substances and antibiotics.

What to do if a dog is allergic?

If you suspect your dog is suffering allergies, the first thing to do is change the diet. It’s better just choose the right hypoallergenic food for the dog. For it will not be superfluous to consult a veterinarian or specialist pet store. Identification of products causing dogs are allergic, carried out by trial and error. Watching the reaction of the animal’s body to certain products, you can determine which of them cause the dog to be allergic reaction. In such cases, you can purchase hypoallergenic products, for example, beef, corn. If within a month signs allergies have not disappeared, another allergen must be excluded. how only the symptoms begin to disappear – you have found an active allergen. It should be borne in mind that dogs are often allergic to few products! This may complicate the determination process. source of allergies. Do not allow your pet to eat leftovers off the table, especially when identifying an allergen. It is essential complicate this process. Do not forget that consultation veterinarian is extremely important, because allergies can also be a sign the presence of other animal health problems. If symptoms allergies do not disappear for several weeks – go to the doctor immediately!

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