Hypoallergenic dog food PLATINUM

Often, the health of pets excites the owners much more than own. And this is not surprising – because the animal cannot complain of malaise, and if the owner does not pay in a timely manner attention to changes in the form and behavior of his four-legged friend, the disease can develop to an alarming stage, which will have to be treated for a long time. One of the most difficult diseases in this regard is allergy. Unfortunately for dogs today is a very common disease. There are dogs prone to terrible allergies due to the breed – sharpei, for example. Many of them look awful due to allergies, get covered bald patches, rashes and sores on the skin, to which they certainly infections that inflict severe pain on the dog join. All it’s about nutrition. Improper food provokes the development of allergies in the vast majority of sharpei. However, among the rest of the breeds dogs also often have allergies. Allergies May Cause a variety of products – most often it is corn, gluten, chicken, various additives. The result is small rashes on the dog’s skin, which cause severe itching. The dog experiences great suffering and combing the skin to blood, which threatens infections and infection blood. You can alleviate her condition with the help of drugs, but they постоянное использование невозможно.PLATINUM food for dogsЕсли у вашей собаки есть склонность кallergies, it is necessary to carefully treat her diet. Not it is worth experimenting with different types of feed, especially cheap – most of them contain allergenic ingredients, which differ in the minimum cost precisely because of their unsuitable for a healthy diet. Moreover, to the dog I wanted to eat corn-based feed, it must be sprinkled with huge the amount of chemical additives that can also provoke allergies and diseases of the esophagus. Good feed composition does not need a large number of impurities. This can be seen in the example of feed. PLATINUM. Because it is made from the very best environmental raw materials, manufacturers do not need to include its composition is any additives. After all, any dog without chemical components will certainly appreciate high-quality farm meat chickens, lamb, iberian pork. When growing and storing this meat is not used today’s usual additives, which can cause allergies, so it will bring the dog only clean benefit. Another important nuance that must be considered if your dog – an allergy sufferer – is digestible feed. The harder and longer digest food, the more substances enter the intestines without preliminary cleavage in the stomach, and the more the likelihood that food will cause food sensitivity. And this – The right way to an allergic reaction. Therefore it is very important that your four-legged friend’s food should have maximum digestibility. Ideal cleavage equal to digestible meat, possess feed PLATINUM. Contained in them proteins (animal proteins) are easily absorbed by the body without causing with food hypersensitivity. Also make it difficult digestion of feed can the so-called Maillard reaction, which occurs when preparing feed due to exposure to high temperature and pressure. Her result is education. indigestible compounds of proteins and carbohydrates that also may cause allergies. To avoid this, you need to apply softer, gentle feed technology. However she requires more time and resources, therefore manufacturers of cheap feed prefer faster and more economical methods. A gentle Food preparation methods are used only by companies. interested in animal health. So, in particular, PLATINUM feed components are processed, which allows them to avoid the formation of indigestible complexes and does not worsen them nutritional value. Therefore, PLATINUM feed manufacturers ruled out the most likely causes of allergies to food, including hidden, not related to what is indicated on the package feed composition. This significantly reduced the likelihood the occurrence of allergic reactions in dogs. Therefore if your a four-legged friend needs special food, then PLATINUM is the most obvious choice. You can be sure that hypoallergenic feed PLATINUM does not contain any preservatives, flavors or flavors, GMOs, soybeans, gluten – only environmentally friendly raw materials processed using technology that improves digestibility of feed. This food is highly digestible, and most importantly – the risk of an allergic reaction when it application minimized. You and your pet can forget about unpleasant manifestations of allergies and enjoy life. Exactly this was the goal of creating this line of feed. Link to the site where you can buy PLATINUM dog food: https://myplatinum.ru/

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