How to wean a cat to jump on tables and to the shelves?

Cats by nature are real climbers and jumpers, they always like to be on top. But some of these “heights” include those places of your house where you would not particularly like to see a cat, to them include: kitchen, counters, dining table, shelf with precious porcelain figurines, etc. Of course, these places adore your pet. Preventing cat behavior when which she is trying to get into prohibited places is the key for any pet owner. The best workout is prevention. Never feed a cat on the kitchen table! If you have a dog, try to find a place for the kitten where his food wasn’t stolen by your other pet. Do not let your animal jump onto the table while you eat, and of course never feed a cat from your plate! make it uninteresting for her. To do this, remove any houseplants, food, or toys from cat-accessible places. Every time a cat jumps to where it should not be, say yes to her in the affirmative! and put the animal on the floor. it may discourage being in the wrong places, but probably not completely. If after two days the cat is still trying jump to where you should not, you need to move on to more radical measures. Another way is to make attractive place for a cat is not only uninteresting, but also uncomfortable. For example, you can cover the countertop with foil. Cats are not love to be on similar material. Another possible option is using a motion detector that will fire bright light or, for example, a sound effect in the form of a barking dog. The detector should fire when the cat jumps. Piercing light or sound effect should wean from “visits” to prohibited places. You should not be too zealous! Intimidating light and sound should not scare the animal to such an extent that cat panic! But none of the methods presented succeed if you are dealing with a cat who adores to crush everything from the shelves. In this case, it is best to remove corners of the house all items that may be of interest animal. In the end, try to increase the number of places of interest for the cat where she can freely get, and which will be no less interesting for her. Give the cat an opportunity climbing on wood can be artificial, which is easy located in the house, or teach her to watch birds from the window, proteins, etc. Feed the animal only when it is on the floor, not jumping on the table. Remember also that even if you do not mind the cat sitting on the counter, yet it is not completely safe! Also, many cats are seriously injured when walking. near the stove, jumping on the oven door or sticking a paw in garbage chute. Remember, if your cat is on the floor – it’s not means she is safe!

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