How to teach a kitten to a tray (toilet)?

After the first euphoria of joy of acquisition little fluffy creature, in front of the new owner the question will be how to teach a kitten to walk in need to the tray, and not make puddles and heaps anywhere. Moreover, in this matter the owner will have to show maximum patience and perseverance – small kittens, like children, like to insist on their own. Therefore about the purchase of the tray should be taken care of in advance, ideally the tray is already should stand in the house when the kitten only “crosses” the threshold new home. A cat toilet is preferred in a bathroom, but if for some reason this does not seem to be done possible, you need to find such a secluded place that will hidden from human eyes, or at least not at all in sight. Do not install a toilet for the animal near food troughs, often this proximity leads to the fact that the kitten begins to look for another place for the toilet. At When buying a kitten tray, you should give preference plastic models that will be easily and quickly washed, do not while absorbing unpleasant odors. Sometimes cats and kittens like closed trays in which animals feel secluded, but it’s a matter of taste. Depending on the age of the kitten you need to choose the height of the sides of his toilet, because it is too small the cat is unlikely to celebrate the need for a tray with high sides. Do not put a lot of filler in the tray at once, because that it can scare a small kitten or, on the contrary, inspire he believes that in front of him is a toy rustling under his paws. However, if tray at the time of acquisition of the kitten has not yet been purchased, or baby for some reason chose another place for his toilet, it’s worth show persistence and patience. Beat in relation to a new member of the family, in no case to raise his voice, Do not beat or poke your face in a puddle! An animal can do such an action. not to forgive, and at best will do “surprises” for the owner again and again, and at worst – the kitten will never love and respect the owner. To successfully locate the toilet for a cat can place the tray in the place of its first puddle or heap, if this arrangement suits the owner. If the opinions of a kitten and owner about the place for toilet affairs diverge, then the owner it is worth doing the following manipulations day after day, until the cat himself fits the tray.

Tips for accustoming a kitten to a tray:

  • Each time after eating the kitten needs to be seated in a tray, because it is after eating that the animal tries to empty the intestines and the bladder. You should also seat the animal in the tray after awakening. Failure in the early days should not be upset. Necessary observe the behavior of the animal – even a small kitten will sniff at the floor, twirling his face as if looking for something. Exactly at such a moment is worth being alert.
  • It is necessary to monitor the cleanliness of the cat’s toilet and control the absence of an unpleasant odor. Cats, neat by nature, they often refuse to cope with their natural needs cause the tray is dirty.
  • In the case when the kitten does heaps in the wrong place, if it lasts a long time, you should carefully take his handful on a scoop or a newspaper and put it in the tray. After some time you need put the animal in the tray with the existing waste life activity. So the baby will understand what exactly from him they want and for what a mysterious box is needed, into which it is constantly are seated.
  • The owner should never raise his voice, make harsh sounds, all the more, shout directly at the kitten at a time when he is in the tray. The animal will perceive such educational measures as punishment (or will be associated with fear), and going to the tray will become a daily nasty conscription.
  • Those places where the kitten has already put a mark should be very well washed with special products. Can also use simple means: soda, manganese, iodine, divorced in water.
  • Sometimes a kitten refuses a tray due to too large (or small) size, maybe the tray just seems the kitten is uncomfortable. In such cases, you can purchase just two tray, completely different in size, height of the sides, depth. If the animal will give preference to one of the trays, it is him and should be left for future use.
  • By showing maximum friendliness, you can help the kitten adapt by slightly raking the filler with your own hand for the tray. So you can tell the kitten why he was planted in the tray.
  • In cases where the animal ignores the tray and continues to do puddles all over the house, it’s worth to patiently seat the animal in the toilet once over and over again. No need to follow the path and install the tray in the place where the kitten wants, if this is not included in the owner’s plans.

A little kitten brings many joyful moments to the owner. FROM a fluffy kid an adult and himself becomes younger, heart touch the cute games of the kitten, his curiosity, affection for to the owner. Therefore, you need to pay attention and give your inner warm baby, you never need to get angry, offend the animal, and it love will always be mutual. To train a kitten to a tray – only one of the first steps to adulthood, and the owner in this question should become a wise and patient teacher for a kitten!

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