How to name a cat – names and nicknames for cats

This is a great feeling when you greet a new kitten in your house. A fun and really important puzzle at this time is choosing the best name for your new pet. Sometimes name it comes to mind itself, but in other cases it may take a little more time.

How to name a cat - names and nicknames for cats

If you decide to rename your “adopted” kitten or If you want to connect your friends and family to this, then there are many methods on how to choose a name and name it.

Continuing Traditions

One of the most popular ways to choose a name for a cat is delve into your past. Many people choose a name from memory from childhood memories and favorite pets. In the same way people sometimes add the names “junior”, “senior”, etc., and A new and recognized name for a cat will allow her to feel in your family at home.

Most popular nicknames and names

Popular names exist not only among people. Just take a look and go through our list of the most popular cat nicknames. However, the name’s popularity for the cat, of course, depends on the country where you live and the language you speak.


Try to go the alternative way, namely, spend contest for the most unusual name for a cat. If you start with a completely unique name, then this will be a great start to connect your friends and family to this. So you can spend crazy contest and call a cat is very unusual. Opportunities for The cat’s name choices are endless!

Three little pigs, nine lives

Another way to find the perfect name for your new cat is to just watch her behavior. Watch her interacts with your feline companions, find out her personality and character. You can name a cat or kitten according to their behavior, adventure or eating.


Veterinary and scientific observations show that the cat react differently to some human sounds. Probably, it’s also not a coincidence that cats communicate with people using piercing “Meow!”. Cats respond better to high tones human voices, and women prefer male voices. It is interesting to note that cats use meow only when communicating with people, but not with other cats.

Murka, Smoke and Barsik

Sometimes you can choose a name for a new kitten just by looking at him. If the breed of your kitten is Russian blue, Burmese or Siamese, then even his fur can tell you a suitable name. The color of the cat’s coat can give you inspiration and scope for fantasies.

You can come up with your own ways to name your cat, and it can be very exciting. You can pick a name from fine art, favorite products and any field creativity. If you want more ideas for choosing a name – then go through our lists of the most popular names for cats and cats, where you will find more than 3000 potential names for your pet.

Popular nicknames for cats girls

Musya, Asya, Masya, Bagira, Murka, Tasha, Sonya, Bonya, Busya, Nyusha, Simka, Jesse, Eve, Muska, Haze, Masyanya, Cleo, Adele, Cessie, Dusya, ICQ, Roxy, Athena, Kitty, Martha, Manya, Margot, Lucy, Leela, Tasya, Motya, Frosya, Mura, Alpha, Maya, Sophie, Sherry, Shun, Fenya, Linda.

Popular nicknames for cat boys

Kuzya, Barsik, Peach, Murzik, Alex, Lucky, Tishka, Felix, Bucks, Zeus, Haze, Timon, Tom, Simba, Marquis, Simon, Coconut, Garfield, Ginger, Vaska, Tyson, Tim, Oscar, Kote, Mars, Loki, Kasmer, Leva, Alf, Ice, Caesar, Kuzka, Will, Senya, Leon, Marcel, Kai, Afonya, Lexus, Richard, Mauritius, Watsock, Jackie, Timothy, Ricky.

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