How to make a cat and dog friends

Anyone who has pets knows how it is. wonderful when a cat or dog, a rabbit or a parrot, bring joy and inexhaustible source of fun. Many people prefer several animals, even if they already have other pets animals, because they know how to keep them on friendly terms.

How to make a cat and dog friends

Many dog owners often think of a cat house that complement their family life with happiness and balance – that, Of course, wonderful. If you are thinking of having a cat or cat and worry about your dog, how she will accept and make friends with a new tenant, that is, there are a few things that you must take into attention before they actually meet face to face!

This is a pretty stressful and painful time when two animals meet for the first time. Sometimes they immediately recognize each other as as if they were familiar all their lives, but more often it takes some time. It can take a lot of time and effort to bring two animals together, without causing a mess in the house or an injury about one or both animals. The key to getting to know each other is pleasant and relaxed atmosphere when your dog meets a new a cat. If you just want to leave them to yourself, then you you risk making the acquaintance much worse for everyone.

Time matters

If you want everything to go smoothly, it’s very important to choose the right time to bring a new and excited cat to your house. You have to choose the time when your house really everything is quiet and safe, and it is better to avoid moments when in the house many people, guests or relatives, as you cannot focus on animals and how they react to each other friend.

Use the first time you meet

The best and safest way for an excited cat to meet your dog is to leave it in the carrying. So cat will feel safe and think it’s “honest the game”.

If your cat is nervous, place on the media cover bedspread, but leave the door unlocked. Depending on the your dog’s excitement, the cat will need some time, to get used to it. The main thing is to make your cat feel safe and not vulnerable when she sees the dog for the first time. This may take some time, but for each of them it will be very useful.

Although cats and dogs are always portrayed true enemies, to introduce a cat or kitten to a dog always easier than a cat with another cat that already rules your “ball”. You will also see that your dog and new cat will fear each other, but, over time, they will soon realize that not are in competition with each other. That means they are like usually get along well, although the cat is usually in ultimately remains the boss!

Does your dog know cats?

If your dog is used to having cats around, then first may be excited in her usual doggy style, but soon she it will bother and she will return to her usual routine. Your dog will be see the new tenant as a member of his “family”. Many dogs live in full harmony with cats in their families, although they will continue chase other cats that wander into their territory! By however, it’s important to carefully monitor how your dog responds to a new cat and vice versa, but usually it doesn’t take much time for dogs to adopt a four-legged newbie.

The same goes for the new cat – if she’s used to to dogs, then she will be less afraid when she meets your dog first. She will be nervous, but it usually goes away pretty fast. Important to avoid any initial confrontations between two animals – if they make a failure start, then everything can become much more complicated!

Smell is an important part of dating

The safety of both animals is paramount. By however, any owner who intends to introduce the two animals to each other for the first time, must also take care so that no one scratches or hits a frightened animal. Exactly therefore, acquaintance should be strictly controlled up to when the cat and dog are not used to each other. One of ways to help this is to pet the dog separately, and then cat, and do not wash your hands. This will allow both animals to learn smell each other through an intermediary – you. In the end your A new cat recognizes the smell of your home.

Ideally, after meeting animals when they were in their When carrying, you have to put the new cat in a big closed the cage. The cat will feel safe, although she is all may still hiss a little. Your dog can smell a newbie through the rods of the cage without direct contact between them, just like a cat. You must keep the cat and dog separate from each other, in different rooms until they can contact directly. Nonetheless, at night you can leave the cat in its metal cage and the dog can sleep in the same room, but it rather depends on the character and your dog’s reactions to the newcomer.

If the dog never lived with a cat

If your dog has never lived with a cat, then introduce them each other will be a little more complicated and you will need to accept additional security measures and take your time. If your dog very tense and not calm, then take her on a leash and tell her to sit quietly next to the cat’s cage. When, if the dog is good, give her a reward and a little Wait. You should “introduce” them in this way as often as possible – the rule is frequent meetings for short periods time.

If your dog is very excitable, then try to meet after a long walk, this will help her get rid of excess energy. Some breeds, such as terriers and greyhounds, instinctively pursue any objects, so you must vigilantly follow them, when get a new cat. The same goes for young puppies, who want to play all the time, and a beginner can become a buddy for games.

Dogs love rewards, and if they behave calmly with your new cat, then you have to reward them, but do it calmly. As soon as the dog loses interest in the new cat, you should be able to let her go on a leash when they are together – but all this time you should carefully monitor them.

Tips & Tricks

Never leave a dog and a newbie alone if you not completely sure that they “made friends” with each other.

You should also make sure to feed the cat sufficiently. far or high where your dog cannot reach her.

The same goes for the toilet tray – dogs love to swarm in cat trays and even have their contents! Obviously if you brought a new animal, then you may not need to use toilet tray because the cat may go outside.

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How to make a cat and dog friends?

Funny cartoons show us how cats and dogs are friends between themselves and even play different games together. Perhaps starting from of these animated series, millions of families decide to buy at house cat and dog. They believe that without these animals their family would not will be complete. The process of adopting pets in the family is not complicated. You just need to follow a few recommendations and then everything will go away smoothly. For the first time letting them into the house, you do not need to think like this: “let do whatever they want. “It’s very risky and not safe. strategy. When launching a cat in the house, you need to be especially careful. FROM This process is more complicated for them, because the dog instinctively sees an enemy in a cat and prepares to chase after it. Admission process Pets in the house should be planned. If you already have cat and you take the dog, then first find the animal with which the cat will be able to make friends faster. Gradually she will get used to your dog, and they will not chase each other, crushing everything on its own if you already have a dog and you take a cat, then you need to be sure that the dog is firmly attached to durable the place. This will avoid the first chase of a cat and the first problems for your home. In the early stages of introducing a cat, a dog better kept in a separate area. Or is it better to remove the cat to another room for a while so that they do not see each other. Thus, being in another room, the cat will gradually get used to smells and barking your dog. Also do not forget to feed them on time, without finishing it’s about hysteria (from the side of the pets). In a hungry state they more aggressive and less friendly – keep that in mind. After that how a cat got used to a dog located through a wall in another indoors, you can release it. Let the pets see each other. At their first meeting, keep the dog on a leash and do not let it chasing a cat, even if they are played. Use the commands so that the dog obeys you and does not lose his head. Do not force the cat get closer to the dog. She herself will choose what is safe for herself. distance. After the first acquaintance treat both with delicious food. Then, for a few more weeks, the dog should be on a leash until a complete addiction to the cat will occur. Try to praise in every way. both and encourage delicious food. So, their acquaintance will grow into friendship, not hostility. When the dog no longer shows interest in cat, and accepts it as an ordinary family member, a leash can carefully remove. In the modern world, the friendship of cats and dogs is not is a rarity. Therefore, most likely your pets will to live together under one roof without creating unnecessary trouble for you.

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