How to feed Jack Russell Terrier

Jack Russell Terrier is a representative of a large family of terriers, which, despite its compact size, is in no way inferior to their larger brothers. This doggie needs protein-rich balanced diet to make up for vitality and energy. How to feed a puppy or adult jack russell terrier so that he does not lose his activity and positive?


  • 1. What to feed Jack Russell Terrier: nature or dry
  • 2. How to feed Jack Russell Terrier puppy
  • 3. How to feed an adult jack russell terrier
  • 4. What you can not feed Jack Russell Terrier
  • 5. How many times a day to feed Jack Russell Terrier

How to feed Jack Russell Terrier: nature or dry

The eternal dilemma of dog owners – feed your pet natural products or prepared diets owners of little jack russell. As for professional breeders, then they feed puppies and adults production feed. But if the new owner wants to change the type feeding, he has the right to do it. It is recommended to do this. gradually, always considering that these dogs belong to hunting breed. Jack Russell Terrier for a walk

Naturally, the diet of decorative and working dogs is striking different, usually in the latter case the pet gets more nutritious food. If in finished diets there is a balance of fats, carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals are already taken into account and enough to choose suitable for your pet menu, then with natural feeding owners should determine this ratio independently.

How to feed puppy Jack Russell Terrier

When the baby gets into a new home, the owners try their best way to take care of him. And to stress from a change of place residence was minimal, do not change in the first couple of weeks diet of his food. At this time, you need to feed the baby in the same way as he was fed by breeders. A little later, you can change the type of food or transfer the crumbs to another feed, but this should be done very delicately:

  • usually the first time the baby receives either natural food, or canned food, and so that the baby begins to eat dry food, first it is necessary to give it soaked;
  • if complementary foods consisted exclusively of dry granules, then through a week you can start mixing it with canned meat;
  • when switching to natural feeding, it is advisable to start with meat broths, then add vegetables, and at the end – cereals;
  • any new product is introduced in small doses – 1-2 tsp. and followed by monitoring the condition of the baby;
  • You can feed your puppy with a straight puppy as soon as it passes adaptation 2-week period.

The puppy is naturally fed according to a specific pattern: half the diet consists of meat ingredients, offal, 20% is dairy and dairy products, and on the remaining 15% are cereals and vegetables.

Also, with natural feeding at some stages of life, puppy there is a need for additional sources of vitamins and minerals. This point needs to be discussed with the veterinarian.

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How to feed an adult jack russell terrier

An adult dog needs a proper diet, just like a puppy. But also there are a number of nuances, for example, even eating straight the pet should not receive food from the master’s table. In the diet Jack Russell Terrier products:

  • lean meats (veal, beef), boiled chicken;
  • from offal you can only give a heart, okay digested;
  • buckwheat and rice porridge;
  • cottage cheese, kefir, yogurt;
  • vegetables – pumpkin, carrots, zucchini, beets.

If the owner prefers finished feed, then they should to be of high quality. Experienced dog breeders of this breed recommend paying attention to such brands:

  • Innova EVO;
  • Origen;
  • Akana;
  • Kanide;
  • Artemis Maximal Dog.

A properly selected diet will allow the dog to get everything required without additional fertilizing.

What you can not feed Jack Russell Terrier

Dogs don’t need as much food diversity as humans do, and as if they don’t need junk food – sweet, fatty, fried, salted and smoked. All confectionery products are negatively reflected. at work the digestive system of the animal. But even knowing this, owners, no, no, yes treat your pet something delicious. handsome jack russell terrier

Experts say that this is strictly prohibited. When giving any food from their table, the owners make pets beggars. It is worthwhile to carefully monitor the regime and give your pet only the required amount of food. If with dry rations problems does not arise, then with natural feeding, the daily portion will have select by trial and error.

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How many times a day to feed Jack Russell Terrier

When purchasing a baby, owners should be ready to feed him often. If he got into a new family with a monthly crumb, then This will have to be done 7 times a day, including at night. But how as a rule, puppies at this age are still fed by the mother, getting additional food only as a complementary food.

For 2-month-old puppies, the regimen is set no less dense – 6 times. And after a month, one feeding can be removed. From 4 months until six months, the puppy is fed 4 times, and from six months to 10 months – 3. B 10-12 months old Jack Russell Terrier puppy is enough 2-time feeding, which is subsequently saved.

Jack Russell Terriers – Dogs with a specific focus activities – they are burrow hunters. And what is needed so active dogs? Proper, complete and balanced nutrition, thanks to which they will not lose their amazing abilities, will always cheerful and joyful.

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