How to feed a Pomeranian

Pomeranian requires a balanced diet. From the process of feeding depends on the appearance of the pet, the quality of its coat and generally his physical health. Owners of these dogs should to know how and how to feed a Pomeranian so that the dog grows healthy, active and cheerful.


  • 1. Features of feeding the dog
  • 2. Choice of feed
  • 3. Feed classes
  • 4. Natural food feeding
  • 5. Rules for the healthy feeding of Pomeranian
  • 6. Video about how to feed a puppy Spitz
  • 7. Features of feeding a puppy

Dog Feeding Features

Owners have a choice – feed the dog with natural products or special dry food. Different owners prefer different feeding options for your pets. If the dog is taken from nursery, then for some time it is fed with the same food as the breeder. Compliance with this rule avoids exacerbations diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, the occurrence of allergies and weakening of immune defense. How to feed a Pomeranian Spitz read the article

In any version of the diet, a balance is required nutrients. It is strictly forbidden to overfeed the dog, as this will negatively affect her health. But also prolonged malnutrition can cause a pet phenomena of dystrophy. The dogs menu must include:

  • proteins (responsible for normal growth);
  • carbohydrates (are a source of energy);
  • lipids (thanks to them the animal will be excellent to look like);
  • vitamins;
  • minerals;
  • enzymes and other beneficial substances;
  • water.

Keeping such a balance will allow the pet to be healthy. there will never be problems with the skin, teeth and eyes. Only thanks to a balanced diet, oranges will be peppy and active, will not hurt.

Pomeranian belongs to dwarf breeds, therefore for it provides additional rules for care and feeding:

  1. It is forbidden to abruptly change the type of feeding. Non-compliance with this rules can cause gastrointestinal pathology, poisoning and serious allergic manifestations.
  2. Food is not worth saving. Spitz-like pets already eat few, and cheap brands are bad for their health.
  3. When feeding a pet with natural products, it is forbidden to give fatty, fried, smoked dishes. Do not give the dog tubular bones and pork.
  4. Milk consumption is also not recommended. The body of the dog is not able to assimilate it.
  5. As a kind of goodies, cheese is added to the diet (but this the product cannot be on the menu daily).
  6. Servings should be small. So the dog’s body will be better digest food.

Up to three months of age, five meals are needed. Further the number of meals is reduced to three times. From 7 month age, the most optimal will be a double diet.

Feed selection

Pomeranian needs balanced feeds, designed for small dog breeds. Before buying should carefully read the instructions and familiarize yourself with the composition. Near food should always be in sufficient quantity clean water.

Sometimes a pet is allergic to certain foods. In this situation, you need to consult a veterinarian and buy hypoallergenic food only. On sale offer;

  • economy products;
  • premium category;
  • super premium class;
  • holistic.

On the packaging of high-quality feed, usually all components. On the 1st place of the list is high-quality meat. Moreover, it should be at least 30%. Should also closely monitor what percentage of feed digestibility. Than less food is needed, so its performance will be better. The pet should enough for a day quite a bit of food, and from this amount it will be Feel great.

The composition of high-quality dry food includes the following Ingredients:

  • meat;
  • vegetables and cereals;
  • vitamins;
  • preservatives (and in food should not be nitrites, salts and other harmful substances);
  • natural vegetable oils;
  • supplements that improve immunity;
  • bone-enhancing supplements.

A high-quality feed necessarily includes all of these ingredients. If the production ration contains offal, chemical components, colorants and flavors, cellulose and other harmful substances then it cannot relate to premium class.

Feed classes

Feeding Pomeranian Spitz is not recommended. due to potential harm to their health. This breed is suitable feed next category:

  1. Premium There are no offal in the composition. This distinguishes it from the cheapest options. Feed contain fish or meat, cereals with vegetables. However, meat products are contained still not enough. This diet contains components that are practically non-digestible dogs. Digestibility of such medium feed: it should be given spitz in greater quantities.
  2. Super premium. These feeds are more expensive. their composition they are practically no different from the natural food. A distinctive feature is the correct balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. The composition of the feed includes only high quality Ingredients: meat, eggs, cereals. The product has no preservatives, dyes, flavorings. The feed contains a small number of ingredients that can be harmful, and it can be bought by any category of dog.
  3. Holostics are the food of the new generation. All of them ingredients are made naturally without application harmful substances. Food created to maintain health and harmonious development of a pet. Food of this class balanced, nutritious, exceptional in taste qualities. The content of meat and fish reaches 70%. Feed composition Holistic categories include environmentally friendly vegetables, fruits, greens. All constituent components blend perfectly between by themselves, are completely absorbed by organisms. This is economical food, as even from a small portion of it, the orange body receives everything necessary components for it.

When purchasing any of the diets, you should carefully study them composition on the label. The list lists all components in in descending order, so that ingredient comes first which contains the most. A sign of quality dry feed is the presence on the 1st place in the list of meat ingredients. IN The list of ingredients must contain vitamins and minerals. Dry food

It is forbidden to buy feeds containing such Components:

  • offal (usually the manufacturer uses raw materials of low quality, and the consumer does not indicate what exactly is in composition of offal);
  • all chemical preservatives;
  • cellulose (it overflows the stomach, creates a false sensation satiety);
  • nutshell (it does not bring any benefit and is ballast substance);
  • sugar (this product is very harmful to the animal);
  • caramel (this component causes great harm to the body and destroys teeth);
  • flavorings.

Typically, these characteristics apply to economy class feed. They are overflowing with soy and various food waste. Such food brings huge harm to the dog’s body. However today similar production rations on the shelves of supermarkets is present in abundance. Long-term use of cheap feed causes Pomeranian Spitz indigestion and food allergies.

Natural food

With this type of feeding, food must be specially prepared with tailored to the needs of the dog’s body. All components must be correctly selected and balanced. Daily ration dogs must be of the same type. But in the menu you need to constantly add vitamins, minerals and top dressing. However, this is only done after consultation with a veterinarian. Products must to be next:

  1. Meat. It is cut into small pieces. Give pork Absolutely forbidden. Preference is given to beef and lamb. Low-fat meat makes up about a third of the Spitz diet.
  2. Offal is given to an adult dog, they must be boiled.
  3. River fish is given only boiled. Marine varieties – in raw form. Pre-cut it into pieces and carefully remove everything bones. Fish can be given 2 times a week, and its volume should be in 2 times more than meat, as the protein content in it is much below.
  4. Only boiled eggs give. 2 eggs can be given per week. Sometimes you can make an omelet from them.
  5. Regardless of age, kefir and cottage cheese.
  6. About a tenth of the diet is cereal. Pomeranian Spitz willingly eat buckwheat, rice and oatmeal.
  7. The vegetables are grated and mixed with oil. Dogs are given raw and stewed vegetables. A little green is added to them.
  8. Bones can be given any, except tubular. They are necessary for proper development of muscles, jaws, cleansing of the tooth stone and plaque. Sometimes it is allowed to diversify the menu with rye crackers (unsalted).

It is strictly forbidden for an orange to give:

  • any flour products;
  • potatoes;
  • beets;
  • legumes;
  • any sweet foods;
  • millet, pearl barley and semolina porridge;
  • any marinades, pickles, fatty, smoked dishes;
  • spice;
  • sausage;
  • all pork products.

Rules for healthy feeding Pomeranian

An orange, like any dog, must always have access to clean drinking water. This requirement is especially true in hot weather. the weather. At the same time, the pet is allowed to feed 1 time per day, because the body is under heavy stress due to the high temperature. All bowls of water and food should stand comfortably to the animal could easily reach them. What to feed the Spitz

The amount of food should be evenly distributed throughout days. This requirement is especially important for puppies. Worth watching how the pet eats: if there is little left after feeding there is too much food for a doggie. If the puppy ate, but still located near the bowl, so you need to add a little stern. In any case, the pet should remain full and not feel hunger.

If ribs cannot be detected during palpation, then the dog is overfeeding. This must not be allowed – excessive the amount of feed causes obesity, which is unfavorable affects the health of the Spitz. Spitz love to beg goodies. Such requests can not be indulged, as it is easy “feed” the four-legged. Frequency of meals can increase if the animal leads an active lifestyle.

If there is a malfunction in the digestive system, do not feed animal during the day. At this time, it is recommended to give him water. If after that the pet continues to refuse food, then it means got sick. It must be immediately shown to the veterinarian.

Oranges are prone to developing hypoglycemia. Reasons for development such a condition – poor quality, poor nutrition, too large physical activity, insufficient food. With hypoglycemia the dog feels lethargic, weak; with progression pathological condition convulsions develop. Bring the dog to a feeling will help a small amount of sugar or honey. In other In cases, giving sweets is strictly prohibited.

Video about how to feed a Spitz puppy

Puppy Feeding Features

For a little orange, it’s suitable:

  1. Cooked lean meat. It is delicious and healthy. source of protein. Dogs most like chicken, turkey, beef. Any meat products should be carefully chopped.
  2. Marine varieties of fish. It is undesirable to give river fish, but in raw form is completely prohibited. Before feeding, you need to remove everything from the fish bones.
  3. Boiled eggs. It is a tasty and healthy source of vitamins and trace elements. A small puppy can be fed with quail eggs – they are much more useful than chicken.
  4. Cottage cheese and kefir should be on the puppy’s menu daily. They are regulate the normal functioning of the digestive system, prevent diarrhea and constipation, serve as a source of calcium.
  5. There should be porridge in the pet’s menu. It is flavored with vegetable oil for better digestibility.
  6. Vegetables, fruits, greens. They are given to the puppy in mashed and boiled form. It is strictly forbidden to give potatoes. In small dried fruit amounts are shown.
  7. Dry food is best soaked in water. Teach your puppy to such food is necessary gradually. Much preferable to give pastes.
  8. From seafood it is useful to give tuna, flounder, herring.

Pomeranian puppies require more frequent and fractional nutrition. Adult oranges need to be fed twice a day. Each owner decides to feed the dog “drying” or “natural” independently, the main thing is that the pet grows healthy, cheerful and active.

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