How to feed a Labrador

The representatives of the Labrador breed are excellent companion dogs, who can accompany the hosts everywhere, nurse children, eat with one table. They are not picky about food and can eat the same as the owners. But is it good for the pets themselves? Animal this size and exterior needs proper nutrition, saturated with important elements – vitamins, minerals, also The balance of all components must be maintained. The question remains open: “How to feed a Labrador?”

How to feed a Labrador


  • 1. Features of feeding Labradors by age
  • 2. What to exclude from the diet of a Labrador
  • 3. Which food is better, raw or boiled?
  • 4. Meat in the diet of a Labrador
  • 5. Labrador approved products
  • 6. Vegetables and fruits in the diet of a Labrador

Features of feeding Labradors by age

If the acquired puppy is accustomed to dry food, and the owners do not If they want to change anything, then the task is greatly simplified. there is certain brands of feed, it remains only to find out the habitual for puppy brand and get the necessary recommendations.

Before making a diet, you need to understand how many times a day feed the labrador. Recommendations talk about two meals a day. If the owner prefers feeding Labrador natural with products, you should heed the advice of knowledgeable and experienced people. And in this case, the breeder who will provide detailed information about the features of feeding puppies of this breed. Puppies get stress from separation from relatives, as well as a change of scenery, do not aggravate the situation with a disorder the stomach.

For normal health, the dog needs dosed amount of protein, lipid and carbohydrate substances, mineral components, as well as water. Animal need different, it varies depending on age, its physiological features, season, climate.

Puppies and offspring dogs need more the amount of food the main component of which should be building material – protein.

In addition, you can not allow an overabundance of nutrients, so how surpluses do not always leave the body, deposited in organs and subcutaneous layers.

What you need to exclude from the diet of a Labrador

To keep the pet healthy and cheerful, it is necessary to avoid when feeding the following:

  • hot food, as well as cold;
  • there should be no smoked, spicy, fatty foods on the dog’s menu, sweet and savory foods;
  • Do not replace the feed with bones, as they have low digestibility, in addition, they can provoke constipation, perforation (transverse lesions) of the intestinal walls, intestinal inversion; tubular bones are the most dangerous;
  • The following products are also banned – pasta products, legumes, potatoes, pastries made from wheat flour;
  • Labradors, like in principle other dog breeds, should not know what sausages are – sausages and sausages are harmful affect the dog’s liver condition, which can lead to death an animal;
  • no need to treat the puppy with sweets, as candies break digestion processes, destroy tooth enamel, disrupt function lacrimal glands;
  • negatively affects the state of the stomach and pancreas the use of fatty meats – pork and lamb;
  • Labrador food should not be spicy, also do not add sauces in it.

Owners should ensure that the dog always has food. fresh. Food debris should not be in a bowl for a long time, they must be cleaned or thrown away.

It is worth giving preference to such cooking methods. products during which maximum useful substances.

What to exclude from the diet of a Labrador

Which food is better, raw or boiled?

The question of how to feed the Labrador – raw or boiled The products are very mixed. Food products on the one hand raw form contain a large number of useful elements, but all more preference is given to boiled food.

Proper heat treatment allows you to destroy pathogens that are often found in products, as well as worm eggs. Plant fiber in the process cooking becomes softer and better digestible animal system. Using gentle methods such as boiling steamed, then you can save vitamins as much as possible.

Meat can be given raw, but pre-freeze it.

In some cases, veterinarians recommend eating raw products, but this is only under certain circumstances and following the advice of specialists.

Labrador meat

The dog is by nature a predatory animal, and the Labrador still has and decent sizes requiring a lot of food for energy. Therefore, meat in the diet of representatives of this breed should be in first place.

The Labrador Pet’s menu includes beef, horse meat, chicken, meat of turkey, rabbit, various offal. Ate talking about raw meat, the safest is horse meat, as it very rarely affected by brucellosis.

Feeding a dog does not require the most expensive meat, for vein pieces – brisket, flank and another.

If your pet prefers raw meat, you can satisfy him taste, but first you need to withstand it in the freezer several days before serving it can be doused with boiling water. The main thing, so that meat is free of fat. You can alternate a couple of days to give meat in raw, and two or three days in boiled. Give the dog a product cut into pieces.

As for offal, it is recommended to betray them. long-term heat treatment.

Separately, it must be said about the scar (stomach), which contains large amounts of digestible protein, useful for digestive system of a dog. It is recommended to give it to the pet in raw and without preliminary cleanings.

Most experts do not recommend including in the diet labrador bones, you can supplement the dog’s menu with soft cartilage, but only as an additional treat.


Labrador approved products

Among the acceptable products are the following:

Fish. Being healthy, high in food animal protein, phosphorus and iodine, the fish must be present in the diet of a labrador. Because of the bony cost abandon river fish in favor of low-fat marine. Perfectly pollock, hake, cod and others will do. You can offer a dog product only after heat treatment and boneless.

Croup. Carbohydrates included in cereals will give meat products more nutritional value. It is recommended that dogs give buckwheat, rice, oatmeal. But barley, semolina and millet is better to exclude from animal menu. In porridge, you can add crackers from gray and rye flour, as well as vegetable oil – sunflower, olive, flaxseed.

Dairy. Labrador puppy can be fed at home calcined cottage cheese, adding chloride to boiling milk calcium. Milk is good for puppies, but adult pets it can weaken. Dairy products are good in any Aged Labrador – kefir, bifivit, yogurt, yogurt – positively affect the digestive tract. Cheese It is also recommended to give the pet, it can be rubbed in already cooked meals.

The eggs. They will not be superfluous in the dog’s diet. Raw yolks can add to dairy foods and cereals. From raw protein is no good will be, because the body of the animal does not absorb it. Welded hard boiled eggs it is better to finely chop, and raw to use for omelet. If enough meat is allocated for a dog, then two eggs per seven days is enough for her.

Vegetables and fruits in the diet of a Labrador

Among vegetables and fruits, a raw dog is recommended to give carrots, zucchini, pumpkin, beets. Most conveniently before serving finely chopped or grated, can be seasoned with vegetable butter or sour cream.

Main dishes can be enriched with finely chopped fresh herbs – dill, celery, parsley, lettuce, onions and garlic.

Porridge with pumpkin is a great dish for a pet, in addition, pumpkin possesses a prophylactic against helminths.

If the dog loves fruits – this is great, they can be given in a small amount in any form. The exception is only grapes, it is forbidden to give it to dogs, as it can cause intestinal fermentation.

The dog needs salt in very small quantities, so food You can not salt at all, or add it just a little bit.

As for drinking, his animal needs a lot, especially if the dog’s food consists of dry foods. It is necessary to provide the pet with constant fresh drinking water. If it meets sanitary standards, then you can give it raw.

Labrador is a sleek dog that has rounded sides and is not indicator of fattening. The pet must be active and well to eat.

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