How to feed a dog?

The dog is not able to buy the food she likes and correctly eat, so you yourself need to monitor its nutrition. If you If you don’t know what exactly needs to be purchased, then read this leadership. Here you will learn how to properly feed your dog, what kind of food a dog should take and which not. Not all dog owners realize that their pets need the right diet and balanced nutrition. If you properly feed your dog, this will strengthen her bones, gums and teeth. It will improve the immune system and will create effective protection for the animal. Healthy and proper nutrition will allow you to minimize the number of trips to to the vet and save money. The dog food market is very many different brands and varieties. Which one is the most suitable for your dog, determined by you. If you are new to this business, you’d better go to the vet. Let him advise you which nutrients and feed to buy for your pet. Food Your dog’s needs may change over time. Behind this also needs to be monitored. It is recommended to alternate nutrient substances – that is, for several weeks to give the pet one type of food, and then move on to another. Size your friend because many brands offer feed for fast-growing dogs. If your dog is a large breed, then feed must be bought appropriate. For example, there are special nutrients, which contain phosphorus and calcium. These substances will help. thoroughbred dog grow up fast.

Tips for Proper Dog Feeding:

  • Dogs need to be fed daily at the same time. Such the approach will help to teach your pet to go to the toilet at the same time. Be sure to ask your veterinarian about the number of daily feedings.
  • Do not overfeed the animal.
  • The dog needs to be given the same food daily. Unlike from humans, the dog’s digestive system is not able cope with daily food changes. This may cause indigestion, as well as more serious problems.
  • The transition to new feeds must be done as planned. For of this, you need to add a little product to the old one, while Do not completely switch to a new feed. During this period, at home Your pet may have digestive problems.
  • When using dry food, it must be mixed with water in proportion: 4 parts of feed and 1 part of water.
  • Always keep dishes for feeding and drinking clean.
  • Be sure to follow the directions on the packaging. Let’s just that feed rate, which is indicated on the package.
  • Always make sure to adjust your diet pet weight.
  • If the dog has loose stools, it is recommended to give eating potatoes. This is a natural product that helps. normalize the digestive system. Do not overdo it. Excessive consumption of potatoes or chips may result in the occurrence of constipation. Special chips for dogs are always possible. purchase at a pet store.
  • Food can also influence health animal. Some nutrients even treat animals. For example, protein intake can help cure kidney disease. dogs.
  • Do not feed your dog often with various treats. Otherwise she obesity may appear, and this leads to diabetes, an increase blood pressure and the appearance of orthopedic problems. All this may affect your pet’s lifespan.
  • Remember – treating your dog with a tasty and fat treat will harm you her healthy diet. She may have an imbalance in nutrition. Some breeds simply cannot tolerate chicken and wheat. From of this they get itchy skin and ear infections.
  • Consult your veterinarian on how to properly feed your dog, it will help you choose an individual home diet for your favorite. It involves the use of home products. food for cooking quadrupole. Homemade diet is very effective and has its advantages. For example, you can create a unique dish for the dog (in consultation with the veterinarian), or food that best suits your pet. True, if you move a little away from the diet and add to the dish is a new ingredient, then the dog’s body will immediately feel it and most likely will react negatively.
  • Almost any dog ​​can eat raw meat and bones. But, in such feeding there is one big risk – risk poisoning. Because raw bones and meat can contain bacteria and other harmful substances that can greatly affect on the condition of the dog’s body. In addition, raw bones may cut the pet’s nutritional tract and damage its other organs. IN In general, a raw diet has a lot of risks. Use it or no – you decide.
  • Before introducing any radical changes to the diet dogs, consult your veterinarian. Take your time and don’t take a chance with this affair.

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