How to feed a dachshund

The dachshund is a small, smart hunting dog breed, which today is more of a companion pet than the hunter. Of course, animals have come to terms with this feature and are excellent with cope with it. However, the call of blood did not go away, and in my heart these cute creatures are still hunters. Therefore, in all areas, including nutrition, it is worth considering this feature. Than feed the dachshund so that the food is good and satisfies everything body needs?


  • 1. Food or natural food
  • 2. The range of prohibited products
  • 3. Important and necessary foods in the pet’s diet
  • 4. Basic rules for feeding a dachshund
  • 5. Features of feeding dachshunds
  • 6. How to feed a dachshund puppy

Food or natural food

Most dog owners, not just dachshunds, turn out to be facing a dilemma – which is better? There is no one and the right response. Dachshund can be fed with special feeds, focusing on their size and age. Well-known brands trusted by well-known breeders have already been tested for balance and suitability. In this case, the food becomes convenient for owners – no need to consider the balance of elements, to calculate the portion size, and indeed no time is wasted on cooking.

How to feed a dachshund

If the owners of the dachshund are inclined to another option, then “Natural” food for dachshunds is also not contraindicated. The main thing that the food was healthy and nutritious. In this regard, the fees are enough picky, and ordinary porridge with meat, with the addition of vegetables and greens may well be a good diet.

It is advisable that the dog owners decide on the type feeding even before the pet crosses the threshold of the house. In that the question can be guided by how he fed the dachshund the breeder. It is advisable to stick to just such a first time nutrition, this will help to avoid unnecessary stress for the baby and possible allergic reactions. If it was a finished feed, then it is worth taking an interest in its brand and for the first time buy it is him.

If there is a desire to change the type of feeding the dog, then you need introduce new products gradually – starting once a day. Not it is worth mixing food and giving ready-made food with natural food in one feeding. The same rule applies when translating a dog into dry feed.

The range of prohibited products

Veterinarians have developed a whole grocery set, which is not recommended to include taxes in the diet:

  • pork – this meat contains too much fat and it often serves as a carrier of parasites;
  • confectionery, chocolate – even if the pet requires a treat, it’s worth restraining yourself, since sugar has a bad effect on the digestive tract pet and its tooth enamel;
  • boiled bones and tubular, which in any form can clog intestines and even damage it;
  • sausages, various smoked delicacies containing a large number of substances unsuitable for the stomach of any dog, it is better if the dachshund never tastes such food;
  • fatty foods – fried foods, greasy sour cream, creamy butter, margarine, etc .;
  • salty foods and spices.

Dachshund Meat

Important and essential foods in your pet’s diet

Since the dachshund does not have any pathological features digestive tract, then allowed to feed her There are a lot of products:

  • Meat – several types of meat must be present in the diet, the dog must receive it daily, preferably in raw form. Lamb, veal, beef, rabbit will do. Poultry can also be given, but it is better to pre boil it.
  • Fish should be present in the diet, but one or two is enough feedings per week, before serving fish need to be scalded boiling water.
  • Cereals – the following types of cereals are suitable for feeding dachshunds – rice, millet, buckwheat, hercules. Cereals can be flavored vegetable oil of any kind, for example, sunflower, soya, olive, etc., and also add chopped fresh herbs. It is undesirable to give porridge from semolina and pearl barley. First not is useful, the second is very hard to digest.
  • Macaroni can sometimes be given to dachshunds, only products should be made from durum wheat.
  • Bread – occasionally a pet can be pampered, but baking should not to be too fresh and rich.
  • Dairy products – low-fat kefir, yogurt, natural yogurts without additives, cottage cheese, cheese – all this can be present in the diet of your favorite pet. But milk is possible give in case the dog does not develop after it diarrhea.
  • Eggs can be boiled, separately, or added to the dish. A raw dog is offered only the yolk, since the protein is practically not digestible.
  • Vegetables and fruits – in addition to grapes, you can offer your pet everything unless, of course, the dog will eat. Most often dachshunds love raw potatoes and carrots.
  • Bones are given exclusively raw (the main thing is that they are not tubular).

Sometimes you can treat the dachshund with crackers, biscuits or fresh cracker.

Basic rules for feeding a dachshund

One of the main questions of owners of dachshunds: “How many times a day feed a dachshund? “. Puppies are fed up to 3 months every three to four hours, from 3 to 8 months, three meals a day are enough, from 8 months the dog can be transferred to an adult two times a day. Adults dachshunds to feed more than twice a day is not recommended, and portions should be small.

Servings for feeding a dachshund

Toddlers need to be fed before walking, as the need for they have a toilet almost immediately after eating. At adult pets are different – their feeding should occur as times after walking. Be sure to eat a pet after eating relax, this is due to the characteristics of his physiology. Active games after eating can cause a gut twist. Regardless time of day and type of food, the dog must have access to water.

Features of Feeding Dachshunds

There are a number of breeds that are at risk for obesity; also include taxes. They have a good appetite, therefore you must make sure that there is a balance between the amount of food consumed and the physical activity of the dog.

If the pet gets a lot of work and spends a lot energy – the portion of food can be increased, with low activity – reduce. To calculate the amount of food for dachshunds, you can use the following formula is 40 grams of food per kilogram of body weight.

Pet not eating food? In no case should you leave her in bowl, since the dog has satisfied the hunger and everything left is already superfluous. Food for the dog should be warm, hot, as well as cold, harms the body of the pet. But it should not be salted, as well as add various seasonings and spices.

Features feeding dachshunds

Often dogs of this breed suffer from a lack of phosphorus and calcium. To include dietary supplements and vitamin preparations, it is necessary to consult a veterinarian. Not in in no case do it yourself.

For dachshunds, dairy products are a complete nutrition, from whom she will receive all necessary, which means that it is not necessary to supplement its other food. Dog food should not be sweetened. Sugar, honey, sugar substitutes – all this will only harm health pet.

Dachshunds are prone to allergic reactions. If suddenly dandruff appeared in the pet, or it became more often than usual to itch, then, most likely, he has a food allergy. Necessary remove from the diet all new dishes that could provoke similar condition. Most often these products are sour milk, fish, smoked meats, flour products. If the condition is not improves, you need to seek help from a veterinarian.

It is necessary to observe the diet, it will positively affect the digestive system of the pet, and also wean the dog begging. Dachshund appetite is one of the most obvious indicators her well-being. Any change, both increase, and its absence should alarm the pet owner.

How to feed a dachshund puppy

Owners of a dachshund puppy undoubtedly wonder: “What to feed the dachshund puppy? “. The puppy should receive enough food, and in some periods of its growth a small pet may eat a portion of an adult dog. This should not scare the baby should to be moderately well-fed, at least his ribs should not stand out. In any case, puppy malnutrition can become greater a threat to future health than overfeeding it.

Food should be medium in consistency. Quite small crumbs can be given meat baby food, with the addition of cereals, frayed by a blender or twisted in a meat grinder. Often novice owners feed the dachshund puppy less than expected, in the hope that he will not grow intensively and will remain miniature size. This will not affect the growth of the dog, dachshund will be the same as her parents, however food shortages will lead to various problems.

You never have to offer your puppy food from your table. Dachshunds as well as other breeds, they quickly get used to this and further turn into beggars, and often in kitchen thieves. It depends on the balance and saturation of nutrition full development of the pet.

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