How to feed a Chinese crested dog

By acquiring such a rare and rather expensive lady, the owner thinking about how to feed a Chinese crested dog. It turns out that exotic crested and puffs do not fastidious in food, and their diet is not much different from food decorative dogs.


  • 1. General recommendations
  • 2. Recommendations for feeding puppies
  • 3. Feeding adult dogs
  • 4. Features of feeding old dogs

General recommendations

Before taking the baby home, you should ask about kennel, than fed the puppy, is he allergic to any food and special addictions. Breeders generally recommend feed dogs with natural food that allows you to diversify ration. With the right menu, the dog gets everything essential substances for growth and development. How to feed a Chinese crested dog read the article

If you use natural feeding, you should observe specific principles:

  1. Food should be varied. Despite the fact that the dog is predator, the diet should not be limited only to animals protein. In nature, predators eat the herbivore’s stomach with fermented residues of plants and cereals.
  2. Chinese Crested – not an eternal puppy, but a small dog size. Therefore, she needs good nutrition, which It is necessary to normalize in volume and calories. Crested must to be elegant and harmoniously folded. To do this, you should know age norms of nutrition and the fact that small dogs need more food, because they have more energy costs. By Richet-Rubner law, valid for all warm-blooded animals, energy exchange is directly proportional to the area body surface.
  3. Feeding should occur at a specific time and with strictly a certain frequency. This allows you to not only discipline dog, but also give time to digest food completely.
  4. Do not mix ready-made and natural food and dry food of different manufacturers. To assimilate them, you need a different amount liquids and possible imbalance of nutrients. Should gradually replace dry food and natural food with another brand of ready-made feed by displacement.

A special category is the therapeutic and dietary types of ready-made feed. They are prescribed for organic digestive disorders systems or with food allergies. Duration of use and solution on the abolition of special nutrition is taken by a veterinarian in individually after examination and examination little pet.

Recommendations for feeding puppies

You can diversify the puppy’s menu with Chinese crested with 2 month old. You need to gradually introduce protein products, low-fat cottage cheese mixed with sour cream and finely seasoned chopped fruits and vegetables. “Chinese” are happy to eat fruit. For them, this is not a delicacy, introduced occasionally, but a full-fledged food. Plant fibers and fiber absorb toxins, stimulate intestinal motility, inhibit gas formation and rotting food debris.

Porridge is prepared on meat broth, and the soup can be on meat or vegetable broth. Milk is allowed in food. Once a week add raw quail or chicken egg. For supporting healthy skin and wool porridge can be enriched with a teaspoon vegetable oil.

Also as an animal protein, except lean, energetically rich meat – horse meat, rabbit meat, beef, should be Sea fish of the cold seas. The meat should not be of the highest quality. (tenderloin). It can have cartilage, veins that help strengthen bones and teeth.

By-products are allowed – scar, liver, heart. Meat is needed freeze – at least a day at a temperature of -17 ° C and 2-3 at -2 ° C. If the puppy has a loose stool, then the meat can be scalded with boiling water. It should not be subjected to prolonged heat treatment, since boiled meat loses some micro and macro elements, and so protein necessary for tissue formation coagulates.

If the puppy eats dry food, then it needs to be soaked and knead to a puree consistency. Fresh water should always be in abundance. After the pet reaches the age of 4 months, milk from the diet is being cleaned.

Puppy feeding development, depending on age, presented as follows:

  • 2-3 months – 5-tyrazovoe;
  • 3-4 months – 4 times;
  • 4-10 months – three times a day;
  • older than 10 months – twice a day.

Food cannot fully provide puppy with growth and bone mineralization, therefore, it is necessary to introduce drugs into the diet calcium, magnesium in the form of bone meal or sea salt.

Minced meat and fish are poorly digested by dogs. They are introduced into in the form of finely chopped or carefully broken pieces. For meat birds, especially chicken, may appear in crested dogs allergic reaction. It must be excluded from the diet or given little by little, tracking the reaction of the body, if everything is in order, you can give, but not too often.

To enrich the menu with the necessary minerals and compounds should be introduced seaweed, gradually increasing it volume.

Feeding adult dogs

Milk is excluded from the diet of adult dogs, and the rest is the menu same as a puppy. Dogs must not be given:

  • fatty meats;
  • river fish due to small and sharp bones;
  • legumes, due to excessive gas formation;
  • potatoes due to its high starch content;
  • sweets, buns, pastries, as they contain “fast” carbohydrates leading to obesity;
  • sausages containing hidden fats and preservatives;
  • spice;
  • products with “esh”.

In addition to bone meal calcium and marine iodine seaweed dogs are given vitamins A, E, D. They improve healing, improve skin quality and prevent rickets. However not worth to overdo it – an excess of vitamins is as dangerous as their disadvantage. How to feed Chinese crested

Once every 2 weeks you need to arrange a crested dog unloading day. If a doggie can hardly tolerate hunger, you can give a little stewed cabbage. Drinking regimen is important for a pet not only when feeding dry food. In dogs, it is very little saliva. She does not wet the food ball. Viscous saliva only creates conditions for its sliding. Therefore food should be sufficiently moist and plenty of fresh water in the public domain.

Since the intestines of the predator are shorter than those of the herbivore, for complete digestion of animal protein and bones requires 22-24 hours. Dog handlers found that if you make a diet and regimen feeding according to physiological functions and anatomical structure of the digestive tract of a dog, then they have:

  • immunity is strengthened;
  • the number of pathologies is reduced;
  • the condition of the skin and coat improves;
  • no problems with gestation, birth and feeding puppies;
  • offspring grow stronger and healthier.

Do not give all the necessary trace elements in one day. Them quantity should be calculated for a week and evenly distributed. Serving Size Per Pet Weight is:

  • < 6 мес – 6-7%;
  • ≥ 6 months – 3-3.5%.

The diet of a healthy dog does not differ depending on the breed. A for a sick, pregnant or old individual it is necessary adjust according to physiological features.

Features of feeding old dogs

In old animals, metabolic processes slow down, physical activity decreases, and with it the need for energy rich poop. An old dog can be called if she has already lived 2/3 of the life span corresponding to this breed. For chinese crested is approximately 8.6-10 years old.

In the diet of an elderly dog, protein becomes less – it is bad affects the kidneys. At its expense, the proportion of vegetables and fiber, which reduces the severity of constipation.

With age, the dog’s smell and taste worsen. To cause an appetite in the “old man”, the food should smell stronger and be tastier. Fats add flavor to food, which can cause obesity. Therefore, dog handlers are advised to feed the “senior citizen” with special prepared feeds with more pronounced attractive odors.

The answer to this question can be given only approximately. The body and nutritional preferences of a crested individual. These features and should be considered when compiling a dog menu.

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