How to feed a Caucasian shepherd

Getting a large dog, the owners are faced with a lot of questions, in including those related to feeding a four-legged friend. From balanced, quality nutrition depends a lot – proper bone formation, wool quality and more. Only getting everything you need, the giant will look great and the same feel yourself. How to feed a Caucasian shepherd to a pet like Can I get sick less often and stay longer?


  • 1. Features of feeding “Caucasian”
  • 2. Feeding the Caucasian Shepherd Dog ready-made feed
    • 2.1. The product must be of high quality.
    • 2.2. Food should be suitable for representatives of this particular breeds
  • 3. Menu of natural products for the Caucasian Shepherd
    • 3.1. Meat
    • 3.2. Fish
    • 3.3. Offal
    • 3.4. Dairy
    • 3.5. Cereals
    • 3.6. Vegetables and fruits
  • 4. Forbidden food
  • 5. The dog has a poor appetite – what to do

Features of feeding “Caucasian”

A specific feature is the fact that the body of the Caucasian Shepherd dog has a high digestibility of food, especially protein. This the fact is connected with the fact that during the habitat of dogs in a harsh mountain terrain, their body is accustomed in vain not to waste energy. Therefore, their energy consumption is negligible. How to feed a Caucasian shepherd dog

This nuance to owners of such large dogs is important to consider especially if they think their pet has a poor appetite. Often the owner thinks that their furry friend eats little, so they increase the portion, give the dog additional goodies and in every possible way they feed him. Such Typical Disorders in Shepherd Feeding lead to negative consequences and, above all, to obesity.

“Caucasians” are unpretentious in food and do not need a diverse diet. It’s much more important that your pet gets balanced food containing beneficial ingredients. The owners of the Caucasian Shepherd dogs have a choice – feed the pet with natural products or finished industrial rations. In both cases, it is necessary take into account some nuances and, if questions arise, it is worth consult with your veterinarian or breeder.

Caucasian Shepherd Dog

Modern dog owners that are small, large, and breeders most often choose this type of feeding based on its advantages:

  • you don’t have to spend time cooking;
  • daily rate can be easily calculated considering weight pet and the data indicated on the package;
  • the manufacturer has already calculated the balance of various important ingredients;
  • the product includes all the necessary elements, and additional feeding is not required;
  • ready-made products are convenient to store, can be purchased with a stock, choosing a package of suitable mass.

Undoubtedly, industrial rations have a number of advantages, but feeding “Caucasians” with such food requires accuracy. Before In all, a number of nuances should be taken into account. more details.

The product must be of high quality.

Cheap feed that can be found on any shelves supermarkets do not meet the requirements that apply veterinarians and breeders. And even if the pet eats them with a big appetite, do not flatter yourself – dogs, like people, are attracted flavoring additives that are harmful to the body.

Economy class food consists of low-quality products – meat waste, corn, wheat. In addition, manufacturers such foods do not skimp on chemical ingredients. After eating such granules, the shepherd disrupts the work of the gastrointestinal a path, the general state of health worsens, naturally that suffers and appearance.

Caring owners are advised to pay attention to high-quality rations related to the premium and super-premium class. The main components of these feeds are meat, fish, offal, that is, sources of animal protein needed for full functioning of the body of predators, by whom, in fact, and are all dogs.

In addition, the required amount is present in the diet. carbohydrates, fats, fiber. The food is well balanced and good. assimilated.

Food should be suitable for this breed.

When choosing it is important to consider the size of the pet, age and features health. “Caucasians” suitable menu for large breeds, and even better – gigantic. Usually it consists of large granules and meets the needs of such an impressive pet. Not recommended give an adult dog a diet for puppies, and vice versa.

If the owner does not have the opportunity to cook daily meals for four-legged friend, and he, in turn, turns his nose from industrial products, you can try changing the brand. And when this technique did not give a positive result, still switch to a different type of feeding.

If you feed the dog food that does not suit him, the owner risks the health of a four-legged friend, especially since Caucasian Shepherd dogs often show allergic reactions.

Menu of natural products for the Caucasian Shepherd

Most people who are not very familiar with the features of this the breeds are sure that a similar calf-sized dog eats very much and a lot. Which means he will have to buy a few bags feed per month or cook food in buckets. But this is a wrong judgment – the shepherd dog does not need a lot of food, but a quality one food. The following products should be present on the dog’s menu: meat with fish and offal, cereals, sour milk, vegetables with fruit.


The basis of the shepherd’s diet is meat – a product containing a lot of animal protein. His dog must eat every day. Puppies boiled chicken, cleared of tubular bones, is more suitable. It is also useful to give the baby chicken necks – they are not food, but a product for training jaw muscles. Caucasian Shepherd Dog feeding

A grown puppy and an adult pet are recommended to give low-fat types of meat – beef, veal, lamb. The dog is fed as a raw product, previously frozen, and boiled. “Caucasian” can cook porridge with meat, offal, season vegetable oil and herbs.

In the cold season, you can feed your pet rich broth. But you should put meat in it so that its consistency does not was too fluid. Depending on age, Caucasian Shepherd Dog should receive the following amount of meat per day:

  • 1.5-2 month old puppy – 250 g;
  • 2-4 month old puppy – from 250 g to 400 g;
  • 4-6 month old puppy – from 400 g to half a kilogram;
  • 6-12 month old dog – from 500 to 800 g.

Usually representatives of this breed stop growing by 12-14 months, so the daily rate remains 800 g. Pregnant and daily dose recommended temporarily to increase.


It is introduced into the diet from 3 months, given mainly in boiled form, previously cleansed of the insides and bones. It’s better give preference to marine, low-fat fish, which include the menu is not more than 2 times a week, replacing a serving of meat.


They can feed the dog for six months, fits the heart, spleen, lungs, liver, etc. It is advisable to cook such foods well, and here’s the scar – give it raw. Pamper weekly favorite brain bone, the use of which will support the fortress and whiteness of teeth. But other bones can cause problems – tooth damage and malocclusion.


Usually, adult dogs are not given milk, but from the diet “Caucasians” can not be removed, if the dog used it with puppyhood and did not stop. But when the dog forgot that it for the product, and the owner decided to include it in the menu, then it’s possible problems with assimilation. Sour milk is more suitable for a shepherd – yogurt, curd, fermented baked milk, yoghurts, etc.


The dog also needs carbohydrates, the sources of which are porridge – buckwheat, rice, oatmeal. Dishes need good boil in water, vegetable or meat broth, at least 50-60 minutes.

Vegetables and fruits

For feeding dogs suitable carrots, pumpkins, tomatoes, zucchini, cauliflower, broccoli and fresh herbs. They are stewed, boiled or given finely chopped, seasoned with olive or other vegetable oil.

A great treat for a pet is fruit slices – apples, pears, melons, watermelon. But grapes from the diet are better exclude, it can increase gas formation. No matter, what the dog eats, he should have round-the-clock access to clean drinking water.

Forbidden food

There is a list of prohibited products, which in the menu of any dogs should not be:

  • spice;
  • marinades;
  • mushrooms;
  • smoked meats;
  • potatoes;
  • confectionery;
  • bakery products;
  • sausages;
  • fat;
  • legumes.

Natural food implies inclusion in diet of additional vitamin and mineral supplements. Give puppy calcium-rich cottage cheese, adult animal bone meal, powdered eggshell. Caucasian Shepherd Dog feeding article read

It is also recommended that you consult a veterinarian who can recommend a suitable vitamin and mineral complex. Usually, an appointment occurs after passing certain tests.

Dog has poor appetite – what to do

Yes, you can’t call a Caucasian shepherd a glutton, but sometimes dogs generally refuse to eat or eat very little. Reasons may be both psychological and physiological in nature:

  1. Psychological disorders. Anxiety, caused by prolonged loneliness, lack of master, change of home or family, may result in a lack of appetite. Moreover, Caucasian shepherd dogs are quite active, and if you lock your pet in four walls, he will be sad and refuse food. Besides in addition, during the hunt for dogs, thoughts are occupied by others, and they can skip another meal, completely forgetting about it.
  2. Physical impairment. If the dog has a indigestion, there is damage to the oral cavity or parasites wound up, then he may not eat for a long time, experiencing the discomfort. In addition, the following diseases adversely affect on appetite: pathology of the thyroid gland, heart muscle, kidneys, lung, oncology.

It should also be borne in mind that in heat the dog usually eats much less than cool. But she needs more water ordinary.

If the owner noticed that his giant pet eats little or doesn’t touch food at all, you should carefully watch dog. Perhaps this is only a temporary phenomenon and the next feeding everything will go as before. For example, if a pet intercepted something tasty, he may not get hungry. And if the situation is not changed, you can make the dog go hungry a little, that is not feed 24 hours to make her hungry. But to deprive the shepherd of water is not follows.

If after a day the dog was not interested in food, and his health deteriorated (lethargy, apathy appeared, dog more lies and is not interested in what is happening around), then, rather total, we are talking about any disease. Important as soon as possible show the shepherd to the veterinarian.

Proper nutrition is the key to a long, healthy life four-legged friend. And in the case of such large representatives high quality food can help you avoid many problems with bones and joints. Dog age is short, and giant pets the dimensions are not allotted much time, and it is important that the hairy the pet was there for as long as possible, pleased its owners, guarded and protected.

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