How to cook porridge for a dog

Despite the fact that today produce a lot of different feed for dogs, many pet owners prefer to feed them homemade food, arguing that there are no preservatives, dyes and stabilizers. But, if the owner decided on his own to cook, then he must know how to properly compose a diet dogs.


  • 1. What cereals are prepared for dogs
  • 2. Buckwheat groats
    • 2.1. How to cook buckwheat porridge?
  • 3. Rice groats
    • 3.1. How to cook rice porridge?
  • 4. Wheat groats
    • 4.1. How to cook wheat porridge?
  • 5. Oatmeal
    • 5.1. How to cook porridge with oatmeal?
  • 6. What is not worth giving the dog?
  • 7. How to choose porridge according to needs?

What kind of porridge is made for dogs?

Porridge cooked with meat or offal and vegetables, are the basis of the dog’s diet. But not all cereals have the same nutritional value and beneficial to animals. The usefulness of cereals depends on from the method of preparation, so you need to know how to cook porridge.

Buckwheat grain

The most useful for dogs is natural buckwheat. In not roasted cereals contain iron, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium and B, E, PP, D vitamins that are not destroyed even after heat treatment. Buckwheat contains flavonoids, which, forming compounds with vitamin C are natural antioxidants and beneficial effect on the state of the cardiovascular system. How to cook porridge for a dog read the article

Buckwheat porridge is necessary in the diet of dogs with sugar diabetes, as it lowers blood sugar. Big the amount of magnesium helps strengthen bones, build muscle, good heart work. Loose buckwheat porridge quickly it is digested, stimulates intestinal motility and has significant nutritional value (in 100g of porridge 334 kcal).

How to cook buckwheat porridge?

Buckwheat groats must be poured with cold water for 20 minutes and drain it along with garbage and husk. Prepared cereals prevent in a pan and pour water or meat, vegetable broth so that liquid was 2 times larger than cereals. Bring the porridge to readiness, evaporating the liquid, and closing the lid, let it brew. In the warm butter can be added to the dish if porridge is cooked on water or vegetable broth. If you used meat broth, then additionally introduce fats is unnecessary.

Rice cereal

Rice is a good absorbent, stimulates digestion and contains many useful micro and macro elements and vitamins. Rice has great energy value and should be included. necessarily in the dog’s diet. The most useful is not polished rice, since the shell contains the maximum the amount of fiber and nutrients.

Rice contains “slow” carbohydrates that provide energy dog. Preference should be given to steamed or brown rice, as it contains less compared to refined cereals, amount of starch, poorly digestible the dog.

Rice porridge is boiled until crumbly, and then insisted. IN if porridge is used as a natural absorbent, then it is boiled sticky and fresh, used to treat diarrhea, excretion toxins with vomiting.

How to cook rice porridge?

Rice should be thoroughly washed with cold water, especially if boiled polished rice Then, prepared rice is poured into boiling water and cook 30-35 minutes Then the porridge is covered and insisted. Broth, vegetables, meat is introduced into the finished dish. Rice porridge can be slightly salted and add a spoonful of vegetable oil to avoid clumping.

Wheat groats

Wheat groats – a complete and nutritious product, but worse digested than other cereals. Therefore wheat porridge used as a natural “broom” for the dog’s intestines. To give wheat porridge is better for adult dogs, puppies should be fed other cereals.

How to cook wheat porridge?

Wheat groats are poured into boiling water or broth and boiled long so that the grains are well cooked. In the finished porridge add vegetable oil and prepared meat, boiled vegetables and greens. Feeding dogs with wheat porridge often should not be. This is just additional dish.

Oat groats

Hercules oatmeal or cereal contains a large amount of magnesium, potassium, sodium, calcium and vitamins A, group B, E. Flakes porridge not intended for continuous feeding. It is contraindicated animals with urolithiasis.

How to cook porridge with oatmeal?

To preserve all minerals, flakes are better not boil and steam. Flakes are filled with hot water or broth, wrap up and insist. Freshly cooked porridge is given, stored oatmeal is not worth it. Oatmeal is not added to the dog’s diet more than 1 once a week.

What is not worth giving a dog?

Millet, semolina, corn and pearl barley porridge are the cheapest. By for this reason they are used to feed dogs. But doctors do not recommend use them since:

  • millet can cause intestinal torsion and does not have nutritional value;
  • semolina – pure carbohydrates and not used for feeding adult dogs. Semolina can be used on the recommendation veterinarian for feeding weakened animals with gastrointestinal tract pathology and newborn puppies. But prolonged use of semolina can lead to obesity and the formation of a loose constitution;
  • corn – used in cheap feeds, but poorly absorbed by animals. In exceptional cases, you can give in the form of boiled ears, if the dog loves such a “treat”. But doctors advise occasionally giving corn porridge to dogs whose there is inflammation of the digestive tract. It reduces the fermentation and rotting of food in the intestines;
  • barley – not digested and “clogs” the dog’s intestines, in addition, it often causes allergic reaction. It can be used as a “brush” only in the diet large and active dogs with a healthy digestive system.

Porridge should be flavored with lean meats or well boiled offal. Be sure to supplement the diet with vegetables. They are boiled separately. Porridge is cooked on the broth, and vegetables are added to the finished dish. Flax seed can be added to porridge, but not more than 1/3 teaspoon per day for large dogs.

Watch the video how to cook porridge, food for the Husky dog:

How to choose porridge according to needs?

Porridge should be at least 40% of the total used for dog food products. Cereals should be alternated, compose. Do not feed the animal for a long time, even the most healthy porridge. To feed puppies, it is better to limit rice and buckwheat porridge until they reach 8-10 months., and then supplement diet of wheat and oatmeal.

Rice and buckwheat are suitable for eating dwarf representatives breeds whose weight does not exceed 5 kg. Porridge is necessary as a source micro and macro elements, vitamins, but before you feed her Pet, you need to properly prepare a hearty and healthy dish.

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