How the owner found his dog in three years searches

One of the popular Internet videos was filmed in Tbilisi, on Rustaveli Avenue. There was a touching meeting Lost dog named Georgie and his master, almost desperate to find a lost pet.

Happy Story of George and Georgie

This story, like thousands of others like her, began with a loss. One evening, a 82-year-old pensioner from Tbilisi did not find in the courtyard of his house is a dog named Georgie. The owner raised from puppyhood and loved him very much.

White-black Georgie wasn’t an expensive thoroughbred dog – perhaps some remote mestizo spaniel. But does a friend pedigree required?

And before it happened that the dog went AWOL on his urgent dog affairs, and soon returned. This time Georgy Beresiani for some reason immediately became worried, feeling that something was wrong with the pet. Yes indeed – his four-legged friend disappeared without a trace. This happened back in 2015.

George Beresiani

Georgy Beresiani was looking for his friend everywhere

George did not come to terms with the loss of a dog – a family member, with with whom he lived for many years. A man walked the streets and called Georgie, pasted up wherever he could, ads with his photographs. The people of Tbilisi have responded many times – reported where and when they saw a similar dog. Alas all these dogs they were just like Georgie: but no one had ever seen him.

So it took three long years. Where was the dog all this time, how she lived? It is unlikely that we will ever find out about this. Looking ahead we can say: a special yellow was found in the ear of the loss tag means that Georgie got into the shelter like a stray dog, and then he was again released into the city with a “note” that he non-aggressive to people.

Seasons followed one after another, and Beresiani kept looking for his dog. It has already arrived October 2018 years, when she suddenly called on the phone specified in the ad an unfamiliar woman, introduced herself as an employee of the opera house and reported: a white dog with black spots nailed to their front door and cropped tail, similar to that in the picture.

Dog Georgie

Dog Georgie also did not lose hope of a meeting

The theater was located not far from the house of Beresiani, on Shota Avenue Rustaveli, but George managed to get to the bus very quickly meeting place. At that time, no one but him believed that a lost dog can be found. An elderly man in a hurry: only if the dog didn’t go anywhere, if only it finally turned out to be George …

From a distance, he saw that under a tall tree at the entrance to the theater lying, not responding to passers-by, a sad dog, and shouted a name your pet! Georgie must have decided at first that he dreamed the owner’s voice – how many times during these three years he called him in dreams and what pleasant dreams they were. Georgie got up on his paws sucked in his nose (just in case) and suddenly spun furiously tail stump, whined thinly like a puppy – and rushed to his chest tall gray-haired man.

The owner and the dog met

George still managed to find his Georgie

And he sat down on the bench exhaustively – hugging his beloved dog, repeated over and over: “Georgie, Georgie, Georgie … My boy good! How are you? “However, how can you convey in words all the emotions from such a meeting? Watch the video yourself.

Video: meeting in three years

Do not despair, having lost friends and relatives – look for them, do everything that depends on you, even if no one is left a person who would believe in the possibility of such a meeting. And you believe, hope, do not stop searching – a miracle is necessary will happen and you will meet. How two old friends met George and Georgie, after three years of separation. They are never friend again they will not lose a friend.

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