How much does a kitten cost, prices for cats and cats

The person who made the decision to establish a cat decides exactly where to get a pet. Often the choice falls on a homeless kitten, who lives on the street. The owner of the kitten does a good deed, saving unhappy soul, giving the baby shelter and food. But often people wish to get a thoroughbred kitten, because it’s not only prestigious, but also profitable if the owner’s plans have an idea to breed kittens for sale. In addition, kittens purchased from a breeder vaccinated, taught good cat manners, have the necessary documents. Thoroughbred kittens tend to have excellent health, have a good heredity. They are by definition not can be cheap, too much money and labor is invested in their upbringing. Let’s figure out what affects the cost of a kitten, bought in a nursery.

What determines the price of a thoroughbred kitten?

The best kittens can be born by the best parents – tribal cats and cats that participate in exhibitions have many awards, titles. You can say that the price of a kitten due to the “celebrity” of his parents, because a grown up baby will also be able to win titles and bring a considerable amount to the owner money. In good nurseries there are several breeding cats, having an adjustable rating from experts obtained with the participation in exhibition. It is not surprising that kittens from such an animal can expensive because both vaccinations and regular visits veterinarian, and the exhibition itself, and super-premium food, and the necessary goods for keeping cats (fillers for trays, medications, vitamins, shampoos, brushes, toys, etc.) cost a lot of money. For a purebred kitten will need a breeding cat expensive mating with the corresponding male, which is also determines the considerable cost of kittens. In addition, both the cat and the cat must have exceptional health, not acceptable when breeding hereditary diseases, poor health. For supporting strong immunity and cat health to spend money on medications and on doctor examinations, which costs absolutely a lot of money. After mating with a cat, the owner of the cat must maintain the health of a pregnant mom cat – feed only the best and special feeds, introduce vitamin complexes, pay attention to the slightest deviations from the norm in time of carrying kittens. Then, when babies are born, the breeder must show the kittens to the doctor, take care of quality nutrition, make the necessary vaccinations (most often imported expensive vaccines), accustom animals to the tray, instill good manners. That is, until the time of purchase, the breeder spends a lot of money on kittens, and even more own strength so that the baby is the best for a potential buyer. Then the breeder has to make out documents for offspring. Pedigree confirmation and receipt passports for kittens involves an appeal to specialists, for which a lot of money will be given. It can be said that in good nurseries in cats and kittens put in the soul of those who care about their health and quality of life. It’s important to a good breeder whether the buyer takes care of the kitten, consider all the needs a growing animal. Sometimes cat breeders may accept baby kitten back if for any reason the animal is not could get along with the new owner. That is, a responsible person, cat-breeding tends to be animal-friendly in first place, and already profit from the sale pushes back plan.

Pat, brid, show – what class of kitten to choose?

Sometimes cats of the same breed can cost different money. what it affects the cost of a thoroughbred kitten, which is taken into account breeders setting a price for each baby? First of all, kittens those born from quality parents are always sold expensively, because They have great heredity. Secondly, all kittens in breeders are divided into several classes: pet class, brid class, show class. Each breed has a specific standard, which must match the animal. In cases where the cat has some deviations from the generally accepted norm (incorrect for the breed color and coat, minor developmental problems), its attributed to the pet class, which affects its value. Such kittens do not participate in exhibitions and cannot rely on rewards, often they do not have documents confirming pedigree. Cat’s pet class does not imply further breeding for sale, these animals are purchased as man’s pets. The brid class includes animals that meet breed standards but do not have special exceptional qualities for victories in exhibitions. Cats given level can produce show class kittens subject to mating with excellent male. Often the brid class is issued as a show class, for which is characterized by such a quality of a kitten as full compliance breed standards, as evidenced by participation in exhibitions. Kittens class shows are always very expensive and sometimes a breeder keeps them for further breeding and obtaining high-quality offspring. In case of sale, such kittens may cost over 50,000 rubles. The pedigree of kittens and bloodlines have a very great value when selling, because such animals can further give the owner a lot of profit. For purebred kittens important are the titles of his ancestors, as a rule, cubs winning cats are always in demand and are worth a lot. Also on rare color for the breed, character may influence the cost of the kitten baby, type of breed. One of the important points when buying an animal is an acquisition in a proven and reputable club or nursery. Unscrupulous breeders sometimes try with the purpose of profit is to manipulate the classes of kittens, and sometimes give out outbred kitten per purebred for certain circumstances.

The cost of kittens of different breeds

Fashion for a variety of rare breeds and the identity of a particular class set the cost of kittens. Usually pet class implies a price from 5,000 rubles to 30,000 rubles, depending on breed kitten. The kittens’ bridal class sets prices within 10000-60000 rubles, but it happens higher. Show class can’t cost less than 25000-35000 rubles, and this is the lower bar for kittens of this level. The purchaser of an expensive and thoroughbred kitten must add the initial cost of the animal and its costs content. Top kittens should get the best nutrition, the best treatment, the best conditions. I.e the owner of a thoroughbred kitten must understand that such a pet will be costly. True, considerable costs with time to pay off if invested in life animal. How much does a friend cost for a person? Friend alone priceless, but sometimes the owner has to go broke. Is it worth it spend a lot of money on a kitten, the owner must decide. Outbred and free baby will be loyal to the owner no less than expensive. But if we are talking about the desire to have an elite cat, then high costs are inevitable.

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