How many Maine Coons live

Surely some potential buyers abandoned the idea make Maine Coon, after reading stupid things on the Web. Already several years among cat lovers the news is walking, as if life expectancy Maine Coon is about 5-6 years old, and some individuals do not reach and up to this age. In fact, these healthy cats are definitely can die in 1-2 years due to illness or accident. However, with good living conditions and a high level of health, these stately cats live long enough.

What is Maine Coon Century

Each owner who has bought a furry baby is interested in how much Maine Coons have been living for years. Provided that the animal will be high-quality care (and this is the feeding of expensive super-premium food either the best fresh meat, and attention to health problems, and vaccination, and deworming, and reasonable exercise and etc.), a Maine Coon boy can live about 12-15 years, and девочка – 13-17 years. Maine

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That is, the average life span of Maine Coon is 14 years. And this is not less than they live, for example, the same Burmese or persian cats. True, handsome Siberians, who outwardly similar to the heroes of our article, live longer – about 20 years. However and a 14-year term is very respectable. However, some of the massive Maine Coon beauties may well live to see the 20th anniversary.

“Duck” about a short age of Maine Coons

How many Maine Coon cats actually live, we found out. But why some say that these animals exist in the world few? There are several reasons for this:

  1. Allegedly, in Maine Coon nurseries, admitted to breeding, they do not live more than 5-6 years. This is not entirely true. Animals that transmitted their genes several generations of kittens are removed from breeding, so that breeders have the opportunity to attract “new blood”. Maine Coon But this does not mean that cats die from wear body or old age. They are simply castrated or sterilized, and then they pass into the hands of new owners. Or just leave to live in nursery, continuing to care for them no less than new ones breeding cats and cats-producers;
  2. Big cats are sometimes confused with large dogs, which really do not live long. For example, the same English mastiff lives a maximum of 9-10 years, while a baby chihuahua can save pep and up to 20 years. But cats have such a rule “than you the more, the less you live “is not applicable. In the crumb-munchkins life expectancy is the same as Maine Coon. Other long-haired large breeds live at least 15 years;
  3. It is believed that Maine Coons have poor health and a short time life because the breed has a number of hereditary diseases (problems with the heart and kidneys, musculoskeletal system and etc.). Allegedly listed ailments are transmitted from generation to generation. However, decent breeders allow breeding only the healthiest cats, but the weak are discarded.

Long-liver Coderoy

We found that Maine Coons live at home, at least least 14 years. But this is far from the limit, because on the Internet You can find information about animals of this breed about 20 years old лет. And the oldest of the Maine Coons officially recognized as the cat Koderoy from USA, which was born in 1989 of the XX century. That is, in fact, he lived almost 2 times more than the average male Maine Coon. According to Reed Okura (owner of Koderoy), her pet maintained excellent health due to proper nutrition, hunting, frequent pastimes in the fresh air. The photo shows that Coder is an old cat, but in his eyes there is enough interest in life, and you can’t call him decrepit and painful.

What determines the life span of Maine Coon

Heading to the nursery for a new mustachioed friend, it would be nice to take into account такие сведения о животном:Little Maine Coon with his mother

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  1. What gender is Maine Coon. As we found out, cat-girls usually live longer than cat boys. Although there are exceptions to this rule (the same long-lived cat Koderoy);
  2. What is the health status of mom cat and dad cat. Not it is worth acquiring a baby if there is no certainty that his parents are full health (often diseases are transmitted at the gene level);
  3. What is the health of the kitten itself. Not enough to hear seller breeder. You need to examine the baby yourself, and after purchase immediately show it to the vet. If the kitten is clearly unwell (sour eyes, swollen belly, felted wool, uncertain tread, etc.), it is better to refuse the purchase.

To keep the pet as long as possible in the system, to the owner мейн-куна нужно учесть следующее:Little

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  • Maine Coon needs the right diet and varied nutrition. It can be like an extra-premium dry food (with marked “for Maine Coon” or “for large cats”) with large pellets, in which more than 50% of meat, and natural nutrition – meat and fish, vegetables, cereals, dairy products plus vitamins, recommended by the veterinarian. It should be noted that these healthy cats should not be overfed so that there are no diseases heart and skeleton;
  • Maine Coon has to move. With such big cats you can walk on a harness, for example, in a park or in the courtyard of a private home ownership. You need to play with a cat, but in your absence it’s reasonable provide the animal with different toys. Maine Coon makes sense build on your own or buy a game complex;
  • Attention to the health of Maine Coon. Without attention to health from the owner of Maine Coon is unlikely to live long. Besides annual vaccinations, treatments for internal and external bloodsuckers the cat will need to be shown to a specialist for prevention, so that ensure good health. Young animals without special need to show the veterinarian at least 1 time per year, elderly – 2 times. In addition, animals older than 6-7 years are better sterilize (or castrate) to exclude development diseases of the reproductive system;
  • Cleanliness control is the key to feline health. Bowls bedding, combs, animal tray should be regularly exposed cleaned. And the house itself, where the furry pet lives, should be kept the owner is clean;
  • Communication with Maine Coon. Family Friendly important for Maine Coon no less than for humans. Stress is negative for animal health. Therefore, the more nervous the cat is, the higher the risk that he will die ahead of time. In order not to happened, you need to communicate with your pet daily: play, talk, caress;
  • Constant monitoring of Maine Coon. Without constantly control, even the most cautious cat risks dying from an accident. Maine Coons like to lie at a height, for example, on a fence or on a shelf in a tall cabinet. Falling from there is fraught many problems (fractures of the extremities, concussion, etc.). A cat accidentally running out on the road may become a victim inattentive driver. And in general on the street a pet defenseless (dogs, people, other cats). So vigilance with side of the host should be constantly.

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