How cats fall

How cats fall

Most felines are prone to overview of the area from a height. Large forest lynx cats they spend most of their time in trees, ambushed or the pursuit of prey. And lions and leopards in the savannahs of Africa adapted in the hot time to relax in the trees, sprawling on branches and dropping down paws. It happens, however, that cats do not held high and fall. But in the fall they have their own features. Many had to watch the ordinary fall a cat, having torn off the eaves of a house, from a tree or from a fence. First she falls to the ground with her head, back or sideways, but then, making a sharp turn in the air, twists and becomes on the paws. AND as always. No matter how the cat falls, it always lands on legs and can immediately run on. So instant alignment of the body position in cats is provided by its action vestibular apparatus.

When a cat falls, the vestibular apparatus helps her exercise a series of successively occurring reflexes and land on their paws. Abnormal body position in space irritates otolithic device of the channels of the inner ear of a cat. In response to that irritation occurs reflex contraction of the muscles of the neck, bringing the head of the animal to a normal position in relation to the horizon. This is the first reflex. Contraction of the neck muscles and neck setting when turning the head are the causative agent for the implementation of another reflex – the reduction of certain muscles torso and limbs. As a result, the animal accepts the correct position.

This complex congenital chain reflex has developed in some animals as an adaptation to lifestyle. After all, animals, especially from the cat family, it is often necessary to jump and fall from trees, rocks or from the back of your victim. And do not be with them of this adaptive reflex, not only production would have gone from them, but sometimes the hunter himself would have to suffer from teeth, horns or hooves of their victim.

And some cats fall like this))

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