How a cat soldier saved: video

What is more important is the result or how it is achieved. At each of us after watching the video will have its own answer to this question.

The video with the rescue of the cat appeared on the Internet back in 2014 year, however, the year of the actual shooting remains unknown. Over time time video does not lose its relevance and continues in demand among fans of jokes.

The situation in which the cat fell is quite ordinary. Maybe, fleeing dogs or being seduced by some bird, cat climbing to the very top of the tree, judging by the survey, to a height of about 15 meters. Barsik can’t go down independently, despite everything calls of his mistress. Help the unfortunate is called simple soldier of the Russian army Igor Novikov.

Soldier with the inhabitants of the house

All the hope of the inhabitants of the house to save the cat was on near a soldier

Due to the nature of the claw structure, head down from the tree cats cannot down. And backtracking turns out bad, besides scary – the animal has already estimated how high it is. therefore there is only one way out – to jump. But if the height is large, then the cat gets stuck on tree until people help him.

Realizing how you can lower the cat down, a soldier asks residents bring a clothesline at home. He ties her neck a plastic bottle filled with water and trying to throw it over branch, but misses. It seems to be okay, but the window the second floor is broken as a result. Then the soldier the thought comes to mind that it’s enough to tie the rope to the roll toilet paper. This venture is successful, the rope is thrown through the branch.

A soldier begins to swing a tree in the hope that the cat is just will fall off the branch. Below go compassionate residents with a stretched blanket, trying to guess where the animal will fall. But the cat does not understand his happiness and desperately clings to the branches.

Only one way out – to cut down the unfortunate tree, for the implementation of which the soldier is enthusiastic and accepted. Unfortunately, his trajectory the fall was not calculated in advance, so everyone experienced severe stress when it fell on a power line, damaging her. Not very lucky and the cat. Paws clinging to wires, Barsik I realized what a current is. Fortunately, the animal remained alive, falling on land and running away from this terrible place.

The soldier who removed the cat from the tree

To the honor of a soldier from Nizhny Novgorod it should be said that he still achieved his goal – removed the cat from the tree

Video: a soldier rescues a cat

They say that the end justifies the means. Was this the case help the cat, each decide differently.

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