Highland Cat (photo): Charming long haired scot



Origin: Scotland

Class: Group 1 – long and semi-long-haired

Color: all types – white, black, chocolate, cream, striped, spotty, tiger, two-tone, marble and other colors

Sizes: weight 3-5 kg, height 28-30 cm

Life span: 10-20 years

Among the Scottish cats, mainly short-haired, Highland Straight stands out, the photo of which is presented in article.

This is a relatively rare species, nurseries dealing with their breeding is not in all cities.

Highland straight cats are graceful, with straight ears and luxurious with hair.

Fluffy babies with a good-natured character rarely conflict with surrounding.


Cute kitten of a light color


  • 1 Breed History
  • 2 Psychology
    • 2.1 Relationship with the host
    • 2.2 Relation to other pets
  • 3 Application
  • 4 How to choose a kitten
    • 4.1 Health
    • 4.2 Conditions of detention
  • 5 Care features
    • 5.1 Highland Wash
    • 5.2 Combing
    • 5.3 Walk
    • 5.4 Power
  • 6 Health
    • 6.1 characteristic diseases
    • 6.2 Vaccinations
  • 7 Knitting

Breed history

Highland Straight New Breed – Scottish Longhair straight cat – was recognized in the 1970s.

It is obtained as a result of breeding work.

Persian cats were crossed with British to diversify colors.

Then the British began to cross with scottish folds to increase numbers lop-eared individuals.

As a result, an interesting longhair and straight breed highland straight.


Wonderful smoky color

At the moment, this species is recognized by most associations.

But in view of the fact that this is a rare breed, it can be seen far from at all exhibitions.

Interesting! The word Highland (“highland”) comes from the name of the Scottish Highlands areas.

Scottish Highland Straight is a rare and sophisticated breed.

Although it was bred relatively recently, it has its own features.

  1. Longhair Scottish cats, photos of which are presented in article are descended from a wild cat living in Scottish mountains back in the 18th century.
  2. Highland Street was crossed with the British and Persians. Such a kinship explains their fine coat and a wide range of colors.
  3. Highland Straits crossbreed with fold cats therefore, in one litter, different kittens are obtained.
  4. Highland fold is a rare breed. Getting yourself such a pet the owner becomes, in fact, a collector of rare copies.


Scottish Highland is very good-natured and balanced character.

These cats are very smart, neat and attached to their to the owner.

Other good and calm cat breeds have been written. here: https: //kot-pes.com/samyie-dobryie-porodyi-koshek/

They are peaceful and like to be in the company of people, they are also easy to learn.


Highland Straights – Peaceful and Intelligent Cats

Highland kittens like Maine Coons and British babies are very playful, they can take a long time frolic both with the owner and with each other.

About how to make toys for kittens with your own hands, you can learn from articleshttps: //kot-pes.com/igrushki-dlya-koshek-svoimi-rukami/

Independence is characteristic of adults, they themselves are not so persistent in attracting attention.

Cats are calm, graceful and very charming.

Host relationship

Scottish Highland Straight Feature – Skill adapt to the mood of the owners, like their fold relatives.

Despite his sociability, the cat will never be impose your society.

Another interesting trait is patience and endurance.

Highland Straight cat will calmly wait for the owner to finish their affairs and fill her bowl with food or just caress.

These are very gentle animals that do not show aggression.

However, they are extremely vulnerable and touchy.

The owner who goes too far in raising a cat will just ignore it.


Miraculous Longhair Scot

Important! Highland Cat Owner you need to be gentle and patient.

Relation to other pets

These cute animals are communicative not only with people.

They are peaceful in relation to other pets.

It’s possible Scottish Highland to make friends with them.

And this applies not only to another cat (for example, exotic, oriental or chinchilla), but also to the dog living in the apartment, the ferret or squirrel degu.


Highland Straight Kitten – The Perfect Pet For Your Home content and a great friend.

Since this species stands out as a separate breed, it has There are certain standards for participating in exhibitions.

If the kitten has features such as too large or reclining ears, it belongs to the PET class.

Such a cat does not participate in exhibitions, but will be beautiful friend and pet.


Eye color depends on coat color

How to choose a kitten

Choosing a kitten is not an easy task. Need to draw attention to the following aspects:

  • appearance;
  • behavior;
  • health status.

When choosing a kitten, you should pay attention not only to his photo, but also to watch him live.

An important indicator is the condition of the coat: it should be shiny. and smooth.

The tail should be movable to the very tip, without deformed vertebrae.

It is important to observe the behavior of the kitten.

A healthy baby is active, playful and curious.

Important is his mood and attitude towards people.

If he’s wild and doesn’t make contact with people, there’s a chance that in the new house his behavior will not change.


This breed is rich in different colors.

Health status

The next point is health.

Around the eyes, the nose of the kitten should not be any discharge.

The baby himself should be strong enough and well-fed, wool should be smooth and shiny.

A swollen tummy, a dull and disheveled fur coat are signs of either disease, or malnutrition.

You also need to make sure that the kitten has no bad breath.

A healthy baby will smell like milk.

There should be no brownish plaque in the ears, which may be a consequence of an ear tick.

Conditions of detention

You need to ask both the state of the kitten and features of the content.

The breeder should know about his diet.

A sudden change in diet causes health problems, therefore it is better to leave the menu unchanged.

You need to see where the tray is located, and find out which filler applies the breeder.

If you don’t want to fiddle with the toilet and fillers for a long time, we offer to read an article about automatic Toilets: https: //kot-pes.com/avtomaticheskij-tualet-dlya-koshek/


Social adaptation is important for kittens

Another point when choosing kittens is getting to know their by parents.

After observing them, you can imagine which, most likely, a kitten will grow up.

The breeder needs to know about what has been done. vaccinations.

If one of the kittens is liked, but his vaccination is not yet completed, it is worth making a prepayment for the baby and wait until he will do all vaccinations.

Subsequently, this will protect the health of the pet.

Care Features

Although Highland Straight is a longhair breed, caring for a fur coat does not require as much time and effort as in the case of Norwegian forest cats.

In the photo, their hair looks just gorgeous.

The cat care complex includes:

  • washing (once every few months is enough);
  • combing by a furminator;
  • nail clipping;
  • ear cleaning;
  • teeth cleaning.

Before putting the cat in the bathroom, you need to clean the ear shells, trim the claws and comb it.

During combing it is recommended to pay special attention wool on the abdomen, around the neck and hind legs.

Highland Wash

A layer of degreasing agent is applied to the prepared dry coat. paste and massage for about five minutes.

Wash off with warm water. Next is a shampoo intended specially for semi-long haired cats.

Such a tool will gently clean the fur coat without weighing down the hairs, and emphasize the dignity of the breed.

Important! All shampoos must be thoroughly washed off. water, otherwise the residue will stick particles of dust and the view will become untidy.


Well-groomed wool – an indispensable condition for a photo

The final stage of washing is applying a textureizer.

This is a special balm that gives volume to the wool, prevents stalling of hairs and has antistatic action.

In the end, it remains to dry the pet’s fur coat with a hairdryer.

It is advisable to use a device with warm air for this.

Keep it at a distance of at least 40 cm from the animal, to avoid overheating.

Do not often dry the animal’s hair with a hot stream. air.

This leads to dehydration, fragility of hairs and the absence of shine.

If the animal is not washed regularly, after rinsing with a degreaser pastes additionally apply super cleansing shampoo.

Its massaging movements are distributed over the wool. Then washed off with water.

Caring for exhibitors often posing for the photo, has certain differences.

When choosing funds, you need to stop at shampoos that do not contain oils.

However, products with a small amount of nutritious oils As a part, they are perfect for home pet care.

They nourish a fur coat and will be especially effective in cold weather. of the year.

Although at first glance, washing a Highland cat cat may seem complicated and lengthy, in practice it takes only 30-40 minutes.

As a result, the wool is well-groomed, does not fall off and does not remain in in the form of shreds on furniture or clothing of the owners.

Important! Do not use to wash cats funds intended for people, since development is possible allergic reactions.


Kittens have a long, silky coat


Highland Straight has a semi-long flowing coat.

It does not look cottony, like the Persians, and it is much easier comb.

In fact, caring for a pet’s fur coat is not at all burdensome, daily combing is not required here.

It is enough to comb the cat only once a week.

If she likes this procedure, of course, you can do it and more often.


A Highland Straight cat can sometimes be strolled, especially on freshly fallen snow.

It is recommended to regularly air the room where he lives. pussy.

It is worth considering that these animals do not like heat.

The optimum temperature for their content is from 18 to 21 degrees.


There are two options for feeding a Highland Straight cat:

  • professional feed;
  • food prepared by the owners, but here you need to carefully think over the diet, give special nutrition and vitamins.

The first option is preferable – it is better to use a diet for elite breeds.

Such a balanced menu will support the health of the pet and provide his body with all the necessary substances.

There are a lot of food for cats super-premium.

These are brands such as the diet of Almo Nature, Bozita, Grandorf, Brit.


Scottish cats are physically strong animals.

They tolerate cold well, are resistant to infections.

However, these animals do not like heat.

In order to maintain a comfortable microclimate in their place of residence, You can use humidifiers.

Characteristic diseases

No specific breeds were found in Scottish breed cats diseases.


The first vaccination is given to a kitten at the age of 7-9 weeks.

In accordance with the instructions for the drug, revaccination is carried out after 2-3 weeks.

Kittens are vaccinated annually. In the second year, vaccination is needed will be done in 11 months.

Vaccination is carried out only by healthy animals.

Preliminarily – for 14 days – deworming is carried out.

If the animal has signs of illness – a cough, poor appetite, vomiting and any other disorders – vaccination cancel.

The vaccine will only aggravate the condition. First you need to treat the cat, and after that to vaccinate.

If the animal is ill 3-4 months before the procedure, apply only inactivated vaccines should be given.

The use of specialized drugs will prevent relapse diseases.

Important! Vaccination should be carried out at veterinarian. He will be able to choose the right dosage and administer the drug.

And one more reminder – the better the conditions of the cat, the better less likely to get sick.


For all Scottish breeds, there are general rules by which knitting is carried out.

Highland Straight kitten can be knitted with a long-haired or short-haired fold cat.

Highland Straight Cat can also mate with long-haired and short-haired fold cats.

The result is kittens with different lengths of hair, fold and straightforward, like Scottish Straights.

The photo shows that each of them is charming in its own way.


In one litter there may be erect and lop-eared kittens.

Scottish Highland, photo of which is presented above, – it is a charming and graceful breed.

These erect cats have a long silky coat, cute rounded muzzle and a smooth profile.

Highland Straight kittens will have fun frolic with their children.

They will find a common language not only with people.

Highlands get along with other pets, behave very restrained, and subsequently can even share a treat.

Adult cat will become a great friend and universal darling.

Highland Straight: Charming Long-haired Scot

Highland Straight – a half-long-haired cat with erect ears, among her relatives are the British and the Persians. These animals are peaceful get along well with the owners, are in great need of affection, patience and attention.

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