Guide dog: 5 best guide breeds

Guide dog is extraordinarily smart and independent an animal that is able to not only remember and go the route, but also transfer a person with you. Because to such companions special requirements are made, they are selected only from representatives of specific breeds. However, this is not all: it is necessary to reject insufficiently obedient or restless dogs, and then properly educate and train the remaining. Which breeds are most likely to be guide dogs? Like them bring up and train? Let’s look at this process.


  • 1 What a guide dog should be
  • 2 How guide dogs are trained
  • 3 Guide Dog Breeds
    • 3.1 Labrador Retriever
    • 3.2 Rottweiler
    • 3.3 German shepherd
    • 3.4 Giant Schnauzer
    • 3.5 Labradoodle
  • 4 Dog Owner Reviews

What a guide dog should be

In general, a guide is required to contain all instincts. The dog should not be distracted by cats and others people, be afraid of loud sounds and go astray, guided by their interests. Dogs rarely become guide dogs, since even with strict training, they can pay attention to technological bitches. In this case, the animal must be friendly and trusting, non-aggressive, attentive, and also have good eyesight and developed hearing. Dogs who try are not allowed to work dominate other animals or people too harshly react to everything that happens and do not notice the potentially dangerous obstacles for man.

How guide dogs are trained

Guide training is carried out in special centers. About a year old, a dog is mainly raised in family of volunteers. There she undergoes primary socialization: learns to adequately respond to other people and animals, masters rules of conduct in society and reinforces general skills. Once in a week or more, a volunteer family is visited by an instructor who conducts short training sessions. Mostly classes are directed to study standard commands (“Sit!”, “Lie!”, etc.), since at an early age the animal does not yet need a special learning. In the process, the instructor monitors the progress of the dog and communicates with volunteers to understand if there are any behavioral problems.


The future conductor will not be given to the family in which everyone is engaged work: you need to communicate with the dog and walk more often, therefore, next to it should almost always be someone

Lack of deep affection for one master is another encouraged quality, because during training the dog is at least changes residence three times: first gets to the volunteers, then to the center and only then does she end up at the blind or visually impaired person.

Later, the dog is removed from the family and placed in the center, where passes the main course of training. Let’s not talk about common truths: and so it is clear that when raising such animals only positive reinforcement is used, and rough treatment completely excluded. Consider the skills that a dog should master before getting to the future owner.

A guide must be able to:

  • drive a blind person along the studied routes;
  • transfer a person across the road in the absence of transport and recognize traffic signals;
  • carefully transfer the owner up the stairs and any other descents and ascents;
  • recognize obstacles that interfere not only with herself to the dog, but also to man (tree branches, hanging wires, awnings stores, etc.), warn the owner and circumvent them;
  • not be distracted by any external stimuli that do not threaten the owner and the dog.

Harness for a guide dog

The harness helps the dog guide the owner or on time warn him of an obstacle by stopping

The ability to go the route is considered the highest aerobatics. First a guide is taught just right react to obstacles, correctly assess the situation on roadway, do not go against the flow of people, etc. For example, in in the first case, the dog is led to something that blocks the path, and forced to sit down. The instructor at this time imitates the behavior blind person and feels the obstacle with a cane. The road continue only after the path becomes free. IN further encourage dog attempts to circumvent the obstacle. When the animal will master the skill, the task is complicated: they introduce noise at a height which do not interfere with the pet itself, but pose a danger to person. It can be a rope with flags.

An important feature of guide dogs is the so-called reasonable disobedience. If the animal understands what he is given a team that could threaten the owner’s life (example: stopping at roadway), it must decide on its own.

It is very important for a guide dog to distinguish between work and passage route from the usual walk. If during the second companion may allow yourself some liberties in the form of deviations from the intended ways (for example, to cope with needs), then during operation the animal should be fully focused. Special arc harness helps not only manage animals and coordinate their actions, but also to separate work moments from walks.

Guide Dog Breeds

It is important to understand that the dog belongs to any breed doesn’t make her follow-up automatically yet. Among such companions can also be aggressive, cowardly or overly active pets. However, representatives friendliness and equilibrium.

Labrador Retriever

The most popular guide dog. Representatives of this breeds fully meet all requirements: they are friendly and attentive, able to make decisions on their own and do not show aggression. Labradors make contact easily, so quickly Get used to the new owners and communicate with guests at ease. TO the main advantages include the unpretentiousness of the breed. For Labradors easy to care for, they are distinguished by good health. However these dogs may feel uncomfortable in cold regions.

Labrador Retriever

The breeders call the main problem of maintenance nutrition and weight, as Labradors are famous food lovers


Rottweilers are appreciated for their quick wits. They are not only able to consider the threat in time, but also take lightning speed solutions. These are dogs that need active training and full walk. The disadvantages of the breed include hostility. The Rottweiler can be devoted to its owner and family members, but with caution applies to other people. However, this can be attributed pluses if extremes are not observed. Characteristic for Rottweiler disease is a gut twist, von Willebrand disease, Addison’s disease and joint dysplasia. Sometimes there are problems with eyes.


Many consider the Rottweiler to be an inadequate breed, but with these dogs should not be properly trained uncontrolled aggression

German Shepherd

German shepherd is another dog that behaves carefully, but ready to make contact. It is friendly and extremely intelligent dogs that are used not only as guide, but also when conducting exploratory work. Wool the shepherd is denser, therefore it needs more care, however this the dog feels comfortable in cold regions.

German Shepherd

Difficulties in breed formation and forced inbreeding led to the occurrence of a number of serious diseases: pyoderma, diabetes, growth hormone deficiency, leukemia, etc.

Giant Schnauzer

Distinctive features of Giant Schnauzers – ability make decisions quickly and have high intelligence. In addition to them wool practically does not need care and less likely to cause allergies. However, representatives of this breed rarely become guide dogs: sometimes they are too suspicious of strangers and rarely unconditionally obey the master.


The urinary system in representatives of this breed is not the most healthy, therefore, in the cold season, Giant Schnauzers are easy catch kidney infections


Labradoodle was bred by crossing a Labrador and a poodle. Thus it was possible to get a dog with a poodle meekness, high Labrador learning ability and short tight curls. This pet is suitable for allergy sufferers. Labradoodles are friendly and get along well with children. Thanks painstaking work managed to get rid of the characteristic pedigree diseases that are characteristic of poodles: deafness and cataracts.


Barack Obama, when he wanted to have a dog, had a choice between Labradoodle and Portuguese Water Dog; in the end he is nevertheless chose Portuguese water, which was later called Bo (Bo Obama), but still Labradoodles became more popular after that

Dog Owner Reviews

As they say, the character of the Labrador is finally formed after first year of life. Labrador Retrievers are the kindest dogs on the light! never bit, never growled, no sign at all aggression on me / family / guests. It seems that even if they will rob me, he will jump on the robber to play) But on personal experience not verified! Of course, I read on the Internet about that the dogs are very friendly and do not bite, but at first they don’t I really believed that I had concerns whether she would be bitten during injections by the veterinarian, when he is hurt, will he bite if you put your hand in a booth? But this is a dandelion dog! Even when I try to take some his toy or food, rummaging around his booth – he is unperturbed. 0 Aggression!


German Shepherd is a very smart dog! At the moment my Artemis knows more than 50 different teams and tricks. We are constantly learning new teams. I really love my German shepherd! For me – This is the smartest dog in the world. With all my heart I love my hairy “daughter” who accompanies me everywhere and conquers my hearts relatives and friends. It’s worth only 1 time to fall in love with this breed, and you never stop loving her anymore!


I have a Giant Schnauzer. Despite the fighting character and severe appearance, in the house it was absolutely obedient and affectionate dog. When we had a daughter, we were very worried that the dog rebel. I made incredible efforts so that the dog doesn’t I felt deprived of attention. How many terrible stories about dogs rebelled from jealousy … It turned out, dog fell in love with the baby, watched her sleep by the crib, ran for me on the kitchen when she woke up. Later, when his daughter grew up, he allowed her to do anything with herself – poking around in her eyes, twist ears, count teeth. Then rolled her harnessed to sledges, and when her daughter grew up – not a single boy in the yard could have her offend.


Guide dog is the result of hard work breeders, volunteers, instructors … Get such a pet – great luck. However, even without special training with proper breeding dogs of these breeds will behave appropriately in the family and help the owners as much as possible.

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