Grandorf dog food reviews

The Grandorf brand is known to most dog breeders, who prefer to feed their pets with holastic and premium class. This product has been coming to Russia for over 15 years. and managed to occupy his niche, having won the trust of his customers. His popularity continues to grow. More and more dog food Grandorf mentioned on forums and also recommended by veterinary by doctors. Is he really that good?


  • 1. About the manufacturer
  • 2. Product Range
  • 3. Analyze the composition
    • 3.1. Squirrels
    • 3.2. Fats
    • 3.3. Carbohydrate components and fiber
    • 3.4. Additional ingredients
  • 4. On the advantages and disadvantages of the diets of this brand
  • 5. Owner reviews and opinions of veterinarians
  • 6. How much does Grandorf feed cost?

About the manufacturer

If you look at the data on the official website page, then in two countries are indicated as producing states, moreover dry pet food is being developed by United Petfood Producers nv located in Belgium and canned foods – Italian company Monge & C. S.p.a. By the way, on data resources firms there is not a word about the brand Grandorf. Grandorf for dogs read the article

In addition to manufacturing, United Petfood packaging lines Producers nv produces a variety of custom packaging. Unfortunately, find out who owns the brand Grandorf and who owns the right to develop their formulas do not succeeded, it was inaccessible to most.

But it is known for certain that these products are made for Russian market and not bad here is common. And this fact may embarrass – because usually buyers compare the quality of feed intended for the Russian and foreign markets.

Product range

The manufacturer offers its customers several lines different diets, but they are all good food for four-legged friends:

  1. “Four meats with brown rice.” This formula including live probiotics, consists of 2 diets: for representatives of small and any breeds. Both menus include almost the same ingredients, the main difference is granule size. Products suitable for adult dogs from 12 months, and the main components are 4 types of meat: lamb, ducklings, rabbit meat, turkey meat that goes well with brown rice.
  2. A line of low-grain diets. Includes several types of dog food, which are divided by several criteria: age and size of animals. There is special diet designed for 21-day-old babies age, it is also recommended to give dogs “in position”, as well as nursing mothers. The remaining 5 recipes are Lamb and Rice, but if get acquainted with the compounds, then the main ingredients are three component: lamb, turkey meat and rice. In addition, there is a menu, containing white fish (cod and herring), fig. This menu is suitable for feeding pets of any breed.
  3. Diet-free cereal rations. In the third the line includes diets containing yams instead of cereals. There are only 2 formulas: duck and rabbit, designed to feeding pets older than 12 months, regardless of size and thoroughbred. Similar foods are recommended for individuals with an addiction. obese people allergic to foods or process problems digestion.
  4. Wet feed. The last group includes several products packaged in jars of 0.15 and 0.4 kg. 4 flavors for adults and 1 “chicken and rice “for kids.

According to the manufacturer, canned food is 80% consists of natural meat and meat components. This view feed can be used as a main meal, give lines with dry granules. Also, canned foods are great a treat.

Often, such rations are chosen by the owners, if their dog is very picky food and feed it can be a real problem. AND in general, Grandorf feeds are suitable for gourmet dogs choosing which is tastier.

Analyze the composition

Even if the manufacturer writes in black and white on the package that its products belong to the premium class or is holistic, consumers still have a number of questions. Dog owners, like veterinarians, care about the composition of the product and ratio of its ingredients.

Attention deserves that the feed of this brand are positioned as a hypoallergenic product, as claimed manufacturer, all components can be attributed to holistic, that is, they can be eaten by humans.

In addition, in the compositions of the rations there are no harmful components, such like soybeans, genetically modified foods, supplements artificial origin: flavors, flavor enhancers, dyes, etc. Manufacturers use only grain as rice – white or brown, not including cheap and practically in the formula useless wheat and corn. By the way, the last mentioned foods most often provoke food intolerance and allergic reaction in dogs.

The advantage of feed is that 60% of its composition is high-quality meat, information is available on the packaging these rations. But this is only from the words of the manufacturer, and from what on Granddorf’s dry granules actually consist, and is the feed really belongs to the category of quality products? It can be found out Having analyzed the composition.

For example, take a grain-free diet with ducklings and sweet potatoes, intended for adult dogs, including those suffering allergic manifestations. The ratio of important substances in it:

  • 26% protein – average;
  • 16% of fats – within the norm, if the food is intended for dogs with medium activity;
  • 3.5% of fiber – a minimum of the permissible norm;
  • 7.5% ash – the average amount;
  • 9% humidity – does not deviate from the norm.

If we evaluate the overall picture, then serious deviations of the balance in there are no rations of this brand, the carbohydrate part of the feed takes about 38%, which can be attributed to the pluses. But it is important which product stands as the main source of carbohydrates, and here it is sweet potato. Experts note an insufficient amount of fiber, the level of which can be called satisfactory, but not more.

The ratio of protein components to fat is such that the data rations suitable for pets not receiving regular intensive load. That is, if the dog lives in apartment conditions and goes for short walks 2-3 times a day, then this food is able to fully satisfy his needs.

If we are talking about working dogs – service, security, sledding and the like, who spend much more daily energy than their home brethren, then food with so much protein and fat do not suit them. As a way out, the owner will have to increase the daily portion so that the pet gets everything necessary. Grandorf for dogs composition

The composition of the feed Grandorf is quite modest and includes only 16 ingredients. For comparison, some brands of holistic products The list includes several dozen components. Main cast as follows:

  • dehydrated duck meat;
  • turkey meat after the dehydration stage;
  • sweet potato;
  • fresh duckling;
  • turkey fat.

The main components are excellent products, especially that most of them are of animal origin. Moreover, yam has a low glycemic index, which makes it good digestible source of fiber.

Then follow additional ingredients, the amount of which is not so great:

  • dried spinach;
  • chicory root extract;
  • carob (so differently called flour obtained from fruits carob tree);
  • dried apples;
  • dried arctic crustacean – krill;
  • flax-seed;
  • complex including chondroprotectors and antioxidants.

At the end of the list, the manufacturer indicates that as preservatives that preserve the quality of the granules are natural substances – ascorbic acid and vitamin E.

Since the percentage of ingredients is not indicated, it is impossible to know exactly how many and what components in the diet contained. It all depends on whether the buyer trusts manufacturer or not, of course, experts attribute this fact to cons.


Their sources are three ingredients of animal origin, which are on the first lines of the composition: duck and turkey, dehydrated and fresh ducklings. Some the amount of this component is also found in dried meat Antarctic krill, but it’s at the end of the list of ingredients, which means it is not of particular importance. The main products are approved nutritionists and veterinarians and are distinguished by a high content of animals proteins.


The animal component is found in only one product – fat turkeys. Pet food manufacturers are rare include it in their formulas, however, it is rich in nutrients: Omega 6 polyunsaturated fats, as well as vitamin D and E. Fat turkey is considered a quality ingredient that brings benefit the body of the animal.

Carbohydrate components and fiber

The main sources are yam, carbohydrates and fiber is found in dried spinach, apples and fruit flour carob, but there are very few of them in the feed.

These substances are the key to good organ performance. gastrointestinal tract, providing a complete digestive and metabolic processes. In addition, these products contain complex carbohydrates, unlike cheaper cereals.

Additional ingredients

As already noted, the manufacturer includes in their products few components. In addition to the above ingredients, in feed includes chicory extract containing the beneficial component inulin – natural prebiotic that improves and supports intestinal microflora, as well as warning dysbiosis.

Flaxseeds – a source of polyunsaturated acids Omega 3, which provide the beauty and health of wool and skin integuments, vessels and mucous surfaces of the digestive tract. This a useful component, however, the animal organism is not fully capable assimilate polyunsaturated acids derived from plant sources. Experts say that it would be better to include fish oil.

Chondroitins and glucosamines are important substances that strengthen cartilage and prevent musculoskeletal ailments. Antarctic krill – small crustaceans, reminiscent of shrimp, contain a large amount of omega-3 acids, which animals are well absorbed.

On the advantages and disadvantages of the diets of this brand

As always, high quality feeds are presented certain requirements, and not all products comply with them. What can be said about Grandorf dog food in this regard?

The main advantages of this brand are following points:

  • most of the composition is meat (at least 60%);
  • there are vitamin and mineral supplements;
  • only natural products are used in the manufacture;
  • the cost of feed is lower than that of other brands of similar brands class.

There are also disadvantages, but there are only two of them:

  • the product is not sold at all pet stores, most often owners have to resort to the services of online stores;
  • It is produced only for the Russian market, therefore there is doubts about its quality – does it correspond to foreign analogues.

Owner reviews and opinions of veterinarians

The composition is not bad, the advantages are much greater than the disadvantages, but what do vets say about these diets? First of all, they note that the feed meets the requirements of the animal’s body, after all, dogs are still descendants of wolves. In addition, the availability quality products and the lack of cheap grain in the composition really makes the Grandorf diets excellent for pets. The dog is eating

In confirmation of this, you can bring positive feedback from dog owners:

Victor: “We have a dog that successfully involved in breeding, and in five years she has already brought 4 litters upscale puppies. We feed both mom and kids Grandorf, and we have no complaints about him. Of course we are successful we transfer the mated dog to a special diet for puppies, which we give to both the puppies and the lactating bitch. ”

Elizabeth: “I give Grandorf to my labs more than a year, pleasure is not cheap, but worth it. Tried to transfer dogs to other, more budgetary feeds, but leaking the eye and the fuzziness of the wool brought us back. The only problem – my favorites are obese, but as soon as they round up, I I reduce Grandorf’s rate by one third and give it with vegetables. ”

Svetlana: “Initially, on the advice of the breeder, whom the puppy bought, fed him Grandorf. For six months now my doggie eats this diet, wool shines, no problems with digestion. He always eats pellets with pleasure. I will buy this food and more. Although they are brought to our pet store Grandorf very rarely, but I order online, so there are no problems with the purchase arises. ”

How much does Grandorf feed cost?

A kilogram of diet costs about 550-650 rubles, depending on kind of. A 3-kilogram package will cost 1400-1600 rubles, and 12 kg – from 4,500 to 5,500 rubles.

Food Grandorf, according to veterinarians, is consistent established standards and suitable for feeding dogs of different ages and having certain features.

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