Friendship without prejudice: video where the red cat petting a parrot

Cats are real predators, even cute pet pussies in any moment ready to show their wild nature. For this reason owners carefully approach the appearance of other pets at home, especially small ones – rodents and birds. But it often happens that friendship is made between pets, and sometimes appears and unprecedented tenderness. A good proof of this is the video where red cat paw touches a parrot.

Commercials with cats are extremely popular on the Internet, they used in almost every collection with cute videos or jokes with animals. A few months ago became popular cute ginger cat, which in the frame showed amazing tenderness – carefully stroking the paw of a budgie. Is worth notice that the feathered friend clearly did not like such attention – the bird is trying to peck and dodge the fluffy paws, but still does not fly away.


In the video, the parrot is clearly unhappy that the cat is touching him

In the end, the cat managed to make the video even more cute – he he reached in front of the parrot, sniffing it carefully. The video is short still in slow motion, but his heroes and their actions are nobody leave you indifferent. No wonder YouTube has a ton interpretations of a video with a different musical range.

Video: cat stroking a parrot

Video: cat stroking a budgerigar to the song “About the soul”

Video where a cat touches a paw of a budgie – it’s not cruel video about the predatory nature of pets, it’s gentle video about how a cat is cautious about a feathered neighbor. Although the bird is uneasy, the little hunter very neat.

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