French dog breeds: list with photos

Dog breeds bred in France are commonly called french. This group includes dogs with different features character, exteriors and sizes. They are united only by beauty and a certain nobility in appearance.


  • 1 English-French small hound
  • 2 Artois Hound
  • 3 Bichon Frize
  • 4 Dogue of Bordeaux
  • 5 Beauceron
  • 6 Briard
  • 7 Blue Gascon Basset
  • 8 Continental Toy Spaniel
  • 9 Small Lion Dog
  • 10 Pyrenees Mountain Dog
  • 11 Poodle
  • 12 French Bulldog

Anglo-French Small Hound

Graceful hunting dog with good health. Middle size – from 46 to 58 cm at the withers.

English French Small Hound

There are three color options for the Anglo-French Lesser Hound: white with red, white with black and tri-color

Anglo-French hound is obedient, energetic, loves long-lasting walks. She needs room, because in a city apartment contain undesirable.

Artois Hound

Medium sized hunting dog, 52–59 cm high at the withers, hardy and in good health.

Artois Hound

At one time, the breed almost disappeared, since purebred Artoisian hounds crossed too actively with English dogs

A friendly artoisian hound will not become a guard or guard, but it will be a great companion for walks and active games.

Bichon Frize

Small decorative dog, in height from 15 to 30 cm. Differs in good health, can live up to 18 years.

Bichon Frize

Among the Bichon Frize there are centenarians who live to be 18 years old.

Bichon Frize is a companion, he needs communication. Wool requires thorough care, but hypoallergenic.

Push specifically about his Bichon … good only for home, well, or We can walk close with him. To the forest, camping, walking around the city – disappears – it quickly gets tired and then the pokatushki on the hands begin. Ours is already 14 years old, he lived all the time in a private house – excellent guard – do not take courage.


Dogue de bordeaux

Large dog, 58–68 cm high. Squat and muscular, hardy, good guard and protector. It gets along well with other pets and children.


Dog breed Bordeaux mastered in the movie “Turner and Hooch

Dogo’s health is generally good, but there may be problems with a hip joint.


The Beauceron breed is rare. The dog is large, 61–70 cm in withers. The health is normal, but bone problems may occur, eyes and intestines.


The first information about the breed was discovered in the manuscript, dated 1578, but only in 1863 was it recognized officially

Beauceron is a good defender, but requires training.


Large breed, 56–68 cm high. Briards can be guide dogs. Very loyal, but jealous, in need of training and early socialization.


Briards were originally shepherd dogs, not suitable for them sedentary lifestyle and physical load

Playful, easy to learn. Average health, there is a tendency to a number diseases.

For those who consider the long coat to be a minus, I’ll say that their coat is of a goat type. She practically doesn’t bother, therefore stop and comb the dog once or twice a week. And in the summer you can to mow, by the winter enough has already grown. It is also important that the wool is odorless, with it there are a lot of different knitwear do.


Blue Gascon Basset

A short dog, 34–38 cm high. Active and obedient, gets along well with people and other animals. May be a companion but the makings of a basset are hunting.


In France, the breed standard was adopted at the end of the 19th century.

The breed is considered healthy. More suitable for content beyond the city.

Continental Toy Spaniel

This breed is also called papillon, although this name is not quite right. Papillon is a continental toy spaniel with erect ears. There is also a species with hanging, which is called falen.

Continental Toy Spaniel Papillon

Continental Toy Spaniels take 8th place in intelligence in general breed rating of dogs and 2 place among decorative breeds

Toy spaniels are small in size, only 20–28 cm at the withers. it decorative breed, however, lends itself well to training.


Two-color toy spaniels are most valued by breeders

Wool requires care, but is considered hypoallergenic. Dogs quite healthy, although there may be bone problems and vision

We got a baby when the toy spaniel was a year old, Charlie didn’t I was jealous, but on the contrary, I fell in love with our daughter and loves to play with her too brings her his toys))) Protected the stroller from strangers who tried come up. In general, a child has a lot of fun with such a dog! This is true cute when they play)))


Small lion dog

Lion dog or Leuven – a small decorative breed, 25–33 cm high. A great companion who needs people’s attention and active walks.

Small Lion Dog

The standard describes Leuven as a smart little dog with a living and attentive look, affectionate and obedient

Health is good, but there may be eye problems and knees.

Pyrenees Mountain Dog

Large dogs, 65–80 cm tall at the withers. Strong with excellent health. Beautiful white wool has its drawbacks – animals are strong fade.

Pyrenees Mountain Dog

Pyrenean Mountain Dogs Are Good Watchmen

Pyrenees mountain dogs – loyal and independent animals in need of training. They need room, because it is better not to keep the breed in a city apartment.


Now the poodle is considered a decorative dog. It is recognized companion, although initially the breed was used as a hunting one, and like a shepherd. Species of a poodle differ in height:

  • large – 43–62 cm;
  • small – 35-45 cm;
  • dwarf – 28-35 cm;
  • toy – 23-28.


The poodle is second in the ranking of the smartest breeds, compiled by Dr. Stanley Coren

All poodles are smart and easy to learn. Care required with hair. Health is not very good, there are a number of diseases for which the breed is genetically predisposed.

French Bulldog

Small dogs, 23–36 cm at the withers. Stocky and powerful, ready protect the hosts despite their small size.

French Bulldog

French bulldogs do not tolerate heat, they need additional cooling

French Bulldog is a companion in need of communication with people. May be aggressive with other animals. His health is impossible called excellent – there are many specific diseases for which dog prone.

Regarding the attitude to other animals … Everything is purely individually, completely and completely depends on the character french bulldog. Chelsea loves absolutely all living things, trying to lick to himself trying to lick to death. But Milka is another field berry. Seeing her, cats pass out, flicker in the corners and hysterically trying to fly out the window, and she, in turn, is trying to put everyone on the collar.

Anastasia euro

If you are a lover of France and choose the right pet, it’s worth consider a breed from the French list. But still not worth it forget that the main thing in the dog is not the country of origin, but the mind and devotion.

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