False pregnancy in cats

Unfortunately, nowadays, on average, one in 3700 women faced with a severe psychophysical state – false pregnancy. That is, all the signs of an early addition are evident: menstruation stops, the mood becomes changeable, stomach and chest increase, weight gain. In some cases there may be sensations of movement of the “baby” inside the womb. But baby in no stomach. But this condition is familiar not only to people, but also pets Do cats have a false pregnancy? Yes, happens, fortunately rarely enough, but still. By the way, others four-legged human friends – dogs – miscarriage happens much more often. So laid down by nature, since theoretically the “pseudo-pregnant” bitch can replace the puppies with a real mother, then have feed them. Cats, by their nature, do not have tenderness for alien offspring, in contrast, can even harm kittens of another females (hiss, bite, even eat). Dogs in this regard, Of course, more humane.

What is False Pregnancy in Cats?

In fact, a false pregnancy in a cat is a hormonal failure plan in which an unfertilized cat manifests all signs of genuine gestation. Duration of such conditions are rarely longer than 1-1.5 months. Theoretically imaginary pregnancy can develop in cats of any breed, but in a particular at risk are oriental favorites, cats from the group Sphinxes, Cornish Rex.

Causes of False Pregnancy in Cats

To become a pregnant “not really” pet is not even always mating with a male is required. Usually a false pregnancy occurs the following reasons:

  1. Sexual contact with neutered or sterile “cavalier”, from the connection with which for obvious reasons can not fertilization to occur;
  2. Gynecological diseases in cats (uterine fibroids, polycystic ovary, endometritis, etc.);
  3. Thyroid disease (hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism);
  4. Ailments of the endocrine system (diabetes mellitus, education tumors of the ovaries, etc.);
  5. Severe stress (lack of affection on the part of the owner, death related creature (person or other pet), change place of residence, etc.);
  6. Artificial irritation of the vaginal walls (taking smear);
  7. Being in close proximity with other females, really carrying babies (cat watching females on demolition, begins to behave like them).

How does fake pregnancy appear?

To distinguish a real pregnancy from a practically non-existent impossible without a visit to the veterinarian. An animal that is hopeless waiting for replenishment, behaves like a real future mom:

  • Often the mood and even the temperament changes (affectionate and a cat that is peaceful at normal times can become a real fury, and aggressive cruelty – by the very kindness);
  • The cat often meows and chases the owner;
  • Prepares the future place for the “birth”;
  • Spends more time half asleep;
  • It becomes anxious or indifferent to everything around.

In addition, the owner may notice the following physiological symptoms of false pregnancy in a cat:

  • An increase in the volume of the abdomen and mammary glands;
  • Increased appetite at first, which soon subsides;
  • Disorders of the digestive tract (vomiting, diarrhea);
  • The appearance of colostrum;
  • A slight increase in temperature;
  • Isolation of transparent vaginal mucus without unpleasant smell.

All of these symptoms may not be present in purr. TO for example, a cat’s mood may not undergo any changes or but her belly will not become any more. Of course, more difficult the owner whose cat had a relationship with the cat, because it is unknown whether fertilization or not. After all, the symptoms of false pregnancy in accuracy such as during pregnancy. Confirm or It is possible to refute false pregnancy in a veterinary clinic, where Ultrasound and palpation the veterinarian will determine if there is an animal in the abdomen embryos. You can make a visit to the doctor 15 days after mating with a cat or almost immediately after the owner noticed unusual symptoms in a stray cat.

How to treat false pregnancy in purr

It is a mistake to assume that a false pregnancy will “resolve” itself. it not a cat’s whim at all, but a serious mental and work failure feline internal organs. Inattention to false status pregnancy can lead to serious consequences: mastitis, uterine inflammation, thyroid and reproductive neoplasms organs. The treatment of false pregnancy in a cat implies the following steps to recovery:

  1. Limitation of fluid intake;
  2. Refusal of dairy products;
  3. Reducing the amount of protein foods in the diet (meat, fish, porridge);
  4. The introduction of sedatives on a natural basis – drops, tablets, sprays, gels (“Fitex”, “Cat Bayun”, “Felifrend”, Nutri-Vet et al.);
  5. The use of drugs that stop lactation (solution for oral administration “Galastop” – a drug for false pregnancy in bitches, but also used for cats);
  6. The introduction of antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs, the use of broths, massages of the mammary glands in the development of mastitis (treatment is prescribed exclusively by a veterinarian);
  7. Careful and attentive attitude to the animal from the side the owner. False pregnancy is a real disaster for a cat that seriously hopes to take care of the kids soon. because the owner should pay maximum attention to his pet so that distract her from her worries.

By the way, even a false pregnancy is rare in cats, but there are times when the same animal experiences a similar condition after almost every estrus. In order not to torment the animal, it is more reasonable to sterilize by contacting a reliable vet clinic.

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