Euthanize cat

When a little carefree kitten appears in the house, it’s hard to imagine that after some time the moment will come parting. Unfortunately, this does not always happen in the deep animal old age – diseases often take away cat’s health and life much earlier. In any case, the owner will have a choice – put the cat to sleep or let it go on its own, but in pain and unable to eat, drink, walk, watch on their own (you can go on forever). In simple words, euthanasia – it always hurts the owner, even if he understands that the situation hopeless and the animal will still die soon, only experiencing torment. At such moments, I remember how you something offended his beloved pet, did not give him warmth, did not buy the best stern. A dead cat is like a dead friend, her place in the house another pet may take, but no place in the owner’s heart …

When cat euthanasia is justified

Unfortunately, there are woeful veterinarians who follow owners of absolutely healthy animals, making medication euthanasia for monstrous reasons: if the animal is tired, if it scratched if there was a desire to have a new cat, and the old remained out of work. We will not consider such cases and discuss moral character of such individuals. By the way, they are not credible veterinarians who perform euthanasia without the necessary tests and research. Cat and VeterinarianIf we talk about euthanasia as a deliverance animal from torment, then it can be justified if: the cat received injuries incompatible with life or the animal suffers incurable a disease that is progressing. Sometimes the doctor can put to sleep cat because of too old age, if violated vitally important functions and began the irreversible processes of the body. To the owner before making such a difficult decision, you can contact a number clinics to hear the competent opinion of several specialists. In most cases, not only visual inspection is required. pet, but also laboratory tests. Doctors may also be wrong with diagnosis, what if the cat is still fighting? In any case, if there is hope for recovery, you need to cling to it.

The process of cat euthanasia

The owner of the animal has the right to choose exactly where the euthanasia will be pet – in the veterinarian or at home. In favor of euthanasia at home, you can attribute the fact that the owner does not have to transport the cat on your own, because psychologically it’s not easy. Often euthanasia in cats involves administering anesthesia for absence sensitivity and pain to animals, a similar condition is a general anesthesia, when a cat breathes on its own, she has there is a heartbeat. Then a special drug is administered to the cat, stopping the work of the heart and respiratory system. In cases when the euthanasia passes in the clinic, the doctor may recommend owner to go out for a while. When everything is done (about 10-15 minutes), the owner will be able to pick up the animal and say goodbye to him, bury. In this case, the path from the clinic with a dead friend will be heavy when the cat’s body heat is still felt (sometimes in euthanized animals have convulsions and involuntary urination). Sometimes owners leave euthanized cats in a clinic, possibly in it makes sense when the owner of the cat has small children who will be very worried when they see a dead pet or other reasons. The owner of a cat must always make a reservation with doctor anesthesia before direct use preparations for euthanasia so that the animal does not feel pain. Sometimes veterinarians administer to a cat a lethal drug that blocks cat respiratory muscles leading to painful death animal from suffocation. That is why you should ask your doctor about the procedure for euthanasia and injected drugs.

Sleeping a cat at home

Independently carry out the euthanasia of a cat or cat at home conditions, obtaining medication in any way should not never. Also, do not trust a doctor who literally through a few minutes of admission persuades a cat to euthanize – actually a good the doctor must conduct research and fight for the life of the animal, if the owner made such a decision and if possible.

Is it worth it to euthanize an animal or not

If the animal is tormented, if all treatment options have been tried and not yielded results, if the cat is in constant pain, then the answer is probably yes. It is more humane for dying from friend’s pains. In such cases, you have to step on your throat feelings, hoping that somewhere far away there is a feline paradise and your cat will be there. But without you.

How much does it cost to euthanize a cat

Cat euthanasia price in Russia and Ukraine:

  • Prices in Russia: from 1500 – 2000 rubles.
  • Prices in Ukraine: from 200 – 300 hryvnias.

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