Eliminate the smell of cat urine in the house

Cats are present in our lives almost constantly, bringing in her pleasant moments: this animal is a faithful friend, for someone family member. But in addition to happy moments, the cat sometimes spoils mood to your master, making puddles in hard to reach and not very places. This problem becomes especially unpleasant if, in poor ventilation, or a cat “marked” furniture, shoes (or other fabric surfaces). What are the means besides possible washing will help get rid of bad smell cat urine in the house and wean the animal from this bad habits? To help the owner of the cat faced with a problem removing the smell of cat urine, domestic animals can come improvised means found in every home or special chemical substances.

Causes of Feline “Tags” in a House

The question arises: why cats (most often cats) do not cope in their own tray, and put “tags”, for example, on shoes or couch? In fact, there can be many reasons for this behavior. AND sometimes the owner himself is to blame, not paying due attention to cleanliness the toilet of the cat. It should be remembered that our four-legged friends are very clean, therefore dirty and smelling tray makes you look for new places for the toilet. Often cats, feeling on shoes or furniture odors are instinctively trying mark your territory. And sometimes the reason for such an ugly cat behavior is a quarrel with the owner or resentment one of the family members. Do not forget about the love period (most often in early spring) when puddles and marks become more frequent.

Fighting the foul smell of cat urine in the house

The sharp, beating nose smell coming from the puddle gives the contained uric acid in urine. Dry as soon as possible with napkins or rags urinate cats, because how to get rid of over time from a dried spot will be harder. In addition, the animal may habitation and in the future do puddles in the same place if the owner will not take measures to eliminate the smell.

Folk remedies to combat the smell of cat urine:

  • Soda – it can be poured directly into the cat’s tray, for absorption of unpleasant odors or mix with water and wash cat stained place.
  • Vinegar – mixed with water in a ratio of 1: 1 will help deal with an unpleasant amber.
  • Alcohol-containing liquids (vodka, alcohol medicinal tinctures).
  • Laundry soap – grated and mixed with hot water will get rid of cat spots and smell.
  • Hydrogen Peroxide – applied to the labeled location, eliminate stain and odor.
  • Iodine – diluted with water (10 drops per liter of water) also handle the smell.
  • Citrus essential oils – unpleasant for a cat, make the animal no longer suit the host pains.

Using these simple tools is very convenient due to their availability in every house. But keep in mind that many of these remedies can harm the surface being cleaned. Therefore, before pointing order, you need to make sure on inconspicuous areas of furniture, carpet or linoleum, that the cleanser does no harm. Besides Moreover, most of these funds will also ward off the cat from desire to relieve need, anywhere.

Specialized cat odor control products urine:

  • “Antigadin” – the smell of the drug is unpleasant for the cat. When the animal has a favorite place for “marks” (not a tray), “Antigadin” comes to the rescue, according to the manufacturer at the expense of enzymes contained in the spray. Safe for animals and people.
  • DesoSan odor exterminator – copes with unwanted odors characteristic of animals. May negatively act on the mucous membranes.
  • “Urine OFF Multi-Pet Stain & Odor Remover” – tool to remove stains and odors. Danger to eyes, skin and animal.
  • Spray “No spots and odor” – adjusts the behavior animal, not allowing shitting in the wrong places. Is different relatively low cost (about 130 rubles).
  • Means of the brand “Mr. Fresh” for cat litter, eliminate repulsive odor.
  • Means “Faithful Friend” – eliminates stains on carpets and cat litter, eliminating odor.

In addition to the above funds, you can use any chlorinated detergents, taking precautions.

What is better to choose to eliminate the foul odor of a cat urine?

Based on the financial capabilities of the owner of the cat, you can choose exactly the tool that will be affordable and will relieve the cat smell and stains. For example, the tool “Antigadin” costs about 110-120 rubles, and customer reviews about him vary – to someone suitable for someone not. There are more expensive imported means, for example, “Urine OFF”, the price of it varies in the region 850-1100 rubles, but also reviews as a good remedy for smell. Many people who do not trust various chemical liquidators smell, use home remedies, which is quite satisfied. But it is worth remembering that the most important point in the fight against the disgusting smell of cat urine in the house is clean tray and timely cleaning of surfaces marked with a cat.

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