Egyptian Mau

Brief description of the breed

Egyptian Mau cats are medium sized animals whose weight can vary from three to seven kilograms. Distinctive this breed has an amazing spotty coat with pale silver tint. They will not leave anyone indifferent and the beautiful eyes of a pet the color of ripe gooseberries. rocks have a muscular body with a slightly rounded wedge-shaped head crowned with big ears. Mau’s hind legs are slightly longer front. Visually, the cat seems to be walking on tiptoe. This gives the pet a special grace and sophistication that does not leaves anyone indifferent. The coat of an Egyptian cat Mau medium lengths with a fairly dense silver or bronze texture shades. The body is randomly covered with various spots that can have any size and shape. Please note that in addition to silver and bronze color, the coat of cats of this breed can have a solid black, blue or mixed color. the cat’s pale tummy has dark spots resembling buttons on a vest. The pride of these cats is also thick tail of medium length, gradually tapering to the tip. Tail bordered by a dark tip. Mau cats are the perfect choice for families with small children. These pets are also friendly. to other pets, including dogs. Egyptian cats Mau will play with children with pleasure. Sometimes their behavior resembles the behavior of dogs that adore children. Mau special interest will show towards middle-aged children. All because in At this age, our children are very active, but this Mau is just Adore that Mau are experienced hunters, so in no in case you should not leave the animal alone with poultry or hamsters, otherwise you run the risk of missing one of the home favorites.

Egyptian Mau cat photo:

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Egyptian Mau cat story

Mau cat is a peculiar result of a thousand-year-old Egyptian a culture that has long been the subject of debate among many fans of this amazing spotted cat. Some of them are sure that Mau appeared in ancient times Pharaohs. A feature of the Egyptian cat Mau is that it one of the cats that was domesticated in a natural way. Other in other words, cats of this breed are not the result of artificial withdrawal. Mau cats were known to Europeans before the Second World War II, which subsequently posed a real threat to their complete disappearance. Today it is precisely known that a cat of this breed was presented to the Russian princess Natalia Trubetskoy when she was in Rome. When the princess moved to America in 1956, she took the cat and her two kittens with her. It is thanks to this the first standard of these amazing The breed was officially recognized in 1968, and in 1977 It was recognized by the International Cat Lovers Association in the year. Active breeding of Egyptian cats Mau began in the eighties the years of the twentieth century, as a result of which, by 1991, the gene pool of cats This breed has increased significantly. Today the breed recognized by most various associations.

Egyptian Mau Cat Character

The Egyptian cat Mau is a very funny animal. Staying in a circle Families among loved ones are the happiest moments for Mau. She can show her joy with a cheerful wag of the tail or in a pleasant voice. Mau also often show off their hunting instincts. This is mainly manifested in the pursuit of toys or any other bait. But small animals can also fall prey representative of this breed. This behavior is understandable for relatively active and strong cat. In addition, Mau loves play, climb, she will appreciate the special cat a tree that can be purchased at a pet store or crafted by yourself. It’s not out of place to make a scratching post with your own hands, near which the pet will spend a lot of time. Not worth it wonder if you see an Egyptian cat Mau, sitting at aquarium, while wet foot in the water. Pets of this breed love water, so they may be particularly interested not only in the bathroom or pool, but even to the faucet in the kitchen or in the bathroom the room. Despite the fact that Mau is considered a sociable cat, all however, cats of this breed most often exhibit such behavior only in with respect to the closest people near whom he can spend days on span.

Maintenance and care

The hair of an Egyptian cat Mau is very easy to care for. Enough perform weekly combing to completely remove all dead hairs and provide wool health and beauty. Every week it is necessary to carry out thorough oral hygiene animal. This will prevent problems. Dental. Do not forget to wipe weekly corners of the eyes with a cloth. Also every week you need Inspect your ears for inflammation, contamination, or infections. IN if necessary, wipe with a cloth dampened in a special solution prescribed by the veterinarian. For this purpose, you can also use one to one vinegar solution with water. Remember to use cotton swabs to clean your ear canals strictly forbidden! As for swimming, it must be done by least pollution. True, given that the Egyptian cats are Mau love water, some owners of representatives of this breed bathe their pets much more often. Anyway, during bathing it is recommended to use special shampoos. No way Do not use shampoo that you use yourself. Mau cat is an active animal, most often the claws of an animal grind naturally. If for some reason this does not occur, then you need to carry out their cutting. Doing so, naturally need as needed. Try to limit your pet from talking to yard cats. This will allow reduce the likelihood of contracting various ailments and parasites (fleas, worms, lichen, ear tick, etc.), the vectors of which often are animals in the yard. Besides, Never leave Mau unattended on the street. First of all, this associated with the danger of animal theft, because Mau is quite rare, beautiful and expensive breed, so many will want to take possession of Pet free if possible.

Health and Disease

Both domestic and thoroughbred cats are prone to various diseases. Mau, in this regard, is no exception. But it’s nice that the representatives of this breed are not inclined to serious diseases of a genetic nature. Mostly these colds or infectious diseases can occur the appearance of which is most often associated with inadequate care for pet.Note that the first appearance of a sign Unhealthy pet needs to consult a veterinarian. This will allow you to determine the diagnosis in a timely manner and assign the right one. treatment, which will be the key to a quick recovery of the pet. Never resort to self-treatment, including not give the animal medication without first consulting with specialist.

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