Dogs are the best, top dog records

This post contains the most remarkable and outstanding dog achievements worthy of the Guinness Book of Records.


  • 1 The most expensive dog
  • 2 The richest dog
  • 3 The heaviest dog
  • 4 tallest dog
  • 5 smallest dog
  • 6 Dog with the longest ears
  • 7 Dog with the longest tail
  • 8 The scariest dog
  • 9 The dog with the biggest eyes
  • 10 The most prolific dog
  • 11 The fastest dog

The most expensive dog

Tibetan mastiff

Tibetan mastiff today has become the most expensive breed, for these dogs people are ready to give huge sums.

The most expensive dog

For example, a rare white Tibetan mastiff was bought for 1,200,000 $

White Mastiff Puppy

A red Tibetan mastiff Hong Dong sold for 1.5 million dollars.

Red Tibetan MastiffTibetan mastiffs with a boy

Richest dog

The richest dog

She became a shepherd named Gunther IV, whom the mistress after death bequeathed its entire fortune, and this is $ 373,000,000.


The heaviest dog

Aikama Zorba

This is the English mastiff Aikama Zorba from La Susa. Its owner was Chris Heraclide from London, England.

Zorba versus humans

In 1989, it was added to the Guinness Book. His weight was 155.58 kg, and body length – 2.4 m. Height at the withers 94 cm.

English Mastiff Aikama Zorba

This weight record has not been broken to this day.

Tallest dog

The largest dog

This is a dog named Zeus, he lives in Michigan.

Great Dane - the largest dog

The height of the dog at the withers is 111.8 cm, and the body length from tail to tip nose 224 cm, weight over 70 kg.

The biggest dog in the world

Smallest dog

The smallest dog in the world

A smooth-haired chihuahua named Millie lives with a mistress in Puerto Rico. The weight of this baby is only 170 grams, and height 6.53 cm.

You can read about the other smallest dog in articlehttps: //

a chihuahua named Milli from Puerto Rico

The dog with the longest ears

The first record was at the basset hound of Mr. Jeffries. But in 2009 he has died. The length of the ears was almost 35 cm.

The Dog with the Longest Ears

After his death, the record passed to a dog named Harbor (breed kunheind) from the state of Colorado, the length of his ears was still a little less – 34.29 cm.

The second dog with long ears

The dog with the longest tail

The dog with the longest tail

This record went to a wolfhound named Keon. His tail reaches a length of 76.8 cm.

Wolfhound nicknamed Keon

The scariest dog

The scariest dog

This dog is named Sam, a Chinese crested breed. is he won the title of the worst dog in the dog competition in California 3 times in a row.

You can read more about the record holder here: https: //

the ugliest dogthe ugliest dog

Now, after Sam’s death, a new ugliness champion has been chosen – dog Elwood, a cross between a Chinese crested dog and a chihuahua.

Elwood, a cross between a Chinese crested dog and a chihuahuaElwood, a cross between a Chinese crested dog and a chihuahua

Dog with the biggest eyes

Boston Terrier with big eyesBoston Terrier with big eyes

This is the Boston Terrier Brusky, his eyes are 28 mm wide, many even consider charming.

Bars - the owner of the largest eyesBars - the owner of the largest eyes

The most prolific dog

24 puppies in one litter24 puppies in one litter

Neapolitan Mastiff nicknamed Tia gave birth to 24 puppies!

The dog gave birth to 24 puppiesThe dog gave birth to 24 puppies

Fastest dog

The fastest dogThe fastest dog

Greyhound Star Title he reached a speed of 68 km / h

Learn more about the fastest dog. here: https: //


This is not the whole list of achievements of our four-legged. friends and the Guinness Book of Records is constantly updated and updated new champions.

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