Dog-like animals

There are animals similar to dogs. Sometimes even experts don’t immediately understand who is in front of them.

Forest cheat in a red coat looks like Japanese dogs Shiba Inu breeds that have the same head shape and color wool.


Representatives of the dog breed bedlington terrier with unusual coat and reminiscent of young lambs.


Article and beauty of the horse is somewhat similar to the Great Dane. Dogs This breed is considered the highest among congeners.


The owner of the Russian forests are very reminiscent of the Chinese Chow Chow dogs. The dimensions of the dogs are much smaller, but the thick coat and head shape make them look very much like bears.


Several breeds of dogs look like a wild robber. One such – tamaskan. She is inferior to the wolf in height and weight, but gray hair, the amber eyes and the even tail make the resemblance impressive.


People have learned to use the outward identity of dogs and others. animals for their own purposes. So, the role of wolves in feature films Husky usually play brilliantly.

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