Dog food Akana (Acana)

Dog and cat food manufacturers Akana managed to prove that a product can be popular not only because of its vibrant, attractive advertising, but rather because of the excellent composition, quality ingredients and a lot of positive reviews from grateful dog owners and veterinarians. The dog is not just a pet, and a friend, assistant and even a family member. Unsurprisingly, most people are especially careful about diet selection and are interested in various aspects – features production, composition, ratio of ingredients, etc. What included in dog food Akana, and does it really apply to high-end products?


  • 1. About the manufacturer
  • 2. Range of rations: Classic, Heritage, Reginals, Single, Reginals
    • 2.1. Akana Classic
    • 2.2. Akana Single
    • 2.3. Akana Regional
    • 2.4. Akana Heridage
  • 3. Composition analysis: proteins, fats, carbohydrates, additional Ingredients
  • 4. Pros and cons of diets of this brand
  • 5. How much does Acana feed cost?
  • 6. Reviews

About the manufacturer

Akana is a brand name for pet diets Canadian company Champion Petfoods. The manufacturer indicates that its product has biological conformity and in its composition Fresh ingredients from Canada are included. Dog food Akana

The principles of making diets are as follows:

  1. Only one feed is produced, located in Canadian territory. Here rations go through everything stages of production and control – from the selection of raw materials to packaging.
  2. Only fresh, high-quality products are taken as raw materials. IN the composition is not cheap cereals, frozen convenience foods and other things. Fish, meat and other components are taken from local farms and combines, which ensures their freshness upon delivery.

Champion Petfoods is exporting its products in more than 5 dozen countries, and its goods enjoy high in demand around the world. Akan diets have many rewards which the brand has accumulated over a quarter of a century, and the amount continues to increase.

Assortment of rations: Classic, Heritage, Reginals, Single, Reginals

The Akan trademark produces 4 large lines of feed for dogs, each of which is aimed at pets of different ages, dimensions and health features.

Akana Classic

In the “classic” diets, about half of the components takes the meat part. In addition, they are rich in protein, but there are very, very few carbohydrate ingredients in Classic feeds. Producers instead of cereals include chopped oats, in containing enough healthy glucose.

There are 2 diets in this line:

  1. Prairie Poultry – suitable for feeding dogs of any breed and age, the main components are poultry meat, fruits and vegetables. Prairie Poultry
  2. Wild Coast – another universal diet, only in it the main part is not meat, but fish, except for which fruit and vegetable additives are also included.

Akana Single

This is a series of diets with a hypoallergenic composition that has limited range of products. But he’s completely provides the body of the animal with all biological substances and Does not irritate the sensitive digestive tract of the animal.

The assortment includes the following rations:

  • Duck&BartlettPear – половина состава корма – свежее мясоducks;
  • Lamb&OkanaganApple – в качестве основы корма выступаетlamb, in addition, the composition includes fruits, vegetables and healthy phytocomponents; Lamb&OkanaganApple
  • Pork&ButternutSquash – единственным источником протеиновThis recipe is breeding pork.

Akana Regional

This is an assortment of grain-free feeds, including several high quality components – meat, vegetables, fruits. They are few carbohydrates, but there is an increased amount of protein. The lineup includes following rations:

  • Grasslands – meat accounts for 60% of the feed, the rest – fruit and vegetable mixture with the addition of healthy herbs; Grasslands
  • Pacifica – the basis of the diet – fish fillet (60% of the composition), in the rest includes fruits, vegetables and phytocomponents;
  • Wild Prairie – feed recipe includes fresh meat products (60-75%), eggs, vegetables and fruits.

Akana Heridage

The largest group of feeds of this brand, which combines high protein content. Meat makes up 60-75% of meat, the rest is carbohydrates, but obtained from fruit and vegetable products, without the use of cereals.

Owners can choose the most suitable menu for their favorite from this line:

  • Adult Large Breed – Feeding Diets dogs belonging to large and giant breeds, the mass of which exceeds 25 kg; the basis of the feed is chicken meat, fish fillet and eggs
  • Adult Small Breed – the components are the same as the previous ration, however, their ratio takes into account the needs of dogs more small breeds whose weight does not exceed 9 kg; Dog food Akana (Acana) Adult Small Breed
  • Cobb Chiken & Greens – suitable for animals of various breeds, in the basis of the recipe includes meat – only fresh ones are taken, previously dehydrated foods;
  • Ligft & Fit – High Protein Feed for obese pets; 65% of the diet – meat Components;
  • Puppy & Junior – this diet feeds puppies related to medium breeds, over 2 3 of the composition – meat and fish portion;
  • Puppy Small Breed – Food suitable for puppies who are not grow more than 9 kg; Puppy Small Breed
  • Puppy Large Breed – Suitable for “kids” large and giant breeds whose adult body mass exceeds 25 kg;
  • Senior Dog – the composition of the feed is suitable as a food for dogs, over 7 years old; it includes cartilage components and offal in a suitable proportion; Senior Dog
  • Sport & Agility – this menu is recommended for sports dogs and animals receiving regularly high loads. Bird and fish make up 3/4 of the feed, while among the ingredients there are no products with high glycemic index – rice, potatoes, cereals.

A feature of all Akana brand products is lack of components provoking in each of them digestive upsets. These include rye, corn and gluten-free cereals. They are successfully replaced by fruit and vegetable ingredients collected from local plantations, as well as rice, pre-steamed.

Composition analysis: proteins, fats, carbohydrates, additional Ingredients

To super-premium industrial animal feed special requirements are made, and Akana is no exception. But Does she answer them 100%? It’s worth considering one of the rations, which is most popular among dog breeders – Adult Small Breed, a diet designed for adult dogs, which weigh no more than 9 kg:

  1. The first 5 components: chicken flour, oats in sliced form, boneless chicken, potatoes, peas. Flour is considered meat concentrate and protein in it more than in fresh chicken. Oats – source of vitamins and fiber. Chicken – after processing Loses 3/4 of the weight, so its share in the composition is quite small. Thanks to processing, potatoes become light-carbohydrate food, and peas, in addition to high-quality carbohydrates, include fiber.
  2. Minor Ingredients: Chicken Fat, Flounder Meat, Eggs, alfalfa extract. Experts are ambiguous about some components. For example, although alfalfa contains a large amount of vegetable protein, more often it is associated with livestock feed. But they do not harm the body of animals, the share of benefit is still in them there is, but their number is small. But the fish is the source polyunsaturated fatty acids, but it is quite small in the diet.
  3. No dyes.
  4. Flavors, preservatives, colorants – not are indicated.
  5. Offal – no.

In Akana feed, Adult Small Breed protein is 32%, carbohydrates – a maximum of 30%, fats – 19%, fiber – about 4%. Among the interesting components of this diet, which are at the end of the list composition, chicory can be found in the form of a crushed root. is he contains a large amount of inulin – prebiotic and source dietary fiber. Composition-feed-Akana-for-dogs

Also, some selenium yeast is included in the feed, which are considered a natural anti-cancer supplement action.

Pros and cons of diets of this brand

As has been noted more than once, while there is no that ideal feed that could 100% meet the needs of any animal and take into account all the features of the body. Among buyers most are satisfied with the quality, but there are those whose pets This feed did not fit.

The positive aspects of Akan diets:

  • since the feed contains a lot of protein, it is more nutritious food, which means it is consumed more economically;
  • granule size depends on which breeds intended;
  • variety of tastes;
  • with regular use in dogs, the smell disappears from graze;
  • multi-layer packaging protects perfectly the product from external influences, and also does not allow odor to spread;
  • balanced composition, rich in protein, makes it possible reduce the amount of fat in the body of the animal and gain muscle mass;
  • most dogs eating Akana are energetic, they are active, cheerful, their coat has a natural shine and does not fall out, this is confirmed by numerous reviews owners;
  • various feed packages are available, you can choose the one that suits the requirements of this dog breeder – the owner of the nursery, for example, German shepherds, you need large bags of food – 10, 15 kg and more, but for the owner of a tiny toychik enough packs of 500-1000 g so that his baby is full for long time;
  • when feeding the food of this brand, the owner does not need additionally acquire vitamin supplements – the composition of the diet contains everything you need. Acana

These are all pluses, but do not forget about that, although small, a group of consumers who are dissatisfied with a product of this brand and are not They began to give it to their four-legged friend. True some of They can be called subjective. Disadvantages of brand diets Akana:

  • pets may be allergic to any component feed, if there is an individual intolerance;
  • many owners are saddened by the fact that they purchase feed large volumes can be quite problematic – pet stores specialize in selling packages no more than 2 kg order through online sellers and sometimes wait for a certain time;
  • the price of feed is quite high;
  • on some veterinary sites slips every now and then high protein feeds may adversely affect the condition of the liver of the animal.

Yet, despite the cons, Akana has won the trust of veterinarians and dog breeders, and often it is recommended for feeding four-legged friend. In any case, dog owners always have the opportunity to get advice from knowledgeable people.

How much does Acana feed cost?

The cost of feed is different, universal diets are cheaper than specialized, intended for patients or recovering animals. playful

Packaging of grain-free feed weighing 11.4 kg, on average, will cost 7300 rubles; 6 kg package costs about 4,500 rubles, 2 kg – a little less than 2000 rubles.

6 kg Akana packaging price for adult small dogs (chicken) – 3000-3500 rubles, 2 kg – about 1500 rubles. A similar menu, but with lamb, is somewhat more expensive – 6 k costs about 4000 rubles, 2 kg – 1600-1700 rubles.


Dog lovers shared their impressions about line feeds of this brand:

Victor: “Thanks to his wife, who loves small, nice dogs, in our family has two such pets: a Chihuahua and a rather rare West Highland White Terrier. I must say that the latter turned out to be terrible allergic person. In our environment, many feed their dogs. Akana and quite satisfied. Therefore, we also decided to switch to it. However, only the chihuahua came up, the second dog took a long time and stubbornly choose a diet, through trial and error. Now our different diet tables, but the main thing is that they look peppy and fun. ” good dog food

Elizabeth: “Everything suits me in the stern – the composition, it fits my big dog, quite economical, there is the possibility of purchase big bag— But here with the last item recently overlays come out – sellers are increasingly less likely to buy large packages, and in online stores often do not have such volumes. Sometimes it takes a long time wait interrupted by other, more affordable brands. Otherwise small, expensive packages for a dog weighing 50 kg, not get enough. ”

Marina: “This is the first feed that my little fussy causes a storm of joy, and the cup instantly empties. Given that before we could eat one serving in 2-3 approaches, not really inspired, I think Akana is the best choice for us. ”

As a result of the analysis of the composition, it can be noted that this diet has a high level of protein components and sources of fat, useful, less allergenic, has a rich taste variety, in Comparison with feed from other manufacturers.

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