Do cats see ghosts and spirits

Your cat sleeps peacefully by the window, and then suddenly jumps up and starts to look at the ceiling, as if a bird had flown in the window? But no matter how hard you try, you don’t see anything that could be in the room !? Or your kitten suddenly lurks and looks at wall for a minute, as if his favorite episode from movie (“The Lion King”!). And again, no matter how you try to see something on the wall, you don’t find anything there: there is nothing there, which could attract his attention. A lot of people say that cats have a very subtle sense of smell that allows you to see im ghosts or spirits. But, before concluding that your favorite communicates with Casper, let’s look at how it works perception of cats and what they actually see.

How cats see the world

When your cat starts looking at something in such a way that it seems to you that she’s looking for something, in some cases that is exactly so. Perhaps she is trying to see the shadow, which flashed there a second ago, or a fly that had already flown away. But it should be noted that cats have exceptional night vision, and their ability to see during the day is much weaker than ours. In fact in fact, they see only in two basic colors – in blue and yellow, – while our vision allows us to see three colors. And all that located at a distance of five centimeters to eight meters in front them seems vague to them. However, in return for the ability to see third color, cats have the ability to see at night. Cats – predators by nature. Everything that falls into their field of vision, they see very clearly – this helps them focus on the goal – but everything else remains blurry. Therefore when these animals they hunt, they never rely solely on their sight. They also involve two other feelings, more pronounced compared to ours: hearing and sense of smell.

How cats hear the world

The way we perceive the environment is very different from how cats perceive it. Did you know that they are capable perceive a frequency four or even five times higher than that which we perceive? It can be argued that they are capable of pick up a series of ultrasonic waves that remain inaccessible for human hearing because of its high frequency. So when your cat begins to look around frantically in search of that which does not exist, perhaps she’s not trying to find something, but just trying to find a sound source. It could even be a sound a bat flying outside the window, or even an ultrasonic wave, which is used when flying planes. If your darling leads yourself this way mainly in the summer, then now you You will know what could be the reason for her behavior. Cats are capable hear a mouse that runs around the lawn at a distance of about 10 meters from them. And now we don’t mean the sound of mouse steps, running through the parquet. Imagine for a second the sound that can make a mouse at a distance of 10 meters from you, and then you can imagine how far beyond your auditory perception is your cat’s ability to capture frequency. It also explains why cats sometimes start peer closely into the wall, as if they saw a ghost there or spirit. Your pet may hear the squirrel walking on the roof. or how someone else’s cat walks by the window, or even how a neighbor plays on a musical instrument, being in your basement … you just Imagine what else they can hear with such a sensitive hearing! We still not completely convinced you? Then listen to this: in addition to sensitive listening perception, cat ears are also able to identify where exactly the sound comes from. People are able to determine the source of sound. accurate to 20 degrees, while cats define it with accurate to 5 degrees and know exactly where it is coming from comes out – and this is what we are simply not capable of. So, when your the pet begins to twist its head or move its ears (so if she saw a ghost), she just hears a sound coming from somewhere. This ability is inherent in cats due to their size and mobility. ears that work like locators, which, for example, used to eavesdrop on conversations from a distance in films about spies. Cats could be great spies, if only could talk. Imagine how much they could tell about your neighbors or even teenage kids!

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