Do cats see colors?

When you look at the rainbow, you see shades of red, orange, yellow, green, violet and many others. But Have you ever wondered what your cat sees when looking at the rainbow? Can she distinguish the same colors that do you see Perhaps she sees black and white stripes? Or colors look blurry?

Do cats see colors?

Cats’ vision is a long-standing subject of research, results which are pretty amazing. Of course, cats cannot distinguish everything those colors that we see, but their world is not at all black and white. On the in fact, the cat world is pretty colorful.

What makes a color colorful?

Color varies with the help of nerve cells in the eye. In the retina the eye contains two types of cells – some of which are responsible for definition of color, and the second – for the level of light and its dynamics.

Some scientists believe that cats only see blue and gray. colors, while others – that they are also able to see and yellow, like dogs. However, when it comes to low light, this is good for cats, as their eyes contain many cells of the second type that are responsible for the level of light and definition of moving objects.

How can a cat’s vision be compared to that of a person?

Just because cats don’t see all the colors that we see, this does not mean that they do not perceive different colors. They simply can’t see the “real” color. Cats are also less sensitive. to changes in brightness so that they don’t perceive color in it rich and vibrant colors like us.

In addition to color perception, cats and humans have other differences in visual perception. In a way, vision cats are not as sharp as human eyesight. Cats over shortsighted than we are. When looking at an object with the same same distance, it will look clear to us, but blurry for cats. For example, if a person sees an object at a distance of 100 meters is clear enough, then for a cat it will look very much blurry. In fact, the cat sees objects clear only with distances no further than 5-6 meters.

What other differences are there between cats and humans?

Cat eyesight has some advantages over human vision. The eyes of cats are set more on their sides heads, allowing them to see a wider angle and a larger peripheral area of vision. However, this is balanced by the fact that they do not have such a sharp and deep perception of objects as we.

In addition, the eyes of cats allow them to catch so much light as possible. In their eyes, under the retina are special reflective cells that form the tapetum. Tapetum makes the eyes of cats shiny, and also improves their ability to see in low light conditions. Cats moving objects at greater distances are also better seen. So compared to humans, cats see better when poor illumination and more accurately detect movement.

Why do cats have such eyesight?

Cats’ vision allows them to survive and thrive in their natural habitat – in the wild. Seeing with a bad light and detecting the slightest movement in the forest at large distance, the cat can hunt and find itself food. These qualities also help cats run away from others. predators.

Understanding what and how your cat can see will help you do the right choice for her. For example, you should consider color Your cat’s gamut when buying toys. She will be bigger enjoy yellow and blue toys rather than red ones. you too you’ll understand why the cat will sit by the window and watch the bird, flying far away.

And the next time you see a rainbow, you will know that your cat can also enjoy it. She won’t see all the flowers but she can admire her blue and yellow shades. And this to her will be sufficient!

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