Devon rex

Brief description of the breed

Devon Rex is often compared with elves because of the peculiar appearance. These cats have large ears, high cheekbones and unusually bright eyes. However, the main distinguishing feature of the representatives This breed is soft, curly hair. The head has wedge-shaped with peculiar convex curved lines in ears that form the edge of the lobe. Appearance is emphasized widely set large oval eyes. The hair of these cats is soft, without stiff outer hair, which is typical for most longhair cats. The body is covered with wool, especially thick on back, sides, tail, legs, face and ears of the animal. At the top parts of the head, as well as on the neck, chest and stomach of the hair smaller, sometimes the wool is a small fluff. What As for color, it can be very diverse. maybe the presence of various multi-colored patterns: white, black, blue, red, coffee, etc. Color can also be monochromatic. Devon Rexes are not very large cats, but, as they say, appearances are deceptive. Despite the relatively small size bodies, these pets are very athletic and muscular. Body supported by long thin legs with oval paws.

Photo of Devon Rex cat:

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The story of the Devon Rex cat

Cat Devon Rex appeared in the early fifties last century in the county of Cornwall, located in England. Like some other, relatively young breeds, devon rex appeared as a result of a genetic mutation. It is worth noting that the progenitors of this breed were not purebred but stray cats, one of which had characteristic curly hair. To his Devon Rex should be grateful to curly a kitten born in Devon. From him went further crossing, which, as a result, led to the appearance of Devon Rex. It is the mentioned kitten, which, incidentally, was given the name “curly” (from English: curly-haired) became the ancestor of the new varieties of cats. Less than a decade after The appearance of the Devon Rex cat began to spread throughout the world. Own full recognition from the Association of Cat Lovers this breed received in 1979 year.

Character Devon Rex Cats

Devon Rex is a cat who adores being not just around near his master, but at the level of his eyes, for example, on his shoulders. These pets are extremely interested in almost everything that happens around them. You can be sure that this the pet will always be near you.

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