Common cat diseases

Cats are prone to certain diseases Each of them has its own distinctive symptoms. Knowing what causes your cat’s concern and why, you can choose the right one treatment.

Consider the popular cat diseases:

Acute Respiratory Disease

The most contagious respiratory infections are feline calcivirus and feline herpes. These viruses are transmitted through food, water or while sneezing. Secondary bacterial infections may develop along with viruses. Signs of acute respiratory infections – runny nose, discharge from nose, fever, loss of appetite and shortness of breath. When treatment is necessary limit contact with other animals, give the cat antibiotics and more fluid.

Gum disease (gingivitis)

Gingivitis is an early stage of periodontal disease – itself common feline disease. Gingivitis is caused by dental plaque, which, over time, darkens and becomes tartar. Gum redness, halitosis, copious discharge saliva and lack of appetite are the first signs of gingivitis. If there was diagnosed with cat teeth should be professional cleared. Next, you need to brush your cat’s teeth daily with special toothpaste. Good oral hygiene is the best way to the fight against gingivitis. As directed by the veterinarian, for treatment gingivitis may need antibiotics.


Even without leaving home, cats can acquire worms, for example, in contact with food contaminated by insects, rodents or birds. Roundworms penetrate the intestines and from there can penetrate with blood into other organs of the animal. About infection with worms bloating, diarrhea, lack of appetite and finally, their presence in feces and vomiting. If the animal is affected worms, it will constantly lose weight and suffer from mild diarrhea. If cat worms are detected, consult veterinarian and he will prescribe the necessary drugs for excretion of worms. Kidney diseases. Kidneys – a weak spot of all domestic cats. Unfortunately, kidney disease in cats is difficult treatment, and some are completely incurable. Experts tend to In cats, the cause of kidney disease is poor quality nutrition. These disorders come gradually, cats may not show no signs for many years. Similar damage is usually irreversible. Intense thirst, frequent urination, excessive salivation, weight loss and unpleasant Bad breath is one of the first signs of kidney disease.

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