Cockatoo rocker – video in which cockatoo dancing to hard rock

Parrots are quite musical creatures, but some of They are obvious music lovers. So, the cockatoo, which enjoys hard rock and tries to express her feelings in the dance.

Rock musicians

Dancing cockatoo accurately repeats the movements of rock musicians on the stage

At the first sounds of musical composition cockatoo parrot nervously scratching his paw. It seems that his music somewhat annoying. But it was not there. Once a rock musician begins to sing, a feathered one spreads its wings, grinds a crest and begins to professionally perform the movements of a true rocker on the stage. What is missing is a microphone and an electric guitar wings to give the full impression that the composition performs cockatoo himself.

Scientists have found that in the brain of parrots there is a special a structure (absent in other birds) that allows them feel the rhythm. It is associated with the motor center of the brain, which allows this type of bird to make movements in time with the audible to music. That’s why so many parrots (not just cockatoo) love dance to different tunes.

Video: a parrot dancing to hard rock

Animals, like people, have their own musical preferences. Someone may like the classic, while another is delighted with hard rock.

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