Chausi (house)


Chausie Chausie

Breed characteristics

  • Adaptability: 10
  • Family Affection: 10
  • Game activity: 8
  • Intelligence: 10
  • Total health: 9
  • Hair loss: 6
  • Child Friendly: 6
  • Dog Friendly: 10
  • Love for meow: 2


Chausi is an unusual breed. And to say the least. All the salt is that the chausie is a hybrid of the wild cat Felis Chaus (which directly reflected in the name) and the Abyssinian cat. Little of. Wild reed cats are used for crossing all the time, up to today, although not always. Similar uniqueness determines the price – a kitten chauzy can cost 10 or more thousand dollars, making the breed one of the five most expensive in the world.

There is a clear classification (F1-F4) in four steps, which reflects the percentage of wild blood in the pet. Group F1 is kittens obtained directly from crossing a wild reed cat and abyssinian cat. However, now the breeding program allows cross wild cats with domestic shorthair cats.

In subsequent groups, the percentage of wild blood is less, which directly affects on the nature and size of the animal. It looks something like this:

  • F2 – received from group F1 and a cat of the Chausi breed of any of four groups. They are very large, a quarter of wild blood and freedom-loving temperament.
  • F3 – the percentage of wild blood 1/8, which directly affects build and character. Close in size to domestic cats, highly socialized.
  • F4 – have the size of a normal domestic cat, have a maximum socialization and are used for interbreeding with types F1 and F2.

We’ll talk more about the character features of each group below.

The history of the Chausi breed according to some felinologists rooted in antiquity. In particular, some ancient peoples mated domestic cats and wild cats. Received individuals had a calmer disposition, their socialization was easier, with this, they retained excellent hunting qualities, were able to swim and used for hunting.

The Egyptians, for example, used them mainly for hunting. on waterfowl. There are ancient Egyptian frescoes on which depict large cats paired with a man having ears with small tassels. The first modern Chausey brought to America in 60s. Today the breed is registered in TICA.


Chauzi is a cat with temperament, do not forget about this. IN Ukraine, these animals can be counted on the fingers, so they are rare. Despite the many innate qualities of wild reed cat, chauzy, first of all, it’s a pet, even if it’s It is about animals of categories F1 and F2.

It is noted that they do not like prolonged loneliness, and, on the contrary, they love the company of their family and master. Very loyal.

Houseies are big cats. Males can reach 10 or more kilogram, have a body length of up to 1 m. In the wild, even humans it is worth fearing them during the mating season. There are three types of color – black, tabby and silver (ticked). However, the tip of the tail must always be black. Ears are slightly elongated, with small tassels. Chausi have a very strong body, so they can make incredible jumps and tremendously climb trees, especially considering their size.


Depending on which of the above groups your pet belongs, the presence of certain wild personality trait. An example is one condition, nominated by breeders to future owners – individuals of categories F1 and F2 is not sold to those who live in an apartment. These animals need private house with the ability to often be outside, in a natural environment. Moreover, the presence of an aviary is also necessary.

In other words, the more wild blood, the more wild instincts, aggression, and the need for habitat and appropriate life. On the other hand, even cats are the first categories show great friendliness to a person. Respectively, the less wild blood, the more affection and kindness in a pet, the more socialization and the less he needs to quench natural hunting needs.

They can’t be stopped or scared in battle, but given the size and power it’s better to keep such a cat away from the cats of its neighbors. As the enemy will not have a chance. In addition, that cats breed Chausi beautiful hunters, they are not afraid of water, are able to hunt and to swim. They normally perceive other pets, only if it’s not rodents, fish or birds – there can be problems for obvious reasons.

But with a friendly dog, the Chauzy cat will always find a common language and even try to make friends. But with the children of these animals there may be difficulties due to congenital aggression, however, it is rather refers to the first two types. That is, in general, they are neutral to children until they overdo it. Chausies are smart, smart, perfectly navigate in space and remember the terrain.

Common diseases

The health of these cats is excellent, for this, thanks to mother nature and natural selection. However, given the cost of a cat Chausie, she you need to provide perfect nutrition and conditions, as even excellent health can be undermined by fault and oversight the owner.


Fine wool of the Chausi breed needs periodic combing out, however, since these are short-haired cats, do it often it makes no sense. It is also imperative to brush your teeth, as at least three times a week, take a bath once a month, or as necessary, and monitor the cleanliness of the ears. Do not forget that you need to cut the claws, preferably at least once a month or of necessity.

Breed Information

Country of origin Egypt
Life span 12-14 years old
The size large
Weight Males: 7-12 kg, Cats: 7-9 kg
Type of wool shorthair
Color ticked tabby, black or gray
Lifestyle outdoor / indoor
Group shorthair
Price $ 1,000 – $ 20,000

Breed photo

Chausie Chausie photo chausie Chausie chauzy breed Chausie Chausi breed

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