Ceylon cat


Ceylon Ceylon Cat

Breed characteristics

  • Adaptability: 8
  • Family Affection: 10
  • Game activity: 9
  • Intelligence: 10
  • Total health: 10
  • Hair loss: 4
  • Friendliness for children: 10
  • Dog Friendly: 9
  • Love for meow: 5


The breed is a Ceylon cat native to Sri Lanka (in the past – Ceylon), as the name implies. However, in official registries the breed appears to be from Italy. This conflict occurred because the Italian veterinarian Paolo Pelegatta in 1984 year visited the island, discovering there these interesting and unusual cats.

He was struck by the mark on the face, resembling a drawing, which adorned the hood of the cobra. After asking the locals the veterinarian has learned that these cats have long been revered as sacred animals, Buddha’s favorites, and it was he who left them in their faces mark.

In addition, Paolo liked these animals for their grace and beauty, as well as stamina, courage, quick wit and, Of course – affectionate character. He decided to bring some individuals with themselves, so to speak, to introduce Europe to this amazing breed. After 4 years, Paolo Pelegatta, with professional breeders and felinologists, created by selection method perfect standard.

In 1993, the breed standard was officially recognized by WCF (World Cat Federation). Unfortunately, in the CIS countries Ceylon cat is little known, but popularity is growing year from of the year.


Active, lively, affectionate and very affectionate cats, Ceylon consider themselves as full members of the family, and not just pet. They try to participate in all homework. at least by his presence. They are sociable talkative, make it clear what they want at the moment, however, not moody and obedient. They have good hunting instincts, and they can hunt mice.

These are small cats, with short hair, graceful and muscular body. Paws are strong, slender, the tail is of medium length. Ears are a little elongated, medium size, wedge-shaped muzzle, eyes very expressive. The average life span of these animals 15-17 years old.


One of the main features of Ceylon cats can be considered them endless supply of energy and vitality, so with them never boring. Sometimes it seems that these animals cannot just lying around – they are either sleeping or trying to find self occupation. Moreover, they always try to involve in their activity and the owner, or loved ones – family members. But because it is extremely good if there is a child in the family, as he will find in the perfect companion pet for his childhood games.

In turn, the Ceylon cat also needs attention person, and will be extremely happy with children’s society, games and all kinds of entertainment. Her instincts and brain need constant stimulation, therefore, if you cannot provide such conditions are best for a pet; it is better to have a different breed. As Ceylon cat will not give you peace. They are very attached to “their” people, like to spend time with them, and need not only in attention, but also in approval from the owner and members families.

In addition, these cats do not like to be alone, and for a long time to be torn off from the owner, it is also important to consider. IN they always show great affection and love, very balanced and has no aggression. They perfectly understand people and their mood, listen to criticism, and, with due diligence with side of the owner, they can even be trained in simple commands.

With other pets get along well, however, it should be understood that they have a hunting instinct, which means the presence of birds or rodents in the house, for example, a guinea pig or a parrot is not a good idea. Strangers are treated with friendliness.

Common diseases

The breed Ceylon cat has excellent health, and not suffering from genetic diseases. If the owner will provide good care for your pet, it is safe to say that he will not have to contact the veterinarian.


Like any shorthair cat, Ceylon needs combing weekly. In addition, you need to bathe your pet every 2 months, trim the claws once every 10 days, clean the ears once a week and clean eyes from deposits once every 1-2 days. In addition, excess vitality requires periodic walking of the pet in the fresh air, you can on a leash. It will be especially good if you live in private house and you can provide your cat free access to the street.

Breed Information

Country of origin Sri Lanka Italy
Life span 13-18 years old
The size medium
Weight Males: 3-5 kg, Cats: 2.5-4 kg
Type of wool shorthair
Color from sand to golden with a black pattern and distinct markings on the head
Lifestyle in room
Group rare, shorthair, for children

Breed photo

Ceylon Ceylon Cat Ceylon Cat

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